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Preparing for the sheer.. size of SD-sized dolls..

Aug 15, 2005

    1. I know there was a thread where someone spoke of how they simply weren't prepared for the sheer size of these dolls.. So I'm wondering how you PREPARE for these boys. Look at photos? Now I looked at photos, I knew the measurements of these dolls, but when I got my first SD boy, I couldn't believe the size of these dolls. How do you prepare and deal with the size of these dolls? If this is an improper post, feel free to delete it mods. ):
    2. The only thing I did was take a ruler to see how tall he would be. xD Past that I just winged it. I wasn't very surprised at his size or weight. =3
    3. Fortunately I had the opportunity of handling my friend's dolls when he bought them in Japan. ^^ (quite the honor being the only person he allowed to touch them, haha) We were pretty surprised at first at how big and heavy they were, but now I know what to expect!

      ... so I guess the only way to really prepare yourself is to hold one of them yourself!
    4. I've seen SD and SD-13 sized dolls in person and held them, and I'm still not prepared for one. XD *is in mini mode*
    5. I wasn't at all :P and it freaked me out that the box she was mailed in came up to my butt when I put it on its end... I was really relieved when the actual box was much smaller, and then she was so small (but big!) inside it...
    6. I didn't have the fortune to hold one at all before I got one! T_T I think I have to see some bigger kids again before I'm prepared to get a full size again XD;
    7. I took a measuring tape and measured out what 60.5cm looks like.... But even that wasn't enough when Yue came and I found how heavy he was (3.5 lbs!) and how tall he was. ^^
    8. Carry around a toddler for a few days :) That will give you some idea.

      Be aware that afterward getting an SD, all 1/6 size dolls are tiny!

    9. T.T i took out a ruler back when i started the hobby and my eyes kinda couldn't... adjust to the size... i mean.. my eyes couldn't add up the size and the item looks small, but when i put my hands where the measurement began and ended i was like.. WHOAH.. i'm not getting a doll that size3!!! T.T lo and behold... i guess you can't tempt fate.
    10. XD I wasn't prepared for the size of Kel when he came and he's an MSD. I actually measured out both MSD and SD size, and ironically MSDs are as tall as the length of my torso (more or less), and SDs are a little taller than my knee. o.O; But really, the only way to prepare for one is to either carry a toddler, or carry an SD.
    11. everytime I looked at a doll I took otu my tapemeasure so I could get an idea.
      I really don't think I could handle an SD, they would be half my size
      (I'm sooo short)
    12. I wasn't totally unprepared as I had seen my friend's CH Miya in person.... still, they are bigger than you expect, and any amount of holding a tape measure up didn't help me any. Just now, finally, I feel like I"m a good judge of scale and if I see a toy or something for them, I have an idea of how it will look given their size.

      I still think my Ryung Iliana is frickin' huge. I've never seen a Bermann, I think I'd have a heart attack, lol...
    13. The only real ideas of how big Sai will be have been a post-it note on my bedroom doorway, and holding onto a stack of handouts that weighed approximately 6 pounds. Granted, the weight distribution is a lot different, but realizing just how big this guy can be is...well, it's interesting.

      He's taller than the divider of my desk, which could make things quite amusing if I brought him to work :)
    14. I had to work the other way - the 60cm dolls I'd met once before. I'd never seen a mini - Ichiiro seemed so tiny! I still prefer the 60cm over-all, really. There such a perfect height.

      If there's anyone in your area with a 60cm doll, why not see if you can get together?
    15. Actually, after hearing everyone talk about how big they were, I was quite prepared for my first girl. I got a pair of shoes for her first, and went "what tiny feet!" But I already had 18" American Girls dolls, and was used to seeing large dolls at toy shops. Now, those 29" Betsy McCalls still seem huge to me. *_*
    16. I bought an outfit, because Lucien was coming nude. And when I got the outfit, I was stunned all over again at how BIG it was! I held it up to approximately how tall I thought the doll would stand, etc. Shouta got here first...and we were surprised all over again, even though we'd held SD13s a few years ago!

      I don't think anything can quite prepare you. =D
    17. When I got my first girl.. her clothes arrived first... I was amazed... I started to visualise how she would look in those...

      When she arrived... I expected the overall height... but not the weight... :oops:

      I was wondering why they were so heavy at first... After owning a few big dolls, I guess that I can safely say I carry them with love :D ......
    18. Haha yes, I too did the "hold up a ruler" thing after I bought my DD2. I just starred and starred at the 24" ruler. *_* I wondered for a while, “will she be TOO big?!” :oops: Well, upon Arwen’s arrival it WAS a shock! But since she’s always sitting she really looks just the perfect size! I love all 60 cm of her! XD (that sounded a little wrong…)

      Funny thing is, people I introduce her to never comment on her bigness until I straighten her out and stand her up (I ushally have her sitting on a table or my arm)!! Then they are suddenly like “Wow she’s really big!”

      LOL it cracks me up every time. :lol:
    19. The height didn't bother me, becuase I have antique dolls that are 22-24" tall, but the weight was a real surprize. I have modern vinyl dolls and that's what I was thinking before he came. Even though I'd read the 2-3 lb thing on the Boards. The reality didn't sink in 'til he was in my arms, so to speak. Kai (and AR boys are small) is more than half my cat in weight (have one tiny 6lb kitty!)
    20. I was cosplaying Marimite at a con and a girl wanted me to take a picture with her Sachiko SD. When she was handing it to me I was expecting it to be light, like a Gene doll. I was totally unprepared for the massiveness of her and I totally almost dropped her. I didn't, she was safe, but I was like "Whoa, she's really heavy!"

      So now I know... I still don't know where I'm going to have space for one, though. I need a cabinet with adjustable shelves and glass doors. (IKEA here I come!)