Preorder Pre-ordered MSD-DOG [DS Doll] on the body of Nidum Dolls until 10.11.2019

Oct 20, 2019

    1. Hi!:kitty2
      I'm opening a preorder for DOG (MSD-head) on the body of Nidum Dolls
      My e-mail: [email protected]
      more photos can be viewed on the links

      Height: 45cm (with the head)
      Neck circumference: 8.5cm
      Shoulder width: 12cm
      Arm Length: 14cm
      Chest circumference: 23cm
      Waist: 18cm
      Hips: 20cm
      Leg length: 21cm
      Foot Length: 5.8cm
      Foot Width: 2cm
      Eye Size: 6mm

      price without delivery: 340 $ (installment payment possible)
      colors: white, normal, individual color matching can be discussed
      Basic set: doll, box, certificates and packaging materials

      Optional parts:
      Removable elf-ears 5 $
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    2. Are there eye holes for eyes or are the eyes painted? Do you have an estimate on when the doll would be shipping?
    3. skyealloway, Do not worry :kitty2, the eye openings of the finished doll will be open, it's just on the master model they are closed by a technical partition:roll:
      I plan to send dolls right after the New Year holidays, so that the parcels do not fall into the New Year's mail delay and arrive faster
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