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PREORDER: 5.5" Tiny Nabiyette with pixie ears *dollhouse size

Sep 14, 2010

    1. She's a new tiny 5 .5" in height, perfect for a dollhouse. Keep in mind, they're double jointed, so they pose beautifully! Check out the light tan one leaning on one leg..lol!

      Head circumference: 10.2cm (4")
      Eye size: wearing 8mm acrylic
      Comes with default faceups

    2. She is so cute, and I love her being mature and double jointed and the skin choices!

      Do you have excat measuremts for her body? Or can you tell us what existing doll clothes could she fit in?

      thanks <3
    3. She is really cute! =)

      Can you please make more shots of the body and how it poses?
    4. Hi,
      Just to clarify, she only has her knees double jointed, because her elbow was too tiny for them to add double joints. I've just uploaded a couple more pics of her body. Please view photos of her on top of this thread. Please bare with me, as I do not have the dolls on hand.

      Here are her measurements:

      The chest is 7cm
      shoulder width is 3cm
      hips are 6.5cm
      feet are 1.8cm
      height is about 14cm

      Thank you so much for your interests.
    5. Do we know what her price will be after the pre-order? And when she might next be available after this order period? I'm in LOVE with her, and would love to get one in Lilac, but have NO funds at the moment, and not likely to get them before the order period ends. SO...it means I need to save up for the next time she'll be available to order!
    6. Hi,
      Price after preorder will be near $200. If you want one of the special skin tones, maybe you should order with layaway. That way, you can preorder now. I can accept layaway, so anyone can email or pm me if need to do so.
      Oh, and next preorder after this one may be in dec or Jan.

      Thank you for asking,
    7. I've just updated my shopping cart with more skin tones available: dark tan cocolate/ and green and indian red. sorry I missed placing those last week. Just a couple of days until preorder ends!