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Posing an Iplehouse EID body?

Sep 21, 2011

    1. Hi, I'm sorry if this question has been answered somewhere so feel free to move/ delete this thread if it has^^

      I have an EID Iplehouse Akando, and he stands alright and sits okay too, however I'm wondering what sort of pose-ability people have managed to get with their EIDs?
      He doesn't seem to be able to do much in the way of standing poses other than, well, standing (not that I mind this XD) but sometimes he tends to be quite floppy. I'm wondering whether this is because I need to restring him or whether the weight of him prevents him from being tighter and able to things other than simple standing and sitting?
      Has anyone been able to get him to kneel?

      What are your experiences with your dolls?
    2. I have an Arvid and he definately was in need of some hot-glue sueding and restringing with thicker string when I got him. Iple tends to send their dolls loosely strung with very thin elastic to prevent shipping breakage, so I'd recommend going for some 4-5mm elastic. It really did wonders for him. :) While sitting is usually a bit of a challange due to being so top heavy, he can do a wider variety of poses now.
    3. Where did you get the thicker elastic from? :>
    4. personally, every time I have tried to restring a doll with elastic from a craft store or really from any source other than a doll site, it has loosened up on me SUPER fast or hasnt been strong enough to allow them to stand- even when I pull the elastic as tight as I possibly can.

      I'd recommend buying more elastic from a bjd company, but thats just my experience.
    5. One of the tricks I use, is just a touch of leaning against a nearby object. Usually a tree for me. You can balance the majority of the doll's weight through one leg, and have the other bent in a natural pose, while using the arm on the bent-leg side to finish out the balancing. I'm not on the computer with my photos, so apologies for no visuals here. :sweat
      Actually... here's one of leaning back:

      And then there's just flat out patience (and no wind!):

      It can be done, it just takes a bit of work.
      Okay, a lot of work sometimes. XD
    6. @aernath did you re-string him at all?
      I haven't restrung my Akando since I got him in 09...perhaps I should restring him because with how loose he is he couldn't stand on one leg even if I wanted to I'm pretty sure XD
    7. First thing I do when I take them out of the box, is tighten their strings.
      No glue sueding or wiring or anything else though at work here. :)
      It just takes a lot of patience and a bit of practice to get them to behave. I think it took me a good five to ten minutes to get Quang to stand with his leg up on that stone.

      This is from a little while ago. Malak is the one kneeling. It took a while to get him to kneel (he's not leaning against anything), and then more time to get him to hold the camera just right, but it can be done. (These are all model body (and all Chases).) I think I did use a knee-wedge (camera lens cap) to keep that right leg from collapsing entirely, but that's because I had to do so much fiddling around with his arms and hands for the camera. Again, another ten to fifteen minutes this time, getting him to balance just right.

      Kurosaki: That's not soda again, is it? It took forever to get that off him last time.
      Shirosaki: He'll be glad I couldn't find an air horn.
      Malak: Okay, camera's ready when you are!

      I love these guys, and while you can't make pretzels out of them, they do fairly well. Paku, the naked one there, is the only one with the mobility thigh. I haven't really had a need for it.
    8. I'm happy to have found this thread...I can't seem to get my Kamau (also from 09) to do squat. He won't stand to save our lives, continues to be the one and only face-planter of my whole doll history and he certainly won't sit worth a crap. I've tightened him, restrung with thicker elastic, tightened again, double-wired his legs, begged, pleaded, cried and eventually given up as he just lies on a shelf by himself (cause he can't sit). I rarely touch him, because he's a danger to himself and to my other dolls. I swear if there wasn't a really good reason to keep him around, he'd have been out the door in month 1.

      Something I had been (in desperation) considering was sanding the weird angled part off of his thigh socket. Does anyone know what I mean? ^^;
      It looks almost like a 90° angle and to me, it seems like it hinders his sitting. I was looking at a new model body and it doesn't have that, they're just a nice curve...
      I'd do it but I'm afraid of the tan. I'm guessing it doesn't go all the way through. If I knew for sure this would do anything I'd do it anyway.
    9. I've also thought of that modification as well. Read it somewhere on DoA here. Likely it was Cymorill, she's done YID thigh mods and had good success. But yeah, I don't really want to mess with the dark tan.
      SOMEone has done it before, and swears by it, I just can't remember who it was.

      And my EIDs all stand on the shelf since they can't really sit. :sweat If you have just the one, lean him a touch into a corner, with something nonskid under his feet.
    10. I've been wanting to get and EID guy, but he does look like he's not too flexible. Now this thread has me worried... :( I've never gotten to handle one, either, just Giodrake's YID, but that worked out well. And Ranma, of course, with the JID funny locking bumps all over the hip joints?

      There's got to be something that can be done to make the dudes do other things... Top-heavy dolls are such face-planters. Can anyone post a picture of the hips in question?
    11. ha ha I don't necessarily need flexible, I will settle for a good sitter/stander. I really love my Karsh but the MNF Aline body pisses me off because it's so crazy...I would trade the so called pose-ability for the ability to stand without kicking or jerking to the side :| (Like the Cline! The legs don't kick at all and the torso locks! that body is love)
      My EID is worse. Karsh does stand, eventually...Kamau won't. At least not without help...not for me anyway lol

      Mine has those bumps too! I don't know what they're for either! XD

      aernath ~ Oooh if we could find an example of the thigh mod and it actually makes a diff, I'll do it, tan or no tan!! My guy would most likely always be wearing at least jeans anyway! Or I'll blush him!!

      I can't stand anyone on my shelves lol, they're just bookshelves so everyone other than tinies must sit cause they're too tall. Actually, now that I think about it, it might be safer with Thomas (Kamau) laying down. If he could sit, he'd take up less room....which means I'd have more space, so I'd need more dolls.
      He's saving me money!!
    12. You can do it, VampireAngel13! Whoooooooot!!!!

      Seriously, nothing is impossible with resins. I'm working on a Roono Doll for a client right now, and those are the absolutely worst bodies I have ever seen... EVER! Infamously horrible. But with a few mods and a restring, now she can stand like a rock on one leg with high-heel feet.

      Question: if the EIDs are super top-heavy can the torso parts be hollowed out at all to make them less so? Worked good with my Crobidoll. Might be worth a try at least to cut back on the face-planting.
    13. I think it was PamSD or Patrice that did the hip mod. It's such a thin area where you'd be sanding, the discoloration might not be noticeable.

      Cymorill: They're actually really hollow in the torso pieces. They weigh 6 pounds but they could have weighed a lot more. D: If we were to ever meet at an LA meet up or something I'd let you see. :3 /creeper

      VampireAngel: They stand and sit really well, actually. I have the Model body with thigh joints and I have no trouble getting him to sit or stand. He has yet to give me any reason to not trust his free standing ability, but they're so expensive that I just don't want to tempt fate so I never leave him unattended. He stands solidly when he's with me, though.
    14. Cymorill ~ I will!!! after this weekend when I have time...I should order MSC, if he's in pieces it would be a good time to blush him too!

      I don't know if it's too heavy, so much as not made well. It has no lock to keep it in place so it can't be positioned well to balance the rest of the doll. If it could move, he could balance better and possibly stand more naturally by himself. Maybe I need to try sueding more...It hasn't helped yet, but maybe the third time it will!

      ZennoSaji ~ The model bodies I've seen in person are made a little differently than the SH. They do not have that sticky-out ledge on the thigh socket (which is how I noticed it on mine, and first started thinking it was an issue) and the torso locks. The torso on my Super Hero body has no lock or ridge or anything on it to keep it in place...so it doesn't stay if I try to position it.
    15. Oohhh Aernath, I was so busy looking at Paku ;) that I missed Malak kneeling! My hats is off to you on that pose! Wow, I'm impressed!
      I need to try this one....as I do need more practice posing my guys. They sit well on a surface with a back...like a sofa...and most of them stand really well.
      have to watch for the sudden knee bend though....whomp.
    16. VampireAngel: Oh wow. :O I knew they weren't made the same but I had no idea they were that drastically different. That is definitely poor engineering. I even had to suede my guy and he's got the ridges and what not.
    17. ZennoSaji ~ me neither! Til I saw one. A close friend brought hers over when she got him so we could strip them down and compare...things XD
      And, I can't believe how small they are compared to the super hero body!! After I found all the flaws in mine (Model has the same knees and ankles of doom unfortunately-I had to pull out the joints for her hee hee) we tried to switch clothes. Yeah, that didn't work btw XDD

      Which was sad, because she had hers in this awesome jacket! I love IH clothes!!
    18. Awesome! You rock! :abow: Thank you so much for that!
      I DO have a SH guy in very yellowed RS that I must try that out on.... Then some day, I'll get the cajones to do that to my Kamau! Woot!