Poseability of Doll Bodies

Jan 14, 2022 at 6:43 AM

    1. I was curious to hear about the poseability of various company's dolls, especially the large Miracledoll and Dollzone sculpts. Now, I did a search on this topic beforehand and I understand that people have varying understandings on what poseability means. For me, I am interested in knowing how well different dolls are able to achieve a wide variety of poses and keep them. As a secondary interest, I am interested in knowing how well they do with 'subtle' adjustments. As in, do I have to force an arm to move, thus resulting in it moving a whole lot(snappiness? kick?), or can I gently nudge an arm a millimeter and have it obey? I realize these two definitions are perhaps at odds, but I was just curious to hear people's personal experiences, as I couldn't find any big thread discussing this.
    2. A lot of what you're describing (moving a bit without 'kicking', keeping a pose) is down to good stringing. Most dolls will be able to do that when strung or sueded properly. Barring stuff like Mirodoll which is so poorly engineered you won't get them to do much. The string tension determines all that since that's basically the control piece, it's not like an action figure where that internal frame determines force needed etc and you can't change it. This is why most posing reviews talk about things like standing stability and engineering such as can they touch the face, hands on hips etc.

      For specific dolls posing ability, you may be better to post in the discussion threads for those dolls, or make a post with the doll type in the title otherwise anyone owning those may not click this thread and see what you are requesting
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    3. I have purchased and sold many dolls due to pose ability. I have never had a Mircle Doll but I have had several Dollzone dolls and they do pose well. I have had Dollstown, Dollshe, Fifth Motif and so on. I would say my five best posing dolls though have come from a couple of companies that are no more. Blue Blood dolls and Jie Dolls. Jie dolls actually made the Blue Blood Dolls but both are rare and no longer made. They posed and stood the best of any dolls I have ever owned. Dollshe used to pose well, but they have decided to keep tweaking the bodies and the results have been not good. Older versions you would be happier with esp any of the Proud bodies and modified 3 part torso. Avoid the belly poopers. Last I will say Fifth Motif dolls are amazing as are Dollstown. But I found the Fifth Motif super great. Dollstown I avoid personally the 18 Yrs as they are just to heavy and seldome want to stand on own. 17 Yrs are quirky, you can get a good one and get a bad one too. My favs from DT is the 15 Yr old version boy and the Elf body. They are both the best.
      Good luck, with cuts some companies are cutting costs by reducing the length of string inside dolls and this can cause issues just changing head let alone the tension it puts on bodies. Dolls have cracked due to this impossibly tight dolls. This is why I avoid Dream Valley and a couple of others. Dream Valley was esp sad for me as the dolls posed great, but the fact my arthritic hands couldn't even remove head to put in eyes was a sign to sell and not buy again.
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    4. So I don't know about the other Loongsoul bodies, but joint design can impair the smoothness of leg bends when there is a notch in the peanut which must catch either the upper or lower limb and this is true for the Loongsoul 62cm body. As a result, it's a "pull out to engage" sort of joint design which means that intermediate bending close to 180 degrees is limited because bending the limb that far requires the catch to hold the limb bent.

      As for Dollzone bodies, I had both the Dollzone 71cm and the Dollzone 62cm at one point. The 71 and 62cm have intermediate limb bending, and the joints work well, except that for the 62cm the body does not sit at 90 degrees (the hip sockets are not deep enough and the thighs are too big).

      My best bodies for holding a wide range of poses are DFH by far. I own the 56cm, 60cm, 68cm, 72cm, and 75cm. The 60cm and 72cm are the newest and the best posing of these. On any other body, the primary and secondary traits you are looking for of 1) holding a pose and 2) being able to hold intermediate joints are going to fight with one another as gravity and elastic tension directly opposes intermediate joint positions (especially for the knees, torso joints, and leg lifts/leg to chest with the doll standing) such that intermediate positions frequently will not hold. The way DFH gets around this is with stair step shelves and gears, which means that it likely fulfills your second criterion by definition but not in spirit, as it cannot hold positions which are intermediate to the steps or gear teeth. However, these bodies are incredibly stable and can stand on a floor with someone jumping on it, can balance on one foot, and support the weight of their leg with their hip socket so as to raise their leg while standing
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