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possible to get Too/Bee-a one tender, one not?

Sep 4, 2005

    1. I know it is a silly question, and the answer is most certainly no, but does anyone know since they make the dolls to order if DoD will make a Tender Too and a normal Bee-a?

      I love the way Tender Too looks, but I love the open eyed beauty of Bee-A. I guess I could just buy them separately from people, but I don't know ;_;
    2. You can buy the Tender Too head & body seperately from DOD, and then post a "wtb: DOD Bee-a" in the Marketplace.
    3. Or... you could spilt an order with two different people. I don't know if you can afford buying both dolls at once, but you could advise on the marketplace dolls for people.
    4. Or . . . you could always ask DOD, the worst that they can say is 'no'!!

      -- Andi :)
    5. Thank you all for your replies!

      As it happens, I bought a Tender Too on ebay from a DoA member :D :D :D :D
      My dream doll is coming!

      I plan to continue to save up (I'm in the midst of a huge "liquidation" of my entire manga/anime collection of ten years or so... :? ) and buy the normal Too/Bee-A set and probably sell the Too (...unless he is just too beautiful :oops: oh dear...)

      But Bee-A I don't mind waiting for :grin: oh god I can't believe I have one coming!!!!

      :D :D :D :D
      *runs around like insane*
    6. Derilann, Is that Tender Too shipping from the UK out of curiousity?!? :? If so....I almost bought that doll on impulse. I'm so glad you are finally getting your dream doll. Congratulations! :wink:
    7. Hehe *peers around* Yes it is....I can't even BEGIN to express how happy I am...so at least anyone who drooled at the auction knows he is going to a home which will love the stuffing out of him (well if he had any stuffing.......... :oops: )

      sorry I am just SO EXCITED everytime I think about it I turn all loopy and weird..... :oops: :grin: :o :D
    8. i didn't really want tender Bee-a either, i was planning on modifying her, but she was too beautiful in person. ^_^
    9. also, DOD now has it so that you can order them still as a set, but only get one tender and one not. very nice.
    10. If you do want a Bee-A then I have one I might be selling if you're interested
    11. oop too late now but on DoD you used to be able to get one tender and one not. they have the different options available.

      Since you got one second hand already it's just a waiting game to see when the other pops up with the body type you want XD