Preferred Elf ear Position

Dec 14, 2020


Preferred elf ear position

Poll closed Dec 21, 2020.
  1. Tips Straight out

    11 vote(s)
  2. Tips Angled up

    28 vote(s)
  3. Tips Angled down

    11 vote(s)
  4. Tips angled back

    15 vote(s)
  5. Other...

    5 vote(s)
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    1. :kitty2I’ve seen so many fantasy ear positions on fantasy dolls and I always end up loving them all. Especially if the ear is long enough to poke through the wig. What about you all?
      If I had to pick only one style it would be angled up
    2. A split between angled up and angled back for me. Both if possible. I know the up tends to get them caught up in wigs more, but I think it looks great if you can find a wig that works.
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    3. I’m torn between up and back because I prefer a mix of both. I like the ear pointing upwards, but I like it closer to the head, not sticking straight out. I also prefer a small elf ear, almost human but with a very small point on top. I’m not a fan of the huge elf ears that stick out, I prefer the subtle look.
    4. Pointy ears are the thing for me, I'm not fussed about the direction.

    5. Floppy! I chose tips angled down, assuming that's what it meant XD
      The first Elf-eared sculpt I ever fell for was B&G Sapphira. His floppy ears are so cute. I still have mine...and I love pretty much everything that has big, floppy ears.

      After that I don't really care about the direction, but I like big. Bigger ears the better, or I'd rather not have elf ears at all.
    6. Up and back might be my favorite, but I like elf ears in general. One of my dolls has the cutest floppy ones.
    7. all of the above!!!! any angle, though I suppose angled back and up are usually my go to. I take a lot of inspo from world of warcraft’s elf ears, and amy brown’s elf ear art. But it also depends on the character and what “fits” them :3nodding:
    8. Angled up and back, even though I really love my Amber's long floppy ears too! But my Heliot has probably my fav type of fantasy ears, and those are the more subtle pointed up and back ones :XD:
    9. Droopy elf ears are my weakness. I like the longer ears in general though.
    10. I voted droopy because that's what my eyes tend to be drawn to when browsing...but oddly the only dolls I own with elf ears are pointed up and back or pointed straight out. :XD: I love elf ears a lot more than my collection shows and pretty much love them in any way, shape, or form.
    11. I generally don't really care for elf ears (Not that I have a problem with them if they happen to be on a sculpt I otherwise like, they just don't add anything for me) but I really like the downward pointing kind. Especially if they're shorter and rounder, it's so cute.
    12. I don't have many elf eared dolls, but I like all directions. I mostly pick up though. Down can be so cute, though? I like the idea of elves just being able to move their ears around like cats.
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    13. I love all elf ears. My least favorite are down ears.
    14. I voted up and back. I don't really love the straight up or straight back thing - I like that middle ground!
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    15. What no all of the above option?
    16. I love them all!!
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    17. I tend to prefer them either straight up of floppy down. I guess I like extremes in expression.:lol: But I’ve noticed that my elves with them up are all regular elf-types, and the ones whose go down are more animal types whom I’ve paired with horns of some sort.
    18. It really depends on the character for me. I love downward ears for cute innocent 1/6 babies, and I love upward pointy ears for a mischievous sassy character!
    19. I love them all, but I am especially drawn to the large, down angled droopy ones <3
    20. Upwards is so elegant, but I also love the sideways donkey ear like in anime.