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Practice head as a proper head?

Aug 29, 2017

    1. I recently joint this hobby and made my first order - full body with face up from luts this July. I know the waiting period is very long, so I decided to buy a practice head. Today I received my order, and surprisingly the head quality is really good. It's from df-a.

      I even thinking after the face up, I could possibly found a body for him..

      Do you use practice head as a proper head? How about share your picture?

      Btw, it is quite cheap as well. I bought it on Taobao, it costs me less than AUD $20 for a head :)

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    2. Hello! actually it's up to you if you want to give the practice head a body ^^ doll hobby is matter of heart, after all.
      but please do aware when you buy something from Taobao (or outside official stores) because the doll or the parts might be a recast ^^ so please do some research first about the store you want to buy from ;)
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    3. Totally got your point. I've asked many ppl, they all recognise that shop as authentic. And practice head in general is around this price, so I thought the quality wouldn't be great. But wow! I think the quality is really decent!
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    4. that's good to hear ! ^o^
      I feel you though, sometimes having "flying head" is kinda unpleasant lol :))) so if you want to you can buy a body that match the size and proper resin skin color XD
    5. The hubby has a Doll Family H Xiao Xin that (while technically shares a body at the moment) is a 'doll' and not just a practice head. While she's not a favorite her face up was nice enough he just didn't want to wipe it after doing it.
    6. Practice heads really are of no different quality than a standard head. The biggest difference is that you can't buy a practice head as a full doll, fullset or even with a faceup. Your head will fit a body from the same company in its size range, and there is nothing at all wrong with keeping a practice head as a full doll! :D While I don't exactly have one of my own, my boy Lakin is a Luts free event head, and he's one of my favorites, even though he was never offered for sale or as a full doll. <3

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    7. Agreeing with @CloakedSchemer Luts event heads make great practice heads (due to their sometimes very low price second-hand) and full dolls! Mine was a practice head my best friend bought for faceups, used and decided she didn't want anymore. I bought her and she's favorite girl.
    8. Once upon a time I bought a little CP Delf head... a Dark Human Soo... as a "practice head".
      My husband took one look at her, said she needed a name and called her Daisy.

      Daisy has been a regular member of the crew ever since. :lol:
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    9. I have the same practice head and have instantly bonded/fell in love with them so I am already looking at bodies! Keep in mind that it's actually quite a large MSD head so can look bobbleheaded on some bodies. I've been looking at larger MSD bodies 44-46cm :)Currently planning on getting the DollZone B45-014 male body for them!
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    10. Practice heads are just that. Heads! If you love the head and want to use it for a full doll, go for it! Technically any head is a practice head, anyway... (if you're brave enough~ ;) I know some people wouldn't want to test out their new Dremel and apoxie on a sircca elf or whatever but hey!) It's just up to you and what you want to do.
    11. Your head is a DF-h practice head named Bach. It is a legit, definitely not a recast.
      It is totally fine to use practice head as a proper head. For examle, Volks has a series of practice heads called 'School heads'. They are only available for sale at the painting classes offered by Volks. Lots of BJD owners use those practise heads for a full doll.