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Posing help for Dollshe noobs!?

Jul 11, 2006

    1. HELP. I just got my Bernard and all I feel comfortable doing with him is letting him sit. I can't make him stand- I have gotten many head bonk close calls and he has crazy legs. What tips for Dollshe big boy noobs like me do you pros have?
    2. Sueding = luuurve <3

      Wiring can also help, but I haven't tried that. Generally, it's best to play and practise! Dollshe boys can pose very well when you get used to them...I can get Gabriel to be quite sturdy, and I've even had him standing up giving a piggy back ride to my Kid Delf Ttori on a few occasions!
    3. Ohhhhmyyyy....I dunno if I am confident about sueding...maybe I should look into wiring?
    4. Wiring, sueding and plastic armatures are all things that many DollShe owners have successfully used to get their big boys to stand! I have not had any problems getting either my Saint or Bermann to stand - but I wouldn't leave them standing and walk out of the room! :) I use the tried-and-true Luts method - hold them firmly by the waist, straighten the legs and push down on the feet. Keeping in mind that my boys are always barefooted and that the DollShe torso joint should be firmly set in place.

      I am now considering wiring my Saint - my Bermann is quite content to spend his days sitting on a bookshelf...so he's okay.

      Christy has a good tutorial online - let me see if I can find a link! Also, the yahoo group HoundCalling is a great reference for all things DollShe!

    5. I've wired and sueded my boy and have a plastic armature in his torso, it helps with the "belly pop" quirk that they have...
      use at least 14 guage wire, thought I may change to 12 guage as I have used it in some smaller dolls and it works even better..and make sure it is coated..
      do join Hound Calling on the yahoo groups site, we do have file on wiring and using the armature and it is very helpful, plus there is a file on sueding and the shapes you need, though you can just make your own..
    6. Here's the link to Hound Calling:


      and Christy's Tutorial:

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/houndcalling/files/Wiring Tutorial/
    7. Thank you, SDink! :)
    8. Thank you all for your help! I am heading to Hound Calling now!
    9. I dunno...I got Saint and he was so tightly strung he squeaked. I popped off his head (scary for me since he's a gift for my friend) and then loosened him up. He stands ok now once I fiddle with him though his torso pops out now and then.

      His hands and elbow joints however needed a scrubbing...they're still a little rough rather than smooth like the rest of him.
    10. Shoes are useful too.. they help balance them well ^^
    11. Alright, I've heard, rather read, that they're difficult posers.

      Can you tell me....
      -What it is about them that makes them difficult to pose?
      -What is your experience with them as far as posing goes?
      -Will sueding make a difference?
      -Has their been any problems with resin cracking or yellowing?
      -One more, the infamous clothing/shoe question - what's the scoop? Hard to find or not that big of a deal?

      Thank you! I know it's a lot! But even if the answers are negative, I'd still want one, lol. :doh

      EDIT: Some one just told me on livejournal that their stringing is a little confussing. How is it that they are strung?
    12. -What it is about them that makes them difficult to pose?
      Not sure but generally restringing, sueding, armature or wiring will help.

      -What is your experience with them as far as posing goes?
      Belly popping, traditional hound posing, slumping.

      -Will sueding make a difference?

      -Has their been any problems with resin cracking or yellowing?
      not that i know of, but all resin yellows over time and things like sun exposure and smoke can hasten it along. And Beauty white / white skin is more susceptible then normal skin.

      -One more, the infamous clothing/shoe question - what's the scoop? Hard to find or not that big of a deal?
      There isn't as much variety as sd but there are tons of customizers and most places that sell the 70cm size boys have shoes / clothes in their size.
    13. -What it is about them that makes them difficult to pose?
      -- Long heavy limbs, especially arms. The arms won't hold an outstretched position easily. The dolls also tend to flop over in the middle due to the belly joint, and have trouble standing because of that.

      -What is your experience with them as far as posing goes?
      --I have sueded two Dollshe boys, a V1 and a V2. Before I sueded them, they "flopped" naturally into lovely sitting, slouching or lying positions. After they were sueded, they could still do the same poses but held them better, and they could also stand more firmly and hold their forearms outstretched.

      -Will sueding make a difference?
      --Yes, especially with standing. The dolls' owner could definitely tell the difference in posing before and after.

      -One more, the infamous clothing/shoe question - what's the scoop? Hard to find or not that big of a deal?
      --They can wear many SD13 boy shoes. The Hounds I had here for sueding could wear all the shoes my Volks SD13 and SoulDoll boys own.

      Linda S.
    14. - Mostly his hip joint and at least one leg being kicky at the knee for me.
      - I've actually rather enjoyed some of the poses I can come up with. Standing poses aren't too great obviously, but I imagine Orly to be more expressive with his hands anyways. >.>
      - I haven't had Orly sueded but I did run into a Hound that was and he held much better. Though he also had wiring and I believe something else done too. He held like a dream. Orly holds a lot better simply by wearing the shoes I bought for him (an unexpected bonus XD ). I'm contemplating sueding him but I'll see how his posing goes now that the shoes help...
      - I haven't had any cracking or yellowing on Orly yet. I've only had him since September though.
      - Clothing is, from my experience, harder to find in the marketplace perhaps... But if you know what companies to look for clothing at, you'll find some. Personally I make clothes for Orly. They're not as nice but they save me money that I can't afford to spend on clothing for him. ^^; But yes they can wear quite a few if not most SD13 *shoes* from what I know. Hound shoes aren't too terribly hard to find, again, if you know what companies have them or do an ebay search (that's how I got Orly's :3 ). I haven't tried much in the way of SD13 clothing (what I have tried was a bit short) nor have I tried and of Dollmore's Model boys clothing or shoes...
    15. Belly poping and kicking legs here too. But he ends up looking gorgeous anyway :D I'd like to suede my Saint at some point cause I believe it would help a lot!
    16. Bump for the new questions. :p
    17. DollShe boys CAN be a surprise to someone who has never actually seen one in the resin. ;) The body sculpts are really unlike any of the other big boys because of their loooooooooooong legs! The jointed torsos give the boy such a delicious "slump" when sitting, but the belly can pop notoriously when they are standing. :( Some DS keepers use inner armatures - the pop-ball types used for soft dolls, some restring and suede - I hot-glue sueded my boys in the hips where the leg ball-joint fits and the belly-popping was no longer a problem! :) Without some type of sueding it can be frustratingly difficult to get them to stand...

      Hot-glue sueding in the shoulders also has improved the ability for the boys to hold their arms up - the DS guys have a serious case of fetal curl and their arms will just default to that position without some sort of sueding.

      Re-stringing is worthwhile for several reasons - but one of the most useful reasons is to get the hands strung seperately. Christy has a fantastic tutorial with photos - we will have to get the link from her. The yahoo DS group - houndcalling has information in their files.

      The white DS resin will and does yellow. :( But it yellows into what really resembles the DS normal skintone.
    18. -What it is about them that makes them difficult to pose?
      The belly joint and those long limbs imo

      -What is your experience with them as far as posing goes?
      When I first got Jaden that belly joint was driving me mad! It would pop every two seconds, and all he would really do was slump or lie down, if I got him to stay on his knees it was because of some tricky balance where his belly joint would sit half outside his hip joint and at the right camera angle you couldn't tell :P He does 'lean' well, and the double elbow joint makes for neat poses with his hands near his face.
      Some examples:
      --Jaden leaning poses
      --Jaden lying down & kneeling poses unsueded & sueded

      -Will sueding make a difference?
      I hot glue sueded Jaden after 1 week of owning him and it made a vast difference, his belly doesn't pop quite so easily and he can actually stand on bare feet now, when standing was hopeless before.

      -Has their been any problems with resin cracking or yellowing?
      Not yet, he's brand new. He did hit himself in the face with a kicky arm and I think he chipped a sliver of MSC--but it's not noticeable.

      -One more, the infamous clothing/shoe question - what's the scoop? Hard to find or not that big of a deal?
      I haven't had much time to get him stuff. What I bought (pants & shoes/hound size) came from Iplehouse. He does wear a DOT shirt on occassion but it comes up to his belly, which is fine cause it's part of his look. Otherwise, my boy needs threads, and considering he has sort of a leather warrior style, finding stuff for him in his size isn't all that easy.

      -How is it that they are strung?
      Not sure, I'm too terrified to take him apart! *lol*
    19. getting the hands strung separately? meaning they're normally strung with a single length of elastic, head to legs to arms? my next-planned boy is a Hound, and i'd really like to know.
    20. So far my Hound is strung tight, but that is fine with me and his belly does not pop out easy since he is strung tightly. I like that for now, it really does not bother me. Re-stringing this guy no way he is fine just the way he is. I need to buy him some shoes next and different pants and shirt. I need to take more pics of him soon.