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Posability of Volks SD girls

Sep 3, 2009

    1. OK I would like to know just how much of a difference the lack of waist joint makes in posing the SD10s. Or if there is any way to get a jointed SD10 body or an SD13 one that does not require me to go to LA(not happening anytime soon as I live in VA) or buy two dolls. I've fallen in love with Kun for one of my characters but I refuse to pay that much money for a doll that isn't absolutely perfect. I have an MSD Sakura and I love her to bits but the lack of waist joint on Kun is REALLY scary to me. I'm very frustrated about looking for this character and I almost want to hate Volks right now for not offering bodies etc online:( So should I go ahead and get her or wait and pray I someday make it out to California? (Sorry for babbling-_-;; Lack of sleep will do that.)
    2. The jointed SD10 body often comes up for sale in the Marketplace and on eBay; search for "suwarriko" or "swarrico" or "suwarikko" or "suwarrico" or any alternate spelling you can think of, and you'll find it! :)
    3. Yep, suwarikko bodies come up for sale pretty often, your best bet would probably be to just buy Kun's head and body separately in the marketplace. ^^

      IMHO, the lack of waist joint isn't really a big deal . . . honestly, Volks SD's don't have the most posable bodies to start with (I love 'em, but they're kinda stuck in 2004, y'know? :sweat), and I even though I was very worried about it at first I've never found my non-jointed torso girl's torso to be cumbersome and it makes her so wonderful to hold. Suwarikko legs, though, are a huge plus! The "cute sit" adds a lot of versatility.
    4. Agreeing with you on this. I have a suwarikko girl, a standard non-jointed girl and boy, a SD13 girl, and a couple of jointed SD10 boys and I really see very little difference in posing amongst the SD10s. My SD13 girl is a bit different just because the torso itself has a different weight balance, but I've never felt all that limited by a non-jointed torso and I don't particularly do much with my dolls that do have the waist joint. The difference for me isn't a deal-breaker. It's not that huge of a difference.

      I will say I love my suwarriko girl but she doesn't stand nearly as rock solidly as my standard Mimi because her body really is meant to be in that cute sitting pose.

      But I'll also agree that while my dolls can stand great and look nice they're not the most amazing posers out there. I don't do a lot with my guys that requires that level of posing, but it's not the most dynamic system out there.

      What you could do is order Kun and see how the solid torso works for you and if it's a no-go sell it later and get a different body.
    5. Thank you all for the information:) I think I will wait though as someone is buying the doll for me as a present. I'm even more reluctant to waist someone else's money than my own. Ying Zia(my MSD) actually likes to lay down quite a bit and I like that she looks very natural doing it. The standard SD's I've seen in pictures look very stiff. And about 35mins after I asked the question I finally found Angel Region Nell, who would be perfect for the character. She looks like and older version of Ying Zia which is exactly what I want. It's very hard to find that cute/mischievous face on the more mature dolls:( I'm sure I'll get to LA some day and then I can get Kun just the way I want her and not have to worry about the character.