Limited Items Premium Realistic Resin Eyes by cicadawowo

Jan 26, 2020

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      We’ve just started representing another talented eye artist, cicadawowo! :D

      In addition to making beautiful resin eyes, cicadawowo offers many different size options, including super hard to find combinations for the pickiest of collectors! Do you have a doll who needs realistic eyes but find yourself stumped with limited small iris options? Do you have a doll with really big eye sockets but no eyeballs to fill them? Look no further! Here’s a list of all the size combinations that cicadawowo offers:

      • 10mm/4mm
      • 10mm/5mm
      • 10mm/6mm
      • 12mm/4mm
      • 12mm/5mm
      • 12mm/6mm
      • 14mm/8mm
      • 14mm/7mm
      • 14mm/6mm
      • 14mm/5mm
      • 16mm/9mm
      • 16mm/8mm
      • 16mm/7mm
      • 16mm/6mm
      • 16mm/5mm
      • 18mm/9mm
      • 18mm/7mm
      • 20mm/10mm
      • 22mm/11mm
      • 24mm/12mm
      And that’s not all! She will further enhance the realism of your desired eyes with the optional addition of red veins in the sclera.

      cicadawowo’s talents are as vast as her portfolio. As such, we’ll be offering pre-orders from a limited number of preset designs each ordering period.

      We plan to change the available designs each ordering period so if you like a certain design, don’t wait!

      PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE PRE-ORDER DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY! Orders that don’t follow the instructions are subject to cancellation. The product listing includes all the designs for this order period.

      A sample of some of the great many possibilities in future ordering periods…

      Follow the artist on Instagram!
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    2. Beautiful eyes! To confirm: The smallest size the artist is making is 10mm eyes?
    3. Yes, that's correct.