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Post-Apocalypse Gaia Revealed!

Mar 1, 2009

    1. :fangirl: Suki Yume is planning to create a one of a kind character for the Elfdoll Emma. We'd like your help. What character do you think would suit Emma? You can find photos of Emma at the site and leave your suggestions on the store's blog. Thank you for your help!
      -Paula, Suki & Elijah
    2. Could you give us a link? Thanks!
    3. The link is in Sukilala's signature. :)
    4. Is this a contest? If so, is there some prize or deadline?
    5. :fangirl: Hello fellow ABJD-lovers! We have updated our blog at Suki Yume and we need YOU to participate in our survey! Please stop by and check it out. Post your thoughts on the Blog Page or send us a note through the Order page. Thank you! :aheartbea
      -Paula, Suki & Elijah
    6. So how do we participate in the survey? Just post on the blog?
    7. Yes, just add your comments on the blog! Thanks!
    8. Where can I order this new Emma?
    9. Could you please explain abit about this Emma?
      Are you connected to Elfdoll?
      How will this be for sale? Where? How many?
    10. I'm rather confused as well. The page says she will be unveiled on the 19th, which is today.

      I've been wanting to see some pictures, could we please at least see the progress images?
    11. :fangirl: We are soooo excited at Suki Yume to finally share our beautiful one-of-a-kind doll! She is gorgeous! Thanks so much to Doll Sylph for the beautiful face and body work. Check out the wig I made. Tell me if you'd like me to post instructions. I got the idea from DoA! ALSO, please check in this week as Suki, Elijah and I will be busy posting our new merchandise! :fangirl:
    12. I'm thrilled to see her finally, since her persona was my idea submission! She's fantastic, great job!

      What did you make the wig from?
    13. I'd like to know about the wig also, it's beautiful and I'd love to either buy or make one. ^__^
    14. Oh...wow Im thanked for my thread! I like her, its a great idea. Id love to see more dolls in this style.
      Will she be available through Elfdoll or is this an artists one off clothing etc creation? Still confused.
    15. We just posted several photos taken at yesterday's doll show in Columbus. Have a look! Let us know your name or your doll's name if your pictured. If you don't want your image or your doll's image on the site, let us know and we will delete it. Thank you!
    16. Just for some clarification:
      • LINK is in my signature.
      • This is not a contest.
      • Gaia is ONE-OF-A-KIND doll; a collaboration with DoA (larien!), Doll Sylph, Elfdoll and Suki Yume
      • Gaia is available at my store... again, the LINK is in my signature.
      Thanks for your interest!