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Posing Abilities of Different Dolls - who's best?

Feb 16, 2006

    1. In your opinion, what company comes out with the dolls that pose the best.

      For example, I was looking at the picture of Shall (DOT) on the company website and I noticed she can sit with her legs crossed where as my Elfdoll Sooah cannot.
    2. For a larger girl doll (56cm), I don't think there is a more poseable body than ShinyDoll's Thaasa body.

      I think the Tensiya boys are pretty damn good posers, as are the Narin/Narae dolls.
    3. I agree with idrisfynn. I have a ShinyDOLL, and none of my other dolls comes close to being able to pose as well as she can. I understand that the man who designed the THAASA body is a mechanical engineer and set out to design a doll body that was supremely posable.

      My SD 13 is not bad at posing. Of all my other dolls, she's probably the runnerup in the posing contest.
    4. Out of the box my Dollmore Youth body, Dry was a posing wonder, and my Luts Tanning El was a plasticy kicking flailing nightmare.

      I'm going to have to do some sueding & stringwork, apparently, but that's the out of the box opinion. The soft and slightly skinlike textured Dollmore resin maybe part of the reason, if it helps joints grip to one another when bent. The Luts resin is.. look, i'm a novice, if you showed me this doll i'd say it was really cool plastic. =P
    5. I made a Shall review a while ago... she can pose very well.. but I don't have other dolls to compare
    6. How well do Rainydolls pose? I'm curious since I have plans to get one.
    7. SD16's joints are probably the most advanced ones for 60cm-ish boys.
    8. My Souldoll boy poses well--no kicking, bowing, folding up into a ball etc. My only complaint is that with the string they gave me, it's hard to get his arms at tight as I would like. He's so nice and stable when he stands too.

      My big CP boy--well, he does ok once I figured out the trick to keep his legs from popping up. Once I got it, he's fine, but I had to fiddle with him a bit.
    9. agree. will try that when my SD16 arrived. but according to promo pics, he is highly posable.
    10. This thread has examples of the types of poses he is able to do and compares him to other bodies.
    11. My Hound poses like crap, but my Dollmore girl is amazing! She can stand, sit, kneel, etc. He can... uh... flop in different directions. However, he can touch his face, and she can't.
    12. DD- a good poser mostly, but she had small feet and was a bit light so didn't stand too solidly

      oldskin MSD- I could never pose how I wanted. he only stood in a childish way

      kid dollmore- I love his posing, he'll do whatever you want him to do pretty much, and he'll hold the position. after 6 months his stringing has got very loose but it doesn't seem to be affecting his posing much at all

      happydoll elf- the body has good balance, so she stands and that despite having floppy slippy joints. she smacks herself in the face alot...but maybe thats just living with me.

      EDIT: sorry I don't know how I missed that this was in the 1/3 forum! sorry for spamming with minis! >_<
    13. hee.hee -- slaps herself in the face alot. I can't stop laughing!!!

    14. Well, Dolkot kiss could cross his legs as the above photo shown.
      However, his stringing is very tight and couldn't stand or sit well.
    15. In my book, Domuya's D-One flexitype bodies take the cake. :)

      The one that Hope is using right now is a little loosely strung, so she doesn't stand that well, but there definitely is a tradeoff btw aesthetics and poseability. I will post a review soon.


    16. Oh wow! She's got little feet joints!

      Cacau did an excellent job showing the poses that a DOT shall can do.
      If you keep going through the thread, there are some other comparisons too.

      My CP El just goes all fetal on me when I try to make him do anything with his legs. I plan on suedeing him to take care of that. (I also have a TON of extra pliver I'm going to be selling soon!):sweat
    17. I had a CP shiwoo and currently have a nono 13 and my nono 13 poses FANTASTIC! That girl will do anything I require of her. The CP boy bods pose well except for the wrists and the kicky legs.

      I've also played with quite a few dolls ^^ (yaye for friends who share this hobby and let me take their dolls apart!)

      I'm not a fan of any of the 60cm pureskin volks girl dolls, especially the pureskin first run of the pureskin 10s. They don't sit up and stand very precariously. The second run (new knees) sits and stands better but has locking knees and a tendancy to crack in the leg joint. The ankles also don't move much at all. A trade-off for the ablity to stand, I suppose. The pureskin 13 is MUCH better, but has the same locking knees and limited ankle movement, and I just personally prefer the old resin 13 body better.

      The old resin 10 is great if you are willing to suede, wire and keep tabs on string tension. ^^ and if you don't mind some large sticky outie ball joints.
    18. I love the way my new DD2 can pose! she stands so easily compared to my other dolls.
    19. My Soah holds poses best, out of my four girls. The Shalls can make the most poses, but holding them is a bit hard. And poor old Lishe, she's strung way too tight to do much.