PreOrder of DollHeart Fashion, The Romance of Venice , Justice of Night

Jun 14, 2006

    1. Hihi~

      DollHeart 's new fashion can be pre-order in :blush
      Moreover, JollyPlus are preparing the Database of DollHeart 's shoes, you can take a look of almost every available style of DollHeart 's shoes in :)


    2. I have a question, sorry if it is silly but when do we have to pay for pre-orders? When they arrive? or do we have to put a deposit down first? =)

      I am very interested in pre-ordering. hehe
    3. Hihi~ (^^
      A deposit will be required for the pre-order :) We are near 100% that we can get the products from DollHeart if you have placed the order.

      However, if the pre-order is not sucessful, we can guranteed 100% refund. Therefore, please feel confident to use for pre-ordering

      Moreover, you can check the status (include shippment track number) for every order in your own JollyPlus customers accounts.
    4. Hi Helen,

      Thank you so much for your reply.

      How much is the deposit? is it 10% of the total cost? =)

      many thanks,
    5. hihi megami,

      The deposit is 100% of the total cost :blush , sorry..
      It is because DollHeart require us to 100% full pay to them ..
    6. I'm in love with Justice of the Night XI o___o Curiously, will there be any more 60cm clothes for girls available?
    7. These dress can fit also 64 cm dolls like DOTs?

      Thank you! :3nodding:
    8. Yes, there will be more 60cm clothes and accessories in our webshop soon. Please keep an eyes on us :)
    9. Since i don't have a DoT as a model, thus i dunno the actual result on them. I think that Girl 's Dress will be suitable but boy 's pants will be a little bit shorter. I will ask some DoT owner about that :blush
    10. Thank you very much! I'm really interest in your outfits! :)