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Post-Meet-up: Glow or Crash?

Feb 29, 2016

    1. So I'm curious--when you go to a doll meet-up or an event where there are a lot of fellow enthusiasts do you come out with high spirits, like a dollie happiness glow, or do you sort of crash from a lot of a good thing?

      I leave conventions happy, but very much crashing, and I usually don't want to deal with the thing I was just doing. I've noticed something similar with the doll meet-up I went to yesterday. I had a great time, and I'm really excited for the next one, but I left a little more exhausted than I meant to and after I put my kids away I really wanted to concentrate on something else. I figured I'd be posting pictures immediately, or looking up some of the dolls I'd see at the meet, or cruising the shopping pages, but not so much...

      How are you after a meet-up or dollie event? Do you need a little break, or is your dollie-energy like... doubled or extra high?
    2. Hmm, I think that would definitely depend on who you ask :) Me personally, I'm more of an introvert at times, so even though I'm with lots of doll enthusiasts such as myself, I tend to get a bit exhausted later on and need a break. I've taken days or even a few weeks to post one or two pictures if I don't force myself to do it the very day it happens xD

      I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones who feel this way, though ^ ^
      Not a bad thing, just a normal reaction to a lot of excitement. I like to think of it as a sugar rush xD Feels great for a while but then you just need to mellow out and get some rest before going on another candy spree, haha!

      Hope this made sense ^ ^"
    3. I wonder if this does have to do with being introvert or extrovert.

      I'm an extrovert, and I get excited for meets and stay excited for awhile after. Especially if it's s swap meet, I get excited about the money I made or the new doll stuff I bought and want to try it all out. I don't post photos of meets often, usually because I'm too busy talking to people and looking at everything to remember I even have a camera.
    4. I'm always happy after seeing my friends. But after meetups, I always feel like unpacking the doll bags is some sort of arduous monumental task. I have to force myself to do it or else they'd probably stay in there til the next meetup.

      So maybe I'm mentally energized but physically tired of dolls for the day.
    5. I'm with you, I feel happy but I crash. The next day, though, I'm very inspired about dolls, hehe! This does have more to do with whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, though. I feel like the very definition of extrovert is that you are energized by being around people, while introverts feel drained by being around people. And not in a bad way, just that being so social leaves you exhausted! I've been like this my entire life with any kind of get-together involving more than 3 people. XD

      Same here. Funny story... I once left my doll in the bag after a meetup, and forgot about him for over a month. I'm the worst :cool:
    6. I actually went to my first Doll-Meet today and it was definitely an exhausting thing despite being mostly a wallflower/observer for most of it myself.
    7. I have so much fun and look forward to meets, but the amount of preparation (mental, self, and dolly!) that I put into each outing makes for a satisfied crash afterward.

      The lead up energizes me greatly- I make clothes for dolls, tidy wigs and perfect pronunciation of their various Asian sculpt names (I try!) The event is intense for my shy self but wonderfully fun, and the after effect is essentially "I'm only talking to my houseplants til Monday." :thumbup
    8. I'm an introvert, so being out in public for anything (like going to the movies, out to eat) makes me so happy to get back home. I get all pumped up about doll shows, go, then after a couple hours want to leave as that's all I can handle. I went to my first BJD expo last year, while it ws fun and I'm glad I went, I only lasted about an hour and a half and left -way before the event actually got going. While I want to go to the one this year, it's three days(!) so I won't be going as half a day is too much.

      I can handle places like Disney Land as you can be anonymous, and not expected to speak with fellow enthusiasts while there. At a doll meet or con, speaking to others is expected. Let me just creep back under my rock un noticed!
    9. I have a lot of fun, and I enjoy the socializing, but when I get home I have to nap to recover.