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Pre-Order for DIM eunbi girl head

Nov 21, 2005

    1. HI~all ^^*

      ***Updated photos of Eunbi face-up head.

      ***Headcap is modified to fit fine.

      *** R-ASIAM Head is also open for Pre-order.(Headcap modified)

      Both will be scheduled to be shipped around 23th~27th.Jan.(face-up head can be taken some more days)

    2. R-ASIAM will be shipped in this week.
      The skin & resin of Body is changed as this is produced in new factory.
      Changes : Bigger nipple on Chest.

      * R-ASIAM normal & Special has been produced in old factory
      * 2nd Danbi, Boy Body is produced in new factory.

      Question : Does 1st.Danbi will be matched with new body ?
      Answer : The color is not 100% matached but not very different.
    3. ^^ Yeah, the girl body is working on but not sure when it will be available.
      DIM is focus on 43cm doll now for next realse.
      have a good day ~~~
    4. ^^ thanks, DIM 43cm girl is on her way ^^ maybe end of Decemebr,she will show herself~ I hope you like her when she is shown ^^
      Good Day~
    5. HI ^^* Eyes for Eunbi would be 16mm eyes are best ~
      18mm also possible ^^ but 16mm with eunbi looks best in my opinion.
    6. Eunbi face-up photos update~
      *Headcap is modified
      *Resin color will be changed to new one as normal skin.