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posability of a soul doll NL?

Jan 20, 2017

    1. HI! I have been looking at different body types and, whilst I love doll zone's bodies, I have recently been looking at soul dolls... Can anyone tell me about the posabilty of these dolls?

      I searched in the topics and didn't really anything relating to posing possibilities. so sorry if it's there and I missed it.
    2. I'm also curious - I have a Souloid on the way and a SoulKid on layaway, yet I don't know much about their posing. So I assume it's middle of the road/good/not too bad?
    3. If you search Google images you'll find some stuff. Essentially the posing is pretty bad, especially concerning the chest joint. Essentially they sacrificed poseability for aesthetic /:
    4. My Soulkid NL boy sits okay, though I cannot get his knees to bend to even a 90 degree angle, and there is nothing to be done with his hips. :\ He's perpetually stretching out his lower legs, knees modestly together. If I try to get him to sit in a more relaxed fashion, his knees fly back together, so no spread-leg posing. His arms do okay at best, I can get him to touch his face with coaxing, but his wrist joints are not much use--there's barely any flex there. I'm not sure why there is a chest joint, it wiggles but it will not hold a pose. Everything is so tightly sculpted together and has such a limited range of motion that there is no point in sueding him or trying other posing tricks.

      And I cannot get him to stand on his own to save my life. He is seriously one out of two dolls in my entire family that I cannot make stand, and the other one has heel feet. ^^;

      I've been willing to let him hang around because he's a hard resin color to match (sandy brown), he's mellowed very unevenly because he was so reddish to start, and because I really don't play with my minis a ton. But he is one of the worst posers in my doll family, which ,given the age of some of my dolls , is saying quite a lot. :(
    5. Osaka, have you tried restringing him?

      We have a pair of Kids, Devonia and Kyron. Their posing is not the best we've dealt with, but it's not the worst, either. Soul Doll is notorious for stringing their dolls too tightly - or at least they were at the time, and poor Devonia was so bad that her knee cracked from the tension (they replaced it immediately)...but once they were restrung, they did just fine - no flopping at the hips or kicking. There's a nice locking mechanism in the double jointed elbows, so you get good range of motion and then they stay put. Raised arms stay raised at the shoulder. They stand well, and can kneel and squat. I've never had an issue with the chest joints. If you're experienced with posing dolls, I don't imagine that these will give you a lot of problems. Then again, Kids are the only sculpts we own, so I can't speak for the larger ones.
    6. I would consider the souldoll NL (girls specifically) solid if unambitious posers. They can't do anything amazing, but they're solid at what they do do.They'll stand, keep their arms where you want them and sit. They're definitely more about the aesthetics than anything else, but I've got two of my souldoll girls standing unaided in my cabinet and they haven't moved
      If there's anything in particular you'd like to see, I can give it a go though!
    7. Mine is posing really nice in my opinion.
      Nothing compared to my loongsoul but no one is better then her ^^

      She can kneel and hold poses weel
      [​IMG]Unicorn? by Steffi, auf Flickr

      or check this video
      #7 SteffiPuschel, Jan 20, 2017
      Last edited: Jan 20, 2017
    8. Okay, this morning I hauled Ky out from between his pillows (pardon the bedhead, lol) to take a couple of quick and dirty shots for you to get a look at posability. As you can see, when well strung, there are no real issues. He can sit and stand with legs comfortably apart, scratch his head, rub his belly, check to see if he needs a shave, flag a cab, whatever! The one thing you need to remember is that it's essential to use the locking mechanisms in the joints for pretty much all of it. Devonia, the female sculpt, is really no different. Hope this helps! :)
      [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    9. I went ahead and did that with your advice! thank you... common sense evades me this week!
    10. maybe the girls are better?...some other commenters perhaps have that answer...Thank you for sharing, I will keep that in mind when I get my first boy.:kitty1
    11. thank you for sharing that, standing is a good start... I bought my first doll a few weeks ago, a not doll Peru female sculpt... she is NOT a good poser in any way... she can stand but... I think soul doll bodies are a bit prettier though hopefully a bit better at posing.
    12. SHE IS SO CUTE!!! kneeling? my notdoll can't even bend her knees! that appears to be a big improvement!
    13. his sculpt is amazing! I may consider him for my first boy doll! he poses pretty well too!
    14. It appears they are middle of the road! that is not bad for my knees!
    15. My Soul Kid boy's legs have no posability whatsoever. He stands well but that's all I can get him to do. When he arrived at the end of October his arms seemed to pose well, but after two months in his Winter Prince outfit, which was so snug it allowed him no movement, his arms have the posability of a wet noodle. I love his height and his body sculpt, otherwise he'd be halfway out the door by now.
    16. I hope the girl bodies do a bit better, I actually just ordered one and am crossing my fingers she will pose well enough, I seem to be doing a lot of finger crossing with this hobby!:kitty1
    17. I did restring him, right off the bat, and no joy there. :( Admittedly, I'm used to much larger dolls, and I can get almost every doll in my family to stand or hold a pose, regardless of tension. But of the 40+ bodies I've handled and played with over the years, the Soulkid NL is one of the two or three who I cannot get to stand or to do most poses, regardless of stringing tension. It's a very pretty body, but IMO a poor poser. He's much worse poser than my bigger Souldolls, certainly.
    18. I have Souloid Iraki and I think he's an above average poser. He stands well and has good head and chest mobility. His favorite pose is to sit casually like this:

      He sits fine regularly too as long as I catch the lip on his hip joints. His elbows are the most bothersome- they appear double jointed but it takes quite a lot of finagling to actually bend them completely. He prefers 90 degree elbows or straight. Here some more pics, this time with a resinsoul head. I have never restrung him.

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    19. I'm quite late with this, but in case of anyone else needing the info... Souldoll changed the N.L boy body somewhere around 2015-2016. As mentioned, the earlier N.L boys are lousy posers (mine is from 2014), pretty much anything besides standing is a problem... My second N.L boy is from late 2016 and he poses so much better. He came with two sets of joints, the no lines versions and poseability versions. I have the poseability versions in him and they work great! They also made some other, slight changes that make him pose better. IMO, the new version poses fairly well.
      #19 Mista Isilme, Jun 15, 2017
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    20. Ah, that would be the difference! My NL boy is quite old, from 2012-2013.