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(Premium Patron Membership) at Customhouse

Sep 21, 2007

    1. Dear beloved friends of Custom House.

      We are pleased to introduce the new look of Custom House with the nice breeze of Autumn.
      Ever since Custom House was established five years ago, we were blessed with meetings of many different customers.
      To show the appreciations for the people who always have been with us and for all the other people we are going to meet,
      we have started the Premium Patronage (PP) Membership for the first time.
      Throught this PP Membership, filled with special exclusive privileges, we hope to establish more intimate relationship with all our customers.
      PP (Premium Patron Membership) Privilege:
      1. Purchase basic dolls, items and new items with 35% off discount.
      (Example: Regular Member price: $320.00 / PP Member Price: $208.00)
      2. Purchase Limited goods and Unique AI with 15% off discount.

      3. 5% of each order will be accumulated for bonus point.
      4. Previous limited dolls are available as basic dolls over time. (Example: Sariel, Raphael)

      5. Purchase any other items with 15% off discount.

      6. Membership card, brochure and other gifts will be given when you join.

      7. Exclusive events for PP members only. (Details coming soon)

      8. Get your dream dolls through Special Line (available soon)

      9. Purchase dolls in parts.
      10. Limited Items are only available for PP Members.

      PP Membership Fee:
      $120.00 (returning member: $60)
      *Apply for the PP Membership through our new website starting October 8th, 2007 (Korean date)
      Custom House always try our best to spread happiness.
      Thank you for your interst. :)
      Best Regards,

      Custom House
    2. The one thing I don't understand is the "returning member" part? Does that mean it is a yearly membership and is renewable?
    3. is the returning member price a discount for those who have already purchased from Custom House?
    4. And can we use our existing OP to pay for it (since I have lots)?
    5. I strongly suspect it is a yearly fee. It would be way too good if it was a permanent membership... xD
    6. Will there be tan versions available in the special line?
    7. Are all the heads going to become available for Special Line?
    8. Will this work for those of us with Macs who have to email our orders (even though we have a membership on the site?) instead of ordering thru their website?
    9. Can the dream doll include the monthly vintage AI's in tan?

      NUMBER 8: is only available to premium customers ?

      Returning member how many years back will that offer go? I bought a doll a few years ago.
    10. I believe they mean that after the initial $120 you only need to pay a renewal fee to keep your privileges rather than paying $120 again.