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"Popular" doll collectors?

Apr 29, 2016

    1. In your opinion what is the most popular doll collectors, kinda like the celebrities of the hobby?
      I know about Elfgutz, Soft-Poison, and a few more. What's your most popular doll collectors that you follow?
    2. I would say AsenvaBJD, Heathers Dream, Denali Wind and Nicolles Dreams are quite popular. I follow all of them and I would have to say I hear about Nicolles Dreams the most.
    3. I don't know about popular but I love PinotNoirIceCreamBar on youtube,she's so fun and lighthearted.
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    4. Anne Pecaro is pretty well known, at least on youtube (I think :O ). I love her work, she seems to always be working on something really interesting.
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    5. Elfgutz, luna-mikkelsen, Nicolles dreams, soft-poison, c_u_l_u_r (for me) and others.... but then, I follow a lot of Korean collectors because they tend to have switch dolls that I love <3
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    6. I second AsenvaBJD. I love her videos. She has quite a few of them.
    7. There's also Xhanti who is wonderful :)
    8. 'Popular' is a relative term for me. I was once told I'm popular in bjd RP and I was kind of stunned because I just kind of feel like a little nobody doing my own thing! I feel like being popular in one group doesn't make you famous in the bjd world as a whole. I'm not on tumblr, YouTube, Instagram or any doll related Facebook groups, so I don't really know who is popular there, and chances are if they're not active on DoA or in Facebook RP, I probably have no idea who they are. Popular to me doesn't mean the person with the prettiest dolls, but the person reaching out to others the most, being kind to others in the hobby and quite outgoing without being overbearing or pushy. Maybe I'm weird by not having idols or favorites here?
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    9. This topic comes up every few years, and each time a new round people getting mentioned.
      Any kind of general popularity in this hobby seems to be short-lived for most people. I wonder if people get burnt out, or have things happen in their lives that makes them de-prioritize their dolls, or they just lose interest in dolls altogether. Maybe the taste of the public changes?

      I wonder who some of the old-timer collectors might bring up as the popular BJD owners of yesteryear. I'd mention Kallisti, Christy, Milkeye, SDink, Bluoxyde, MadamMauMau or candygears. (if you are new to the hobby and don't know these names, check out their stuff!) That isn't even mentioning doll making artisans!
      There are so many, so very talented people - so many popular owners and dolls over the years - it's just too many to name. I admire a great many people in this hobby.
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    10. Who you think of as popular highly depends on the websites you frequent.
      Some of the mentioned people in the first posts are mostly popular on one platform (and usually only there!), which in my opinion doesn't really make for a popular person in the whole hobby.
      Funny enough, most of them I know through rather questionable things (read: drama, confessions and improper behaviour), not sure if that's a good thing to be popular for :sweat
      I personally like good customizers and people who take great pictures, that's why I'm mostly on Flickr and thus different people stick to my mind.

      I think a truly popular person is Andreja (Nicolle's Dream), simply because she is known on many platforms, manages to generate a lot of money with her customzing work, is even known to newcomers AND has a lot of people copying her face-up style.
      A lot of collectors have at least heard about her, even if they might not be able to name one of her dolls.

      Other popular people, partly from the past: SDink, Bluoxyde, Xanthi, Andreja, Turbow
    11. Hm, I think there always two sides of this coin. Actually, I do not care whether somebody is "popular". Anyways, I do things my own way, so people I really like to see pics from are e.g. Buff, irascargear, Ara or MadamMauMau.
    12. This. I have no idea who is popular or not right now - to be honest, I was just as observant when I was still in high school 16 years ago - but I do know that popularity or 'fame' in this hobby only lasts a few years at best. Who still remembers Robin's Egg? Personally, I tend to follow fellow doll makers, like armeleia, Bluoxide, but don't know if they are 'famous' enough.
    13. I loved SDink's work - I took a class with her at the Fresno convention years ago - she's the only one I've followed aside from doll artists themselves..
    14. Popularity seems very short lived and based on where and how much you post. I think the real "celebrities" are people who do a lot for BJD fandom as a whole. So people who run forums like Armeleia, dollmakers like Silk and Twigling, long-standing faceup artists like SDink, good storytellers like K2.
    15. AsenvaBJD for sure. Her videos are so helpful! It's thanks to her that I am eyeing my first Obitsu doll. c:
    16. Elfgutz and Andreja I think have the biggest internet following. I see a lot of non-doll people coming across them and commenting on their posts (both negative and positive), and they get confessions posted about them (mostly Elfgutz though). I'd also say popular face-up artists like Culur, AngelToast and DenaliWind are hobby celebs to an extent.