Popovy Sisters Glass Eye Magpie, Cuckoo, Little Owl, and Peewit Discussion - Part 2

Aug 29, 2020

    1. I'm dropping by again to say that I am so obsessed with my girl. I gave Thandie a faceup upgrade, made her a wig, as well as some new eyes and she's looking much better! She is so expressive and such a joy to pose. I already want another Popovy.


      Rank your top 3 Popovy sculpts! Mine would be Land¥, Quetzal and Tawny. :chibi

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    2. @kagami I like the contrast between her blood red lips and the paleness of her hair and skin- so pretty! She's your first Popovy doll, yes? :3 What size eyes does she wear- must be a tiiiiny size?
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    3. @Lotte Rotten Thank you so much! :D Finding the right colour combination for her was so important.. ahaha! And yes, she's my first and I'm so obsessed. They're such beautiful and expressive dolls. :chibi Those are 8mm eyes. They're tiny!
    4. So beautiful
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    5. @Ashemanu Thank you so much! Your girl is so adorable omg~ I love Quetzal :D That's such a nice face-up too
    6. devastatingly gorgeous face!!..
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    7. @yatabazah Thank you so much, my dear :chibi

      Here's another one of Thandie! Can I request photos of everyone's girls?

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    8. that mouth!!! sigh
    9. My grail doll❤️
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    10. Hello friends! Can anyone tell me how much one blank doll costs? Either the old body or the new Venus?
    11. They are beautiful
    12. Here is my Little Owl. I'm so in love with this mold...
      I made a first makeup. And I decide to change it.
      And I change her eyes.
      My next favorite mold is Peewit in sand or mocha skin :love
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    13. @Fablaette45 She's so lovely! I love Little Owl too :D

      Thought I'd drop by with another one of my Thandie :XD: I wrapped her in some Christmas ribbon for this look haha!
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    14. She is so sexy in this Christmas ribbon! :treecookie:candycane:gingerbreadman:hollyberry
      Thank you for my Little Owl.
    15. I love the contrast between her skin and lips/nails!
    16. Sorry to necro but I'm drinking the Popovy kool-aid, y'all. Quetzal and Tawny Owl are tempting me so hard. I love the representation in Popovy's recent lines, I don't think I've ever seen African albinism represented in the mainstream BJD market before, hell, unambiguously POC sculpts are rare enough in the hobby as it is. I've been planning an albino Quetzal for some time now since she beautifully fits a character I want to shell, but I'm seriously considering getting a Tawny Owl alongside her. Can't decide if I'd get her in Chocolate or Coral, though...it'd be cool to give my Quetzal an albino sister, but variety is nice, too. What do you lot think?

      Also, anyone here order from the Popovy Sisters recently? Do you know what their wait times are looking like as of late?
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    17. Oh yes I'm tempted by an albino Tawny Owl too! I also have ordered a Quetzal in....June? Not sure when she'll arrive since I wanted some jewelry to go with her.
      Have you made a decision or (even better) received your doll yet? I'd love to see photos! :D Popovy dolls are a joy to browse photos.
    18. I've been thinking about ordering one but I have some questions if you have time. I was just wondering how the payment went for you? Could you do it all online or did you have to go to a bank? Did you happen to do a layaway? I just don't want to bother Igor agian without knowing a little more. I've never wired anything before. Sorry to bother you every time I've thought of getting one in the past my anxiety gets the better of me lol. Id like to get either a gray landyrat or a coral tawny