Limited Items Premium Resin Eyes (by Storybrookeeyes): Pre-Order

Nov 20, 2019

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      A new pre-order period is now open for Storybrookeeyes! :D

      Storybrookeeyes makes beautiful resin eyes featuring a gem-like aesthetic. If you like sparkly faceted depths to your dolls’ eyes, you’ll love her work! In addition to the shining beauty on the fronts of the eyes, there are adorable cat paw stems on the backs!


      In the interest of workload constraints and timely delivery, there are only 20 slots open each ordering period. You can choose the eye size and iris size among available options, as well as between three designs that will change from ordering period to ordering period.

      Special feature for this ordering period: There’s the option to add a “Christmas star” to the iris of your eye orders! Please note that iris size of 6mm can’t have the star added due to the small size, but all other iris sizes offered are eligible!


      To see more details, including the three designs for this ordering period, visit the product page!

      Please consider giving this artist a follow on Instagram! She deserves more international exposure! @storybrookeeyes • Instagram photos and videos
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