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Preference: Bige Eyed and Cute/Smaller Eyed and More Mature?

Jan 29, 2019

  1. innocent, young and big-eyed

    24 vote(s)
  2. mature and narrow eyed

    42 vote(s)
  3. I like both equally!

    49 vote(s)
    1. (I didn't see this being asked when I did a search, but if I happened to miss it somehow, apologies in advance!)

      From all my years of collecting a variety of dolls, I've noticed there seems to be a preference for cuteness---especially big-eyed, innocent and youthful looking. Especially since I got into bjds, I've noticed a majority of sculpts out there fit into that category.

      As for me, I really prefer narrower eyes. I'm not certain if it comes from my strong distaste for Barbie as a kid, or if I just like the mature look much more. Whatever the reason, I've found my favorite companies and artists are those that create sculpts that are more realistic and adult-like. I especially love Impldoll, Iplehouse, Dollshe and Granado for their range of mature ladies and handsome non-bishy guys.

      So my question for you all is this: what tends to be your preference? Cute, wide-eyed and young, or narrower, more realistic and more mature? Or even both? I'm curious to see if the divide is as big as I'm imagining, or if I'll be surprised. It'd be cool to get different perspectives on this :3nodding:
    2. I love both! But... stylistically, I usually prefer realism. That tends to, sadly, eliminate a lot of the more "cute" sculpts. I'd love to see more of the cutesyness in this style :)
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    3. I definitely prefer more mature, narrow-eyed dolls. They have more of a dramatic (but tender at the same time) feeling to them, which I really like. I’ve always preferred adult-like dolls and I also really admire the companies you mentioned. I’m currently waiting on my grail Dollshe Amanda, so excited! :)
    4. I prefer more realistic proportions, and more adult looking sculpts. I have a few sculpts that represent child characters, but the majority are adults and so I want them to look older.
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    5. Realistic. I really don’t like the giant bobble head look of a lot of dolls. I am so glad we’ve moved to more proportionate dolls :)
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    6. Sort of... neither? Both? Something in between.

      My Doll Chateau Snowborn is DEFINITELY mature-looking... but he has wide, cute, energetic eyes. And my Miracle Doll Zixin is childish, but has super narrow, devious lil eyes.

      I guess I prefer eyes that are stylized larger rather than "realistic", just because imo stylized sculpts have more personality and energy. So I guess... Medium eyes? Stylized larger but not moe-anime-girl huge. They just work the best for dolls, imo.
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    7. I have two MSDs. One is big eyed and sweet, the other has smaller eyes and seems to enjoy scaring little old ladies with her death glare. I love them both! It depends on my mood as to which I temporarily prefer.
    8. I prefer more realistic mature dolls to the bigger eyed cute looking dolls. A few of my dolls are more cute looking, but more of them are more mature looking. I have a Granado tiny Lucifer and am waiting for a Hound from Dollshe.
    9. I like both aesthetics, but I shifted from the big-eyed phase into a mature preference after a few years. Nowadays I catch myself wanting specific big-eyed sculpts because they look different than the general aesthetic. The uniqueness is important to me if I'm getting something just for the sake of wanting it rather than to shell a pre existing character.
      My favorite sculptor is Ku Jeong Eun from K-doll, who's style varies between a semi-realistic approach (Khan, Kasis) to the big eye, big-headed classic (Keikei, Kill_U), and I absolutely adore everything she creates. I guess that pretty much sums up my on-the-fence approach.
    10. I like both but gravitate towards the more realistic and prefer the half closed eye sculpts. That being said i do love the bigger eyed dolls as it is easier to find good quality eyes for them.
    11. For me it all depends on the character. If the character is sweet and innocent, big innocent eyes are needed. If they are a more mature character then a more mature sculpt is needed. Ive noticed i like very wide variety of sculpts. They all have their purpose.
    12. I guess I lean more toward the mature end of the spectrum, but I'm not a big fan of the hyper-realistic aesthetic either, especially if it means the dolls have tiny eyes. I still like my dolls stylized with proportionately larger eyes, but I also don't like if their eyes are like half their face and they're too young-looking. So I guess I'll say I like a mix of the two styles, though I do prefer more mature/elegant looks over cute.
    13. Generally, I like my male sculpts with smaller eyes and my females with bigger eyes. Not sure exactly why but there it is.
    14. I like both, it really depends on the sculpt but looking at my wish list I do seem to prefer a more narrow eye on dolls. I think people like big eyes because they are cute but also you get less shadow in the eyes when taking casual pictures. It depends on the age you want for your doll, in MSDs large eyes can put a doll on a younger scale- 15/16+ and smaller eyes can move them up the scale 20-21 depending on the faceup.
      I do have an issue when the eyes are proportionally too big for the head- I started calling it "Extreme eye syndrome", and noticed it's a trend with "Angel of Dream" for example.
      I'm someone who came into this hobby not only influenced by past porcelain doll collecting but also by my love of anime and the big eyes are a theme there- many people can be influenced by that.
    15. I like more mature looking sculpts for the most part! I only really go for the big eyed cutesy look if it's something super stylized like sio2's tinies or Kinoko Juice or something like that.
    16. Both kinds are perfect!! But I do love me some cute, big eyed babes! Like @villitunes cuties, and @rap1993 Danni!
    17. I'd say most of mine are somewhere in the middle but I definitely lean more towards big eyed, cuter looking sculpts. I think the reason for it is because I find them more expressive. To me they just have more personality. Realistic sculpts are beautiful in their own way but they don't tug at my heart the same.

      All my characters are supposed to be teenagers/children so the big eyed look works for me that way as well.
    18. It depends on the character. If they're supposed to be cute, I don't want to give them an intense stare. And likewise if I have a chatacter that's supposed to be angry and intense, I wouldn't give them super cute doe eyes.
    19. Depends of my mood but in general I like the look of more realistic ones more. Altho if the sculpt has weird nose, weird ears or teeth showing, theres like 90% I like it :'D