Pre-orders - Fine, or do you avoid them?

May 24, 2020

    1. Pre-ordering is unavoidable in this hobby, as most all companies make the dolls to order according to demand.

      Returning to the hobby after a bit of a break, however, I decided to not let myself pre-order dolls, and only stick to in-stock and secondhand. For me personally, I might miss out on some great dolls but it has been less stressful. Maybe I'm too fickle in my own tastes, but long wait periods give me way too much time to rethink a project or regret a purchase.
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    2. I don't mind pre-ordering, it's kind of like a gift to future me, and I know my tastes will stay relatively the same. For me I only find it stressful when it's a limited or one-time pre-order because I have to rush to make my decision. I can see why pre-ordering in general might be a bit stressful, though.
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    3. So far, pre-ordering is all I know, though I've been looking at second-hand dolls on places like Instagram, I find myself hesitating more. Mostly because I have to trust a stranger not to scam me, and pre-ordering usually means you can put the item on layaway; so it's more friendly on your wallet. Of course, some used sellers will offer a layaway...but again, you have to put your trust into a complete stranger.

      I'm looking forward to unlocking the marketplace here, because the dealers here have built up a rep and I feel like I can put more trust in them.(hopefully)
    4. I very rarely, if never, see stuff I want second hand or in-stock, so pre-ordering it is. If I would limit myself to just in-stock purchases I could probably stop the hobby altogether :lol:

      I wish things would be more available of course. I don't suffer from changing my mind about things but who really wants to wait months on end for a purchase?
      I pay in full anyway and always, so even layaway options don't do much for me.
    5. I don't normally mind unless I know the company has a suuuper long wait period. That being said... I did just put in an order for a doll that will take close to a year, so I can't really act like I have rules. :sweat Most of my dolls have been from vendors that had them in stock or from the secondhand market though because I don't really love having to wait. I'm super impulsive and want my dolls in the moment.
    6. All i want it's out of stock or needs pre-order so, I normally don't mind waiting. But... If it in stock, much better!
    7. I have the absolute worst luck with preorders, im a little bit cursed actually, so I've resolved for future purchases to predominantly be second hand or in stock, with the only exceptions being companies with consistent, proven track records and very reliable wait times.
    8. Really, what happened to you?
    9. All of my dolls have been pre-ordered. Though I have avoided some manufacturers like Ringdoll or others that have long threads of people complaining about year or two long waits.
    10. I've gotten used to the idea that pre-orders and (sometime ludicrous-) wait times are just the nature of the beast in the doll hobby. I'm not fond of that, exactly, but I accept it as the reality of the situation.

      That said, there are companies I'm reluctant to ever order from again, given how long their wait times are... Dollshe. Dream Valley. I'm looking at you. <_<
    11. Well, some companies have some awful waiting times...
      I waited for my first one like 5-6 months, but i have read that some users have waited like 2 years for a doll.
    12. When I first got into these dolls there were no places that had in-stock of any of them, let alone the ones I wanted. I stopped purchasing new ones quite a while ago, but having long wait times made me accustomed to long pre-order periods, so when a lot of my hobby-budget goes towards scale anime and video game figures, I don't feel like complaining too much. It still bothers me when stuff gets delayed another four-to-six months, but I only purchase things I love, so I know I won't change my mind even if the pre-order gets extended or delayed into infinity. It's still irritating as the dickens when it happens, more so due to shipping and combining multiple orders, but I know I won't change my mind. I am contemplating a new mature tiny right now, but I don't know that I'll get him. I am undecided because he is not true 1:6, and I don't know that I want to make clothes for him (I suck at sewing), but having to pre-order and wait for him is not one of the reasons I am hesitating. (:
    13. Personally, I have a combination of dolls I bought brand new, and dolls I have obtained secondhand. I really don't mind one or the other because all the dolls I own, I love dearly, but I can understand not wanting to wait a long time for a doll. I've also had the fear that my love for a doll migh ebb with a long wait period.

      I only order new dolls when I know they are difficult to find in the secondhand market, when a used doll is ridiculously overpriced, or I've fallen in love and I just have to have them.
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    14. Normally when I preorder I have to think about it for at least a month (so, I send the order the last day); my rule is the follow: if the hype is still there I buy the doll, if I forget about the doll I don't buy it ofc. I heard other people follow this rule, dunno if it is standard or not but it may help you. Changing project is not a problem: people tend to reshell characters pretty often.
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    15. It depends.

      I like instant gratification as much as the next person, but often have to preorder because the sculpts I like are not common on the secondhand market, nor are they ever in stock. I've occasionally done this on a whim, but usually I've thought long and hard about whether or not sitting out the wait will be worth it. Heck, I just recently bought a doll with a 6-13 month wait because he's very uncommon, I've been staring at him longingly since he was released and I'm afraid he'll be discontinued soon. These things make the wait more than worth it.
    16. Most of my dolls are in stock or second hand. I have pre ordered, but, this is so hard for me. Waiting months is awful, in my opinion. Some of my favorite dolls have been pre owned. Either way is just fine.
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    17. Oh boy i have stories, but lets just wrap it up with: the somniacrawler nara preorder, dollshe lies, and what we now refer to as "the twigling incident" all in a row, without a single successful preordered doll in between them.
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    18. For me, this depends entirely on what I'm ordering.

      I currently have some shirts that I preordered/commissioned in February that just shipped (would have been shipped in March but my seller lives in a place that was on lock down due to the virus), and I have zero regrets. I've pre-ordered from this seller many times and she always makes exactly what I wanted and can't get anywhere else, so I don't mind the wait. Usually the same with other clothes and accessories.

      For dolls, it really depends on a lot of factors. If I can easily find the doll in good condition with box and CoA secondhand for a reasonable price, I'd rather buy secondhand. If I can find what I want in stock new, even better! But if I really want a specific sculpt, I'd rather preorder than settle for something I don't love as much. Even so, if the wait times are over 6 months, it's not for me.
    19. I have nothing against pre-orders in theory. I'm pretty patient, and I can usually trick myself into forgetting about the doll purchase until my wait is almost up. But I have decided that I refuse to pre-order from companies with a bad reputation for having wait times longer than my paypal protection period. So no Dollzone, Doll Chateau, or Dream Valley preorders anymore even though they're some of my favorite companies. I feel like leaving your customer with no financial protection at all for such a large purchase is kind of... questionable.

      I definitely do appreciate in-stock dolls, but the instant gratification is dangerous because I'm too tempted to keep buying more. :frownyblush:
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    20. Damn, thats really bad luck!
      I understand why you don't like pre-orders :C