Poseability of Migidoll 1/4

May 14, 2016

    1. hi
      for a long time i wanted a migidoll 1/4 (sun)
      but i hear that the body is a little difficult to hold poses
      is this true?
    2. Hello,
      unfortunately.... is true (at least I own Migidoll sun and he have various issues regarding the poses... he's not even able to standing himself for take poses etc (you always have to hold him to be sure he would not fall down ) XD . He tends to fall forward all suddenly... he had this problem after just a couple of months I own him (and I don't even play with him at all, he always stay sit in my dollbox)...

      Lately, I found out that he have a leg more longer than another, due to a little piece on the leg joint that isn't well molded and the two parts don't fit well together so this causes to him to stay a little more protruding and this makes sure that one leg is a bit more higher than the other, and then manages to stand with many difficulties.
      Furthermore, the part of the back always tend to tilts forward as said above...

      Anyway, I'm still happy of him... I just wish he was better as posability... but if you really like him don't esitate to get it, because he's very beautiful! Even if I know of this little problem, I would get him for sure even knowing that! So don't worry too much ^^

      EDIT: I'm going to take well detailed pics of this problem, so that you can understand better...

      See you later!
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    3. hello :D
      thankyou very much for your
      answer! ( and on my other post)
      i already agree with you that his body isnt very good at posability, but my other option will be to get him a luts msd body
      do you think it will match well?
      with proportions?

      ( i cant wait to see your pictures :3)
    4. I don't own a Luts MSD body so I can't tell if the head and body will match well! But I'm sure many already have tried the Luts body with Migidoll's heads, so you should not find difficult to ask here some photos comparison in the session of the forum for this purpose!

      Here some pics of the leg issue I have:

      link 1

      link 2
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    5. thankyou for the pictures
      i can see what you mean ):

      also yes i will take your advice about the pictures for the luts`s body :3
    6. wow :O
      thankyou very much :3
    7. It's nothing ;) good research!
    8. thankyou very much! QAQ