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Posing abilities of youth dollmore eve body??

Apr 16, 2006

    1. Hi everyone :>

      Hubby has said that I can have a new girl for an anniversary present. He knows how sad I am about Megumi going, but I dont' want to try and replace her yet.

      I DID have my heart set on Ipsae Monahan.. perfect for my new hound boy who will be here this week... but then, I accidentally clicked on the special edition button on the dollmore site and found eve and lilith.... LOVE the ears and the look and the outfits! But I am determined that my next girl will pose better than the crazy luts bodies which just frustrated the heck out of me :/

      Does anyone have one of these girls?? or the dark lilith?? or a girl on the same body?? Can you please tell me how easy are they to pose?? do they hold it well?? will I need to suede and wire straight out of the box?????

      Seek peace

    2. I have Ray and I like the way she poses. Dollmore joints lock more than CP, so you get bent leg/straight leg, bent arm/straight arm but they're very sturdy when in position.

      My Ray seemed to be perfectly strung; not too loose and not too tight. She also has a wide range of head movement that I don't have with my other dolls.
    3. My ex Ray (hopefully I have just sold her as I need the money) was a fantastic poser. Really an amazing piece of engineering and one of the best posers I have ever had. Dollmore bodies put many of the other makers to shame in terms of poseability.
    4. Thanks everyone :>

      I decided that Ipsae calls louder.. I DO like the smaller doll, but I worry about wanting to change the face up on a limited - I know other people do it all the time, and thats fine.. I just wouldn't do it myself

      PIcs in a few short weeks :>

      Seek peace

    5. Yay for Ipsae! She is supposed to pose really well as well — Gayle will vouch for that....
    6. Ipsae/Bella poses equally as well as Ray. Maybe better due to the locking mechanism in her rib joint.

      Dollmore in general seems to really make wonderfully engineered dolls in terms of posability.
    7. I'm seriously considering getting a Lilis Liv, but I haven't heard much about the posability of her body. Could anyone tell me anything about it..?
    8. Well they stand really easily, no kicky legs. They are fair posers. Not bad, but not spectacular either.
    9. please delete post
    10. strangely,by looking at their spec,it seems like Lilis Liv and Orlando Ray is still base on the older body.maybe must check with them.
    11. They probably haven't updated the pages yet ^^
    12. I bought a Kara Klum who has the new boy body on the site and my friend bought a Dean who is not displayed with the newer body. But both of them came with the newer body so I am guessing it is the same with the girls. ^^ They just have not updated the info or pictures yet.