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Update Pre-order for ShinyDoll

Sep 18, 2008

    1. Hello, there is only 2 weeks left on our pre-order from ShinyDoll. This includes dolls, bodies and heads. Please see our site www.jpopdolls.net
      thank you

      Wow so much news in one thread. Hello everyone, as you may have heard JPODOLLS.net is now the now USA ShinyDoll/Thaasa dealer. We are honored to have this opportunity to carry these incredible line.

      We are holding a pre-order from now until October 15th for dolls, heads and bodies. This will be our first pre-order and we are hoping for much success. Please visit our site for more information.

      We will have the dolls to show at the BJDC in Austin Texas this weekend.

      And in honor of the BJDC we are having a wig sale on all jpopdolls wigs in stock.
      Please us coupon code: jpopstocksale
      You will get 30% your total purchase of Jpop wigs.

      And we have a new site up, www.jpopdolls.net is still the address. This new site has huge photos and our international customers can register the same as domestic. We are so happy.

      Thank you for reading this long message, please email or pm me with any questions.

    2. last 2 weeks of pre-order, grab yours now