Popodoll 63cm Male Doll/body

Oct 16, 2010

    1. sunniezg recently posted a new thread in the news about the 63cm male doll being released by Popodoll.

      Let's talk about him! :)

      I, for one, like the new style of the body. I own the 68cm boy body, and love it! This 63cm version is very similar to it, but would be very suitable for dolls that don't want to be quite so tall!

      I could just see people trying there SDF and JDF heads on this body, as well as Volks heads. They may work for some Delf (CP) heads too...
    2. Seconding this! I definitely love the torso sculpt, it's the kind of ripped that isn't too beefy AND looks great, and the price tag's very nice too-- although I'm slightly on the fence cuz of those dratted knee joints. D|
    3. Yeah... The knee joints are the only part that makes you kinda.... pause?
      They work though. The legs fold nicely. Most of the time, my boy wears long pants anyway, so I forget about the funny knee design. :)
    4. Oh, this body is lovely! I wish I were looking for a 63cm boy, but I just bought one a week ago! The knees don't bother me at all, really. It's just odd, because they don't look double jointed at first glance.
    5. Yeah OTL. I s'pose it wouldn't hurt for my boy to just live in jeans. XD;
    6. Yeah, that works! Besides, he could always be shirtless! ;) :D
    7. I love this body and I have a dollzone head I'd like to add to it. Anyone have experience with how the resin colors compare with WS and NS?
    8. I love this body. Does anyone know if Leekeworld L head(Mihael specifically) would look good on this body? I've heard it looks good on a 68cm, but that's a bit too large for the character I had in mind.
    9. If you don't mind it not being on this body, I have a dollzone/popodoll hybrid in WS and I can say that the match actually isn't that bad. The dollzone resin seems to be a couple of shades darker/yellower than popodoll resin, but it's not a really glaring difference. If it'll help any, have a photo:
      I almost wish I'd waited and gotten this body for him, but there's something about the elbows that I don't like. I do love the broadness of the body, though-I like seeing thicker boys of this height.
    10. I have one of the type one bodies for my senior delf wintery 09 head. It is a good resin match. I actually prefer the older body for that particular character, he doesn't have the muscular build like this new body seems to have. The head and body fit well together. If the resin color hasn't changed I would say it would still be a good match for SDF and JDF. Probably not a good match for CP delf though. Does look like the posability has been improved in the new bodies.
    11. Wrong thread, sorry~
    12. Anyone know which clothing size will suitable for Popo 63 cm male body? SD 13 or SD17 clothing?
    13. I have a question, does Popodoll ship through regular mail? Because I keep doing the checkout thing to see how much shipping is and it says $18. I'm guessing they do give the option of EMS.. I hope.
      Also, how long do they usually take to make + ship their dolls/a body? I checked their feedback and it seems like they're pretty quick, then again most of the feedback they have is from a year ago.

    14. No, there is still some mistake on their website. I asked them for the shipping price and it is around 66$ with EMS. They don't know how to change the price on their website ^^'

      I think it really depend on the moment you order from them. I ordered the 63cm body the 6th, and it was shipped today the 17th so it take 11 days for me... (I didn't count the shipping time from them to me ^^)
    15. I'd really love to see owner pics of this Popodoll body. :)
    16. Hi! my Ivan has a 63cm body and is gorgeous!

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    17. Oh, Paxita! He looks great!

      I have my Ivan head on a 63cm Popo body, too! (I love that body! :aheartbea)
    18. Ooo! Very cool! Thanks for posting this pic! :D
    19. Hi!

      I just receive my Popodoll body :D I am very pleased he's beautiful! (seamlines are sanded) but his hips droop to the left.. Is it normal?

      (btw, he was not very clean xD some dark dust on it)
    20. Bumpbump for more owner pictures? Especially in their NS. :)

      I'd love to see some posing pictures of this lovely body as well.