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Positive Feedback for Adalaire

May 28, 2007

    1. Starting a feedback thread for Adalaire. :)


      I just finished a great transaction with Adalaire. I couldn't ask for a better member to deal with.

      We kept fabulous communication and the item was sent in a very timely manner. She is a pleasure to talk to and extremely nice too which is reassuring. :D

      Thank you, I look forward to buying/selling with you again! :daisy
    2. Adalaire purchased a LatiDoll Kahn from me on Layaway, and was an Absolute Doll from start to finish. She was EXTREAMLY RESPONSIBLE, very trust worthy, very responsive, always made her payments on time & Just an absolute gem the whole way through:chibi... A dream transaction from start to finish Yet again:) :thumbup :thumbup Up for this amazing buyer & sweetie:aheartbea
    3. Adalaire purchased a pair of hands from me - great communication and extremely fast payment! A great buyer! Thanks so much! ^_^
    4. I purchased Adalaire's Elf El. Adalaire was extremely easy to work with. Communications were wonderful. She also packed him extremely well and shipped him off fast to me. I would deffinately deal with Adalaire again!
    5. Adalaire bought an outfit from me, and it was a wonderful transaction! Quick pay, great communication, and most importantly, she let me know when it arrived. :) Thank you!
    6. I had a most perfect transaction with Adalaire. I bought a LatiBlue Hunter Khan from her, it was an easy trade without any complications. Communication was perfect, she is extremely helpful and friendly and put up with me during my fits of mail service paranoia, caring alot that the doll arrived safe. The little boy came here perfectly packaged and without any flaws. I can only recommend her as one of the best sellers I had dealed with so far :) Thanks a ton for all your help and patience!!
    7. Sold an outfit to Adalaire who made fast payment and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
    8. I bought a head from her and it arrived promptly and very well packaged too! the head was in pristine condition too! I highly recommend buying from her!
    9. Adalaire bought an msd body from me and she was a delight! Hope to see her again, and I'd highly recommend her! Thanks!
    10. It's hard to beat selling to someone who is fun to chat with and who pays immediately!

      High marks for Adalaire! :)
    11. I took part in a Breakaway split with Adalaire, and she was a real sweatheart. Everything went extremely smoothly, so I would recommend any transaction with her. Thanks again Hun.:D
    12. Super quick payment. Great communication. A pleasure to do business with you!
    13. I sold the Homme Kirill default outfit set to Adalaire. She was quick on payment and let me know when the package arrived. Thanks Addy, maybe we'll do business again!
    14. Adalaire hosted a great Minimee GO.. She was just great throughout the entire process. Thanks so much Kim for all your time and work.. Your're a great GO organizer.. Hope to join another by you in the future..
    15. I sold an Obitsu body to Adalaire. She paid super fast and was just wonderful to deal with! :)
    16. Adalaire was so perfect in leading a Minimee group order. Her leadership, communication, diligence, and timeliness were fantastic. Thank you so much!
    17. Adalaire did a SUPER job taking care of the group order
      for my first gal minimee head!

      Super communication - super deal all the way around!
      Robyn in WA :)
    18. I just completed an excellent transaction with Adalaire. Thanks a million!
    19. Thanks for running the Minimee head order. Everything went so smoothly.
    20. My head arrived today..! He was packed very well, and I cant even feel where the previous cuts were on his neck hole that you sanded a bit. Thank you a lot, my first transaction in the Marketplace was a very positive experience.