POPO doll Yue Qi and Yue Lin

May 10, 2009

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      Yue Qi

      Yue Lin

      I'm assuming that they are the same mold. I love them! To me, they look like distant relatives of Volks School A or Crobidoll Lance. I think I prefer the mold as a boy.

      Your thoughts?
    2. I definitely saw the look of School Head A and Crobidoll Lance in the head. I think the head works best as a boy as well!

      I would love to see the Li Xuan 1/3 boy head as a girl.
    3. Hi~there:
      Yes,Yue Qi and Yue Lin are the same mold. Because face up.So maybe looks a little different.
    4. It does look related to Lance or an F-16. It's a lovely sculpt, the narrow nose makes it look delicate. I'd love to see the head in profile.
    5. i really like these too, i see a bit of Glorydoll lucy/Louis in them, the eyes?
    6. Aww I love the new guy!
      I think the head looks like boy better^^
    7. does anyone know how to order these? i went to the website, and these aren't even on it (yet?) and then, when you click the images, nothing comes up..... no way to add to cart? no way to Q&A? no ordering instructions.....
    8. I can't see the look of volks or Lance, I think it's more like Glorydoll lucy/Louis. And the eyes remind me of DragonDoll.
    9. I really love Yue Lin, even though they are the same face mold. She really saved me a ton of money. She reminds me of SD16 Pearl a little and I like this face mold better. So I'm really happy. Thank you sunniezg for telling us about this company. I can't wait to be able to get my hands on Yue Lin~~~

      She's extremely beautiful~


      I can't say they looked like Dragondoll...Dragondoll looks more anime like? They have pointy chins. XD
    10. Hi ~there:
      :)The POPO Doll's website hasn't finish yet.
      And I'm the only worldwide offcial agent of POPO Doll Company on DOA.
      You can order from me.
      Thank you very much and have a nice day.

    11. The Yues are both gorgeous! Hmmm, I guess since they are a new company it's a bit of a gamble (I love the heads but am not completely sold on the bodies from the company photos...) - we'll see.
    12. well, i think these dolls are adorable, and i ordered Yue Lin, so you can see her soon when she arrives.
    13. Now they offer also white skin YAY!!!:celebrate
    14. Ive seen your post Miss Ally, its soo cool <3 <3 <3
      3 days O_O!!! Wow!
      Well here in Germany the customs will slow up everything, might take 2 week inland only >_<...
    15. I love the mold! I am not sure of their bodies though since this is a new company! So far I am impressed with what I have seen though!
    16. I think they're beautiful. I did my usual "Ooh, she's so lovely... oh, damn, she's a boy..." thing, and was happy to realise that she comes as a girl as well.
    17. :fangirl:
      Oh...my......GOD! i was flicking through ebay and saw the Chenyi mold and fell in love. they are simply the hottest dolls! :love. I'd defo buy from them in the near future^^
      My fave dolls from them are: Chenyi, Shengbin Xenxen and lulu. Ahh! i've fallen in love with Chenyi and Shengbin at first site haha. :aheartbea

      Anyways is it just me or do Chenyi and Shengbin look alike? almost like brothers?:sweat
    18. sorry for digging up old thread.

      I agree with Miss Ally. There's abit of GloryDoll Lucy in them... Might be eyes and faceup...

      the new thread doesn't show the 1/3 girl body so I'm curious how they look like... & will their resin fit AOD? My girl needs a new body (T_T)
    19. no1? :( i was hoping to know if their resin would match