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PpoPpo discussion

Sep 25, 2007

    1. I'd like to announce the making of a Sweet, but Spunky little "kissing" girl named, PpoPpo! PpoPpo, means "Kiss" in Korean. This doll was created with my daughter in mind. My baby Gwenyth is 20 months old now, and she says "PpoPpo" when asking for a kiss. Of course we asked for it first when she was an infant, and now at her toddler stage, she's actually saying those words to us! Those were the sweetest words and face!

      If you'd like future notices and updates, please go to my website, http://www.gardenofdolls.com and view / join Yahoo group.




    2. LOVE that face!
    3. She has such a curvy little figure - I would love to see pictures of her next to a YoSD sized dolly to see how she would with my Simon. But I am SOO glad that she can wear Blythe, Licca and Barbie clothes - it will make it super easy to dress her.
    4. Interesting body proportions and adorable little kissy lips. ^^
    5. She is adorable!
    6. Adorable kissy face and wonderful body!!
    7. Interesting proportions & she's got a really darling little kissy mouth.
    8. Do you know approximately how much she will be?
    9. Hi,
      the exact price hasn't been determined, but she'll be around $200.

      Thank you so much for your interest!
    10. I love her little Kissy Face :) Can't wait to see more of her!
    11. she's super cute! Looking forward to see more!
    12. She's adoreble XD I love her lips, so cute!
    13. Shes beautiful!
    14. Hi,
      I have a Customhouse Petite - YoSD sized doll. I"ll take a photo next to her when I have PpoPpo. PpoPpo is a lot slimmer than those girls. :D
    15. Thanks, after I posted that, I took a picture of my YoSD next to a Blythe body, and then I put my YoSD's head on the Blythe body - my boy was traumatized I think.

      You can see the pictures here. Which will suit my curiosity for now. But when you receive her, I would love to see comparison pictures with your Customhouse Petite.
    16. haha...you're very creative! PpoPpo does have a curvier body, with a slightly smaller head, maybe.. I originally designed the head to be 6 1/4", so it should fit a 6" - 6.5" wig. I came back from ToysRUs today, and found maybe Bratz clothing will fit her as well. Bratz have such funky / sexy clothes, and a lot of variety! I know for sure, the upper body will fit Bratz clothes or dresses, but not so sure about the pants.
    17. The resin samples will be OK next week. ^____^

      Good luck!
    18. Thank you Denis,
      I can't wait to see the resin samples!!
    19. Oh my gosh, she's absolutely adorable! I love that face! :) I love all the new dolls that Bobobie is helping to be born!
    20. Oh my, all these lovely new dolls.... my poor wallet:doh

      I love her face and those thighs!! What a lovely shape!