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Positive Experiences within BJD fandom

Mar 23, 2010

    1. I did a search beforehand to see if any had discussed this before and didn't turn up any results but just in case I missed it feel free to move/merge/delete mods! ♥

      I've seen alot of threads detailing 'bad' grabby moments and such and even moments of non-dolly people being supportive but recently I've seen some threads in different areas that have shown me another side of bjd-fandom; a really kind one. Everything from support offered to someone in need to giving someone a gift and it really has changed my perceptions of the community as a whole. And that has me thinking that there must be more moments of kindess out there that I'd love to see!

      So what I'd really like to see is people sharing any positive experiences they've had with other doll people. And I mean anything, I just would love to see more examples of positive experiences within the bjd fandom.
    2. I could list an awful lot- everything from people helping me re-string my dolls (I suck at that, incidentally) to help fixing face-ups and damage, and even an emergency clothing bundle for my poor MSD boy, when I didn't have any boy clothes for him! :lol: One doll forum I belong to once gathered together a care package of baby supplies for one member who became pregnant and needed them, which is a level of kindness well and above what one finds in other hobbies I have been in.

      One of the things I love about this hobby is how kind people are, and how much help and advice is out there for those that need it. Yes, it does sometimes make us the target of dishonest people like scammers, but on the whole I find this hobby a lot more supportive than many others I have been involved in.
    3. a lot of people are really nice, even when it's something like a newbie asking the same question someone else has asked a million times, someone will always be nice enough to tell you, and not act like you should have just went to find the answer yourself. and there's a lot of thanks and advices and well, basically, a lot more kind and thoughtful things that's said than in other hobbies. for example, if you need advice for faceups(be it critique or how to do-s), many people will reply with useful comments.
    4. One of the things I like most about this community is it seems to attract the more intelligent, artistic, creative people who often have really interesting things to say and interesting life experiences. This is the only "fandom" forum I've seen that has such interesting, educated and mature debate taking place within it, for example. Because of that, it's a really positive experience just listening to what other people have to say and seeing how they interact with their dolls.
      But the thing I like most is how creative the actual hobby is. There is some really fantastic art going on within this community, and looking at everyone's artistic endeavours, in the form of face-ups, photography, sewing etc is always a really positive experience ^^
    5. I was the recipient of a very generous gift from a board member...

      I had seen a Chiwoo head on sale in the Marketplace. He was EXACTLY what I had been shopping for. So I PM'd the owner (rishimsin) and she was so very polite, informative and helpful. Despite the wonderful dialogue we had together and her more than reasonable price, I wasn't able financially to make the purchase. She had offered to hold him for me, but I didn't want her to miss out on the sale, so I politely declined and secretly hoped he'd still be around for my birthday (in August).

      A few weeks later I got a PM from her. She was offering to send me the head, free of charge and no obligation. I was stunned. Part of me thought "yeah right... there's no way she'll actually send it". But true to every word he was in the mail and in my hands very shortly after. We've never met, never spoken on the phone, and live on opposite sides of the country... but here was this kind hearted soul gifting me a head that I will turn into a very well loved and spoiled doll...

      I treasure my new boy and cannot believe the random act of one kind stranger. It's been a wake up call to me that nice people are still out there. DoA is a great promoter of kindness and the sense of togetherness we all share being in this hobby. I'm glad you made this thread! It's nice to talk about the positive side every now and again!!!

      I've also got it in my head now, that when and if I'm ever able to, I hope I can pass along this kindness to another collector!!!
    6. Wow, that's an amazing story, LolaWants! That's a very generous person... someone who cares about who adopts her dolls (or parts!).

      I've actually been gifted with an entire doll (a limited, fullset), but it was from someone who was a friend of mine. Still, it was a huge surprise and also very generous. She definitely, also, cared more about who liked dolls than getting the money.

      Other cool things-- all the people who take time and effort to organize or host the many meetups or conventions or dolly get-togethers. They aren't making any money, just doing something so that everyone can have a good time. It's so nice of them!

      There was the person at a meetup who found an item of clothing that I'd accidentally left behind and chased me down to return it--definitely going way out of her way.

      And I've shared a room at a big convention (Comic Con--there was to be a doll-meet there) with other doll-owners whom I'd never met before. They were really great--and rooms were all sold out otherwise.

      There are the little or big freebies and gifts given by companies and sellers of doll clothes and items. I've received outfits and shoes and props and jewelry...

      There are all the people on DoA who answer questions and try to help out. I just love that! It's all so helpful!

      And there are all the wonderful and creative people I've met online and in-person...

      Aside from being dolly-poor because I've been spending too much, the whole experience has been extremely positive. (I've been on DoA since '04, so I've had plenty of time to experience things--and really, it's be fantastic overall!)
    7. Well, for the first time ever, I feel a part of something-it is very rare I open up about something very personal interest wise (dolls for example), and if I do-I get weird looks, insults and general "wtf"
      here, people are very kind, very nice to be around, and I've been here only a few days (I will talk a lot, I am chatty that way :P) and already really like it here
      and when Clover comes I can begin to snap pictures of her and share, not just comment :P
      There hasn't been one unkind word sent my way, and thats huge to me
    8. well, i'm really active in deviantart as just an artist, and as soon as i mentioned i was getting a doll, a few doll photographers started talking to me and they were really supportive. They helped me with all my noob questions, and i really owe it to them that i'm not totally in the dark anymore <3
      at first i was afraid that i wouldn't really fit into the community, but so far everyone has been so nice, and its great to find a place where i can talk about my long standing doll obsession and not get weird looks and insulting comments! <3
    9. My BFF - a member of this forum, actually - bought my a doll for my birthday, completely out of the blue. He's an MSD with full outfit, wig, and eyes, modeled after one of my favorite anime characters of all time - my pride and joy. :D He's absolutely perfect in every way. I wasn't even close to expecting it.

      Everyone on this forum has been very nice to me so far, too, even though I'm a very recent member. :3 I'm very glad for this community.
    10. I used to always take my girl with me when shopping for any sorts of craft projects, be it Joanns for fabric for a major project or Walmart for yarn at 2am. Eventually the employees came to recognize me and my doll and were always super nice and asked tons of questions about her. If I didn't bring her along (say I'd be coming from somewhere less doll friendly like work) they would ask about where she is and be sad that she didn't come along.
    11. I can only agree on people in this hobby being extremely kind. I've never been in a community which would make me feel so good about it. Whether it's about always helpful people on DoA or my doll friends from my country.
      Once I was searching for a wig for my boy and a lady a just met and talked to only a little offered my to give me her Amber wig for free. I was really surprised but so happy. It was so nice of her! I treasure the wig even though I already sold the doll that wore it, but I know my future doll will make good use of it.
      I also try to help people who turn to me with questions or favors. I have a blog about BJDs which is probably the only of it's kind in our country and I love to help new people, that way our community is slowly growing :)
    12. Haha, you're right. I think we do put a lot of emphasis on the "grabby" moments.

      I can't remember any specific big things that happened, but this hobby definitely has brought plenty of happy moments. My father once looked at the hand of my Adel and he made a funny face and remarked on how "cute" the tiny hand was. I still get a warm chuckle out of that because I've never seen him use the word "cute" so sincerely before.

      I also really like the "thank you" messages that we sometimes get when we open up the box to something we purchased.
    13. People here are really nice, and it's totally refreshing! Especially when so many people have only just gotten into the hobby, it's nice to know that you're not going to be ignored or bashed for being new. I've only been collecting for a year last October, so I'm really pleased to have met so many kind and helpful people!!

      One particular seller was looking to sell an doll I really really want- an Elfdoll Sooah. She offered her to me for a really really reasonable price, but I had to tell her that I didn't really have enough yet. She was actually kind enough to tell me that she'd sell her to me whenever I was ready- I was so completely surprised and utterly grateful! As a result I've been saving like mad so that I can buy her as soon as possible, kind of as a way of saying thanks. :D

      It's especially nice to read in this thread as well, that so many of us look forward to giving the same warm fuzzy feelings to other collectors! That's what truly makes this such a nice hobby, everyone knows how hard it can be and we all try to make it easier on one another.
    14. I like it when people show genuine interest and actually want to look the dolls up themselves. People in the doll house and miniature world don't have grabby hands (from what I experienced), instead they ask if they can see your doll, admire them and ask all kind of questions. They don't give you funny looks when you tell/show them you can take the headcap off and change the eyes.

      A quote I really like: 'When you're a mender of dolls, you look at every doll you see'
      A woman told me this when she asked if she could see my boy. I thought it was cute. ^^

      (Not BJD fandom, but dolly fandom still, so I think it counts. >w< )
    15. I had a problem when A doll of mine was being held hostage by A (now banned) member of DoA in a different city.
      Another DoA Member from the same city offered to go to thier house and get my doll back, so they did and they had shipped out my doll to me for free. :)

      I still get warm fuzzies when I think about it. I am still thinking of a way to say thank you to this person. Perhaps by sending a gift?
    16. that is "win" ! I must say
    17. Oh wow... it feels so nice just to read about all these sweet stories!! It doesn't make me as paranoid, I guess because I always think that people are out to get me... >3> but it's really reassuring to know that there are actually some decent and kind people out there willing to risk things for you even though they don't know you personally... heck, I know a lot of people personally that would never even do such kind deeds for myself ... I'm kind of new to this hobby and so far all I've been dealing with is negativity from friends and family.
      I'm really glad a place like this exists though, because everyone here is so nice, civilized and really supportive!!! I was kind of taken back...! :')
    18. yeah I was almost confused by the generosity and kindness too lol
    19. I made many friends on behalf of the BJD fandom
      Good friends who have helped me with many things, ranging from the hobby to more personal things
    20. I haven't really had any experiences in dealing with doll owners yet. But I'm so impressed by what people say about other members , how fondly the BJD community refer to one another. I love how people go out of their way to tell others about wonderful experiences they have in making transactions with one another. And I espeically love how no one will ever make fun of you for perhaps crying when you get your first doll , or spazzing out when your doll gets hurt , or how quick they are to compliment you and your doll. It's really refreshing.