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PRE-ORDER for Special version of R-ASIAM LE20

Nov 7, 2005

    1. Hi~~

      R-ASIAM Special version-LE20(worldwide) is open for PRE-ORDER for early December Delivery.



    2. He's beautiful!

    3. Thanks True.Lies~
      In fact, He is better looking than the photo.
      Have a good day~
    4. Yes, very beautiful.
      His necklace reminds me of Squall's, from Final Fantasy 8. Was it eight? Oh well. They aren't really that similar, on second thought, but that thought struck me. :)
      He's fantastic.
    5. thats one good lookin boy. i wish i had the money right now!!!
    6. Thank you ~~dagnyevelyn,
      I will show more photos of him at gallery later on..^^
      I'm not sure about the necklace...It's not really similar as you said ^^
      Anyway~~I really like him..very much..^^
    7. I would only order him from a retailer that would only take a 10% preorder deposit because we're talking about alot of money up front. I think SUNRISE DOLLS is nice enough to take
      only 10% preorder deposits.

      That's the way to go because who wants to tie up their money until the doll comes in which is December.

    8. oh stop it already! Now that your own threads have been closed, three times, you're going to hijack other people's threads with your stupid complaining? Everybody read it by now, get over it! It's getting really, really annoying, and you're taking the attention from this gorgeous doll, so stop it!

      ...okay, back on topic. This is an amazing doll O.O And that outfit, wow!
    9. frushtick, you've had ample chance to give far more than just two cents on the topic of deposits.

      It's against forum rules to "hijack" other people's threads and you're doing it here both topically as well as putting in an advertisement for Sunrise Dolls in someone else's thread.

      I doubt that Sunrise Dolls would appreciate you breaking the forum's rules in their name, please don't do it again...and please, please just resist this topic in the future, it's obviously a sore point but posting about this on DoA isn't helping :D :D
    10. It's not 100% but the R-Asiam special LE20 could be shipped early I guess.
      I will check ^^
    11. I'm in love :D
    12. Oh wow. He's really gorgeous! (And the outfit is hot too!)
    13. Thank you^^ the outfit is really hot indeed.
      My personal opinion the quality of clothes is very good, the hip line is very well fit so the hip line is just alive~
    14. OMG! He is beautiful! :D And I love his clothes! I really want him!
    15. wooooow so incredibly beautiful! The whole package;makeup and clothes and face are all excellent!
    16. He's COOL in that outfit!
    17. Thank you for all your comments about him ^^* :grin:
      R-Asiam special is sold out ^^*

      by the way, here is some information~

      Danbi head will be shipped in Nov.
      Eunbi(girl) will be opened for pre-order in Nov.
      Thank you and you have a wonderful weekend~

    18. Regular R-Asiam with face-up will still be shipped at the end of November?

    19. Yes ^^ He will be shipped at the end of November ~~
      Have a good weekend~
    20. Sooo pretty. I want him too!! *looks at her empty wallet* :(
      I can't wait for my danbi head though! ^_^