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*~~Pre Purchase Jitters~~*

Dec 21, 2016

    1. So, has anyone else gotten a nervous patch of uncertainty right before buying your first doll? Or really any doll for that matter? :sweat

      I've always been a nervous wreck at 1: Choices that are permanent. and 2: Spending money in large sums

      I absolutely adore Iplehouse Chase and I'm absolutely positive he is the model that I want :love... but I fell in love with his 7 year old cream white model, not the regular white that I'm choosing to purchase him in.. so... part of me is still not 100% set on getting him like that, instead of foolishly waiting to find a 7 year old like new condition special edition chase the magician with yellowing that is little enough to remove with baking soda. Even saying that makes me want to reconsider *_*

      But I'm stuck right now because the second I purchase it, that it, I can't back out that is what I'm getting. But.. if I wait choosing to try and find the old one, the sale will be over, and that's it I can't back out I have to wait.

      Does anyone else have these nervous fears trying to back out from purchasing a doll?? :sorry
    2. Is regular white stark white? I can see why you would prefer cream white. I guess normal skin is not to your taste?
    3. hello there friend and thats absolutely right i always get uncertain before buying a doll i keep thinking what i didnt like it in real and sort of but then we can always change faceup or build up characters and change his looks to love it more and iplehouse Chase is so lovely go for it and if you wanna find unique dolls look up yahoo auction a lot of limited dolls are there
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    4. I was the same way with my first doll and honestly with almost any of my dolls, mostly due to the cost but in the end everything is perfect and I don't mind the cost. I have a lot of fun coming up with clothing and stuff for my dolls usually before they even arrive.
    5. Me to a friggin T. I get the anxiety right before I push thevorder button, so sometimes I have someone else click it.
    6. I didn't actually have the time to have the jitters when I got my first (and so far only) doll. Everything happened so fast, when I saw that she was for sale (she's second hand from a local seller) I immediately contacted the seller and met with him the next day. What I felt was excitement, I was very excited to get her that the night before getting her I wasn't able to sleep at all. :XD:
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    7. I have a terribly difficult time ever deciding to spend money. I agonize over every doll purchase and talk myself out of plenty of them, so I think I can say that I empathize with you! I bought my first doll on an absolute whim. Otherwise I probably would have talked myself out of it and I wouldn't be here today. :XD:

      I'm absolutely no Iplehouse expert, so you will want to read up on what I'm about to say. I'm pretty sure that Iplehouse may have improved their joint system in the last 7 years and if you purchase Chase new from Iplehouse now, you'll be getting a doll with much better mobility.

      Buying second hand dolls can be a lot of fun. I certainly love all the old treasures I find, but it's a game of chance trying to find something very particular second hand. You may not find the older Chase you are looking for before you loose interest. If you are so in love with this sculpt I think that you will be happy to have him new. Besides, white skin from most companies mellows quickly enough. The color you purchase initially is not the color the doll will end up being for the majority of their lifetime.
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    8. I nearly had heart failure when I bought my first doll! That is the most difficult one though - I don't really have a lot of angst over it now, since I've sold most of my dolls (around 30 of them) - so it's really not a permanent decision (I hate commitment too!) I don't have much money though, so I don't buy dolls unless I really really want them and have thought about them for a long while - although impulse buys do happen, like when I saw the Doll Family-A pet reindeer the other day half price on Alices Collection :whee: And I will impulse-buy so-called 'practice heads' for $20, because it's less of a commitment.

      But yes - the terror is normal, followed by elation after clicking that dreaded button, followed by doubt, anxiety, regret, then resignation - oh well I bought it now - may as well enjoy the ride :dance You'll get over it :thumbup
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    9. Thanks guys for all your help <3 <3 I just purchased it about an hour ago <3 The excitement that the fun conversation of playful retaliation between my dad and I had that got me to click that final button <3
      But seriously, some of the junk my dad said realizing how big it would be for the first time... You should read it XD
      Buying a 70cm BJD-- My dad realizing how big it is for the first time
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    10. Congrats on ordering the doll!! :D

      I usually get very nervous after buying a doll. I'll have a plan for a character that I want to make a doll of, so I'll spend hours and hours searching for the perfect doll. Once I find it I'll buy it, but once I spend so much money I start to worry that the doll won't turn out like I imagine it will. I'll have that kind of "What am I doing?" moment and I'll regret buying the doll and starting the project. I usually get over that feeling though and things work out well in the end, but it's definitely not a fun feeling.
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    11. yay well done! :sumomo:
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    12. Congrats on the order!

      hmm, I always get nervous, but I can't say I worry to much about if I'm getting the right doll/colour resin/or other such things. I get nervous because I'm spending so much money and then I have nothing to show for that for at least 3 months! xD

      As for picking the doll, I do so much looking up and finding pictures and learning about the company and dolls that I'm not worried about the company, or the dolls. I end up picking one after going back and forth way to many times, then I order. I know I'm going to love any of the ones I've been looking at, so I know I will not regret it unless something odd happens. Even back when I ordered my SDs and found they where bigger then I liked, I never regretted it. I didn't take many photos and they where mainly just on display, but they made me smile for quite a few years!

      I'm changing my collection now, but not because I don't like them any more, I still think I made the right choices for the time, just life has changed and old memories linger with them. If not for my lack of space I can still see having SDs around.
    13. I'm always worried I might not like the doll. They're so expensive and yet you can't see them in person first. Well, most of the time you can't. We must really love our dolls to put up with so much uncertainty. :)
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    14. I absolutely agonise heh. When I finally had the money to order my RS Jun I had a last minute panic "what colour should he be!??" and all my ideas just swirled around and I couldn't settle. I spent days trying to decide and going back and forward. "get custom colour... get blue... get green... get custom colour... " because i knew I wanted him to be a greenish blue. In the end I did bite the bullet but i'm still fussing "did I pick the RIGHT colour? Will the custom parts I ordered work? Will he look how I want him to look? Did I make the right choice?" and so on.
      It's AGONY omg.

      I don't think i'll stop freaking out till he gets here and I can see him.

      See, I made the extra big crazy step of ordering 1: a custom colour that I will not see how close it is to the swatch I sent until the doll arrives (and who's colour could vary drastically depending on what their computer screens are like) and 2: with clear resin parts that i'm not sure will actually look how I want them to look.
      Also no faceup.

      this is my first bjd.

      I think I went insane.

      I then bought another bjd on ebay to ease my "did I make the right decision?" (she was a bargain price) and I know i'll love the doll, just really hoping his colour turns out right for the character nghhhhhhh.

      and there I go doubting my decision again.

      This I think is normal. It's a lot of money and a big wait to get something. And there's really only so much preparation looking at owner pics can give you right?
      But it'll be fine!

      We'll be fine. Honest!
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    15. YES!!! I have been a collector since 2008, within the first two years I had managed to acquire 5 dolls that I really liked with little stress and full confidence in my purchases... My last purchase was in 2010 and after that purchase I kind of ran out of time and space for my dolls (college graduation, marriage, moving all over the country as a military family, a dog and a baby) phew after all of that I am finally back to a place in my life where I can fully appreciate and enjoy my dolls again!

      SOOO time to buy another doll after 6 long years... HARDEST. DECISION. EVER. I can't tell you how many hours I poured over other owners photos of their Fairyland minifees to try to decide for myself which sculpt and skin tone I liked best... They're all so pretty!!! I swear I changed my mind every day on which sculpt, body, hands and skin tone I was going to go with (fairyland has a lot of customizations). I finally ordered her two days ago but I pretty much had to close my eyes and click "submit order." Thank goodness that is over I feel much better now! And now that the stress is off I know I made the right decision and I am going to love her. Now I just have to be patient and play "the waiting game" DUN DUN DUN :lol:

      Anyway sorry for the life story but you definitely aren't alone! Congrats on your purchase!!!
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    16. oh the fear is real! lol whether it costs $200 or more, the cost is an issue, and then you wonder if this doll will be a good fit. did i make the right choice? i agonize for 2 weeks before committing
    17. The first time I bought my Volks Megu was indirect. I have to go to a middleman company to purchase her for me. Never done it before just base on doll blogs recommendation. The doll alone cost a lot and I have to pay that other party a huge sum of money as well. My first doll choice was fine but I want most of them anyway. So not afraid I pick the wrong one. I was just scared whether the doll to really shipping to me after spending all that money! :blush
    18. I have to jump in here too, because I'm currently in that exact situation; (as I've shouted to probably half the forum by now) I'm teetering on the edge of buying a DZ Carter, but I just...haven't fully committed yet, and I have no idea why! I absolutely adore him, but Dollzone's waiting times are so long...I guess I'm subconsciously afraid I won't be as excited when he gets here because it took so long, and then I will have wasted that money.

      Even if I'm almost positive that won't happen, it's still a nagging doubt in the back of my mind...but the longer I wait, the longer it'll take for him to get here! It's not like I can spend two weeks agonizing and then have him in a week when I decide to order. I want to order sooner rather than later so he'll be here sooner! And there's the procrastination of "Oh, maybe they'll get some in stock on MoC or DDE and I won't have to wait as long..." but the odds of that happening are not great. :sweat I really should just go ahead and do it, because I know I won't regret it...I love him so much. :3nodding:
    19. You should really go for it! So far in my experience, you still will be excited. I mean. I wanted CHASE for 6 years..... I actually got to the point I figured I wantes him for so long that I wouldn't be excited anymore. But. I'm waiting everyday to here he will be shipped excited as heck! <3
    20. That is pretty much my experience!