Feb 9, 2019

    1. I understand that PREORDER are more flexible and enables layaway.

      Part of the reason why I love Instocks is because I get to inspect and see the product in real life (save shipping too, since I got my dolls at events).

      In addition, coming from a small country splitting is troublesome and expensive (shipping).
    2. Although I am often impatient, I love the resin smell of a just made doll. Year long waiting periods are crazy, but I should also understand that moderate wait times are acceptable especially if the artists are taking their time to make a good product. Also, they are susceptible to regular people problems like sickness and family deaths :frownyblush:
    3. I usually want very specific things and in-stock isn't even an option. Secondhand is what I go to when I'm trying to get something quick, and even then, usually I have to wait for the thing to show up anyway. Oh well, I've gotten used to waiting.