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Portraying Dollie Drug Use?

Jan 15, 2008

    1. How would you feel if you saw a photo story of a doll who had some kind of drug addiction? Would you read it, or skip over it and move on, or even be offended?

      Would it make a difference if the character in question was addicted to alcohol or if they were addicted to heroin? How about a made-up drug?

      Is drug use/addiction too "gritty" for the BJD world?

      Just some questions I have. Please try not too take too seriously/personally. I'm just curious what everyone else thinks.

      Let's assume for the sake of argument, that these photostories will be taking place on an appropriate, 18+ board, not on DoA. :)
    2. It doesn't really bother me at all. It might be kind of interesting. Knowing me I'd probably get really attached to the character with the addiction. I'm a big fan of troubled souls.
    3. I'd most likely read it.

      Drug use does bother me but I find it fascinating in fiction.

      My main charecter Blake used to be a major, 'stoner'.

      Would it make a difference?
      Yes it would but it adds to the charecter. It could later on in a story line cause conflict. Like Blake's brother finds his stash in his back pack at school and pratically kills Blake over it.

      Made-up Drug?
      Fine with me, Especially if it was from there world. In the RP my friend and I made up, Our charecters drug of choice are 'Pixi Stiks'. Powery substance that makes you're emotion enhance and you're mood elighten. With no side effects later.
    4. It wouldn't offend me at all. I have shot several photostories of my boy Toshi which involved drug use and addiction (and it was the so called 'harder' drugs). These didnt appear on DoA of course. I posted them on my livejournal and at sites where that type of content is welcome.

      The only thing I would worry about seeing in such a story would be an inaccurate portrayal. I personally think that if someone is going to try to portray such a situation (or any really) they should at least try for some degree of accuracy or research the subject beforehand.

      In regards to a made-up drug? As long as the person had an idea as to the side effects and such of their created drug, I'm fine.
    5. It wouldn't bother or offend me at all I think basically everyone has the rights to portray their dolls in however way they want. Just like I/everyone have the rights not to look at it if it offends them. I plan on having my own drug addicted doll sometime soon and I don't see a problem with it.. it's just this particular character I would like to experiement with since I like weird and disturbing things. ^_^

      And yes I agree as long as it's depicting the addiction/use accurately and not promoting it and portraying as being cool to some of the younger doll enthusiast I don't find anything wrong with it.

      As for makeup drugs? no problem with them either.. everyone has their drug of choice such as bjd's haha :mwahaha
    6. It wouldn't offend me, but I don't think it would be safe posting it here, since there are underage people watching.
      I think I would just skip it and look at the happier things. :)

      About the made up drug part...there are drugs out there with pretty weird names already, so I don't think it would make a difference. A rose by any other name...
    7. Does a photostory about a character/doll with an addiction that contains no images of actual drug use bother me? No. The story may or may not be suitable to this forum depending on how it's handled but it doesn't bother me.

      Does a graphic depiction of any kind of "drug use" by dolls bother me personally? No, that wouldn't bother me either. It's rather the same as dolls smoking, no doll is harmed by fake drug use. Some of my own characters have their vices. However, DoA is not the place for actual drug use images/photostories, 13 and over board and all.

      I think a post of some artistic handling of a drug theme could be made here now that I think about it. I've always thought it would be great to recreate Femmes d'Alger by Delacroix. But having no female dolls and not wanting to use male dolls in their place has prevented me.
    8. no... since there is nearly nothing that bothers me, as long as I know it's fiction... and dolly-photos are fiction...
    9. I have to agree that graphic images and/or descriptions of drug use may not be approrpiate for this forum. However, if it was mentioned in passing or marely implied, I don't think it would be anything to fuss over.

      Personally, it wouldn't bother me even if it was graphic. Because they're dolls. It's fiction.
    10. I think that one of the main things that makes the BJD hobby so interesting, at least for me, are the stories and backstories that many doll owners come up with for their dolls. So~o, no - I'm certainly not going to be offended by "dollie drug use" or anything of the sort. I strongly believe that people have the right to make their dolls whomever they want them to be, and if that isn't appropriate for a certain forum, that doesn't mean that the material can't or shouldn't be posted elsewhere.

      Personally, I'd skip over a story with drug use (and/or smoking/alcoholism) - because those are things I don't like hearing about even in a fictional context. :sweat However, plenty of people do like those sorts of things in fiction, so if that's what people want to portray, it's fine with me. :)
    11. I couldn't agree more. The reality is drugs are present in the world. It's sad though when it comes to the point that it destroys them physically/emotionally/spiritually and leaves them in a persistent vegetative state. Addicts are interesting. They are complex individuals. I'd probably read it if as shinigaminojutsu mentions it doesn't falsely glorify it.
    12. Hmm, well personally it wouldn't bother me at all, seeing it's an everyday thing,somewhere across this wonderful world of ours, we know that someone out there is doing drugs. And Honestly one of my favorite characters of mine is a major coke and heroin fiend.
      But I suppose it all depends on the person, and I hope it doesn't offend anyone, because that would make me sad. xD
    13. It wouldn't bother me--not all characters are perfect (and fiction would be pretty boring if they were). Drug use shows up in books, tv, and movies, so I don't know why is would be off limits in a photostory.
    14. A story with elements of it? Fine, whatever. That's real life; some people got problems like that. Personally, I have minimal respect for a human being that chooses to treat themself that way, but with a doll? No one's getting hurt. Hopefully.

      A story focused on it, depicting proper useage and all that crap, is where I would draw the line. Just like 'doll porn' is censored here on DoA, I don't think that this material belongs here. It would be stupid to pretend that out of all of the characters we represent on this board that none would be on drugs of any kind, since (as terrible as they are) when someone does drugs it affects them for good. If it's an important plot thing that your dolls has 2pm high time, go ahead and let them say so and discuss it and have their side effects and whatever, but save the actual drugging up photoshoots for somewhere more suitable.
    15. Yay, I get to be different, since it WOULD bother me. Dolls smoking also does. But it would only bother me to the point where I skip over it and move on to something more interesting, it wouldn't offend me personally. People are free to do what ever they want with their dolls (as long as it follows the rules of the forum where they share it of course) and I'm just as free to ignore it and read stores that suits me better.

    16. It bothers me a bit too. I mean I understand that people can do whatever they want to their dolls, and I respect that, I don't think theres anything that shouldn't be done because it's all about personal preference. The reason it bothers me is because I hate drugs and smoking in general, I find it pretentious and unnecessary. So when I see a doll doing it I think that the people who decided that their doll should smoke is doing it because they think it looks 'cool' or 'hot' (judging by the comments the dolls recieve).
      And, for me (just to me, I'm not speaking for anyone else) it justifies my point that people smoke or do drugs because it's 'cool'...
      So when I see photostories that use it I just don't look at them.
    17. I couldn't care less about this or any other variation of "how would you feel seeing a doll do X"

      If it bothers me I don't look at it.
    18. I don't think it's fair to say that all drug addicts just do it because they think it's cool.. Yes I agree there are some people who take them because they do think it's cool and those people are stupid but alot of people take them because they are either forced into it by others or they are escaping the cruel realities of the real world.

      And when I say that the stories should be depicted properly I don't mean people should make photostories glorifying drug use or showing people how to do it.. I mean people could show the negativities of drug use in their stories to provide a positive message against the use of drugs or something like that..

      But yeah I agree I think that some stories should be kept for your own personal livejournal or 18+ forums because I don't think the younger kids should be exposed to that type of thing.
    19. It would depend on how it was done, I guess. If it was a photostory extolling the virtues of [whatever drug], I'd be pretty turned off. I don't really like drug use used as comedic element - photostories of psychedelic photoshopping "Whooooa look at the rabbit on the ceiling" hold no appeal for me. Do they offend me? No. But in either example, I'd probably think that the poster was pretty lame and would avoid future threads of theirs.

      I'm going to agree with other people and say that accurate portrayal makes all the difference. I like things that are researched, in all areas. For example, when people scar their dolls, I like when they research and make the scars appropriate to how the injuries were inflicted, and how they would have healed after a certain period of time. For a drug addict character, I'd expect there to be more than just some red pastel around the eyes and some stupid stoner cliche words. If it was a character being dragged down into addiction, or a character dealing with an addicted loved one, that would be interesting to me. Time period-appropriate casual drug use wouldn't really bother me either, as long as it was an accurate portray and wasn't the entire focus of the post (i.e. "Dante goes to an Opium Den!").

      Imaginary drugs follow the same set of standards for me. If they are well-thought out, with set pros and cons, they're less likely to get written off as being just another cliched plot device.

      (As an aside, yeah, drug use portrayals aren't really appropriate on DoA and would probably be removed if they were done tastelessly.)
    20. My two characters whom my dolls will protray are *very* occasional users of a drug from their world called Rapture, which fills about the same social space as alcohol does in ours. Whether it's a chemical drug or some sort of fairy dust is very much up in the air at the moment, but it does have some psychotropic effects. Since I don't see anything wrong with them being drug users in my writing, I can't say there's anything wrong with the dolls representing them also being drug users.

      Possibly (Caveat- I'm English, with our less stringent drug laws and all the views that come with that) there needs to be a distinction made between 'uses drugs' and 'is an addict'. There's a whole world of difference between a student who skins up on a Thursday night with his mates at the social club, and sets the world to sweet, smoky rights, and the indentured man of a drug baron, driven to acts of violence to earn his fix from his boss. Just because both weed and skag are drugs doesn't mean that they can be considered in the same frame of reference.