Preorder Pre-ordered 1/4-Heads [DS Doll] on the body of Nidum Dolls until 25.06.2020

May 25, 2020

    1. Hi!:kitty2
      I'm opening a preorder for 1/4-head [DS Doll]
      (Dragon, Snake, Ghost, Dog, Ferret, Pitbull)
      on the body of Nidum Dolls

      My e-mail: [email protected]

      price without delivery: 340 $
      (installment payment possible)
      colors: white, normal, deep normal
      (individual color matching can be discussed)
      Basic set: doll, box, certificates and packaging materials


      more photos can be viewed on the links:

      Height: 45cm (with the head)
      Neck circumference: 8.5cm
      Shoulder width: 12cm
      Arm Length: 14cm
      Chest circumference: 23cm
      Waist: 18cm
      Hips: 20cm
      Leg length: 21cm
      Foot Length: 5.8cm
      Foot Width: 2cm
      Eye Size: 6mm




      Optional parts:

      Removable elf-ears 5 $

      modification LED-ring unit with interchangeable LEDs of three colors,
      like the androids from Detroit: Become Human have⠀
      cost of modification with LED block 40 $


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    2. what size wig does the head wear?
    3. Thank you interest in my work!:kitty2 wig size 5-6 inches
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    4. Is this a one time preorder or will they be available again in future?
    5. KlanceKlanceRevolutn, I'm glad that you were interested in my proposal:whee:
      this is a pre-order, ready-made doll are not available, it is connected with the production process, but you can think for a month before the end of the pre-order;)
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    6. is it possible just to order the head?
    7. IpLemons, Yes, it will be possible to order MSD heads separately:3nodding:. I’ll open a pre-order for MSD heads a little later.;)
    8. awesome I love my Snake head btw! How much will the heads be?
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