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Present Ren

Mar 2, 2005

    1. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet but i thought that everyone should lay eyes on Angel Regions new Present ren! He is scrummy ^_^ they are going to put more pics up later because those ones dont do him justice apparently :D

    2. :D Hello, beautiful! I had my eyes on Glory Angel Ren, but he's all sold out - me thinks this boy might be coming home.
    3. Love the face, but I wish he had optional hands.....I wouldn't want his hands permanently clasped.
    4. I'd snap him up in a split second if he didn't have the sleepy eyes like my Rosiel & Absynthe already do. Rosiel will continue to be my "special present" ;)

      He definately is gorgeous, though. I hope some of the members here get him, I'd love to see some owners pics!!!
    5. I love him so much <3 i really want to get him so fingers crossed i have the money by march 15th
    6. He's great, but he's just not on my list. :(
      With all the girls I want, I think I'd be lost with a boy.
    7. ... they're always clasped? :(
    8. How sweet! XD I would love to have him as Nic's brother or sister. :D
    9. I had heard of a "Present Ren" on the Q&A boards, but had no idea what the poster meant by it. But he's kyoooooot! xD
    10. *Swoons* He's gorgeous...AngelRegion dolls don't usually appeal to me, but...wow. I like Elly, too.

    11. Too cute! He's got such a sweet expression, but I wonder if the hands can be separated from each other. They'd have to, wouldn't they, to get the outfit on?
    12. It says "outspread" hands are included >>;
    13. :o I waaaant! It's too bad I'm looking for a 60cm one and not another MSD sized one.
    14. He's wonderful! Only he's only for sale till March 15th sooooo cruel! I'm not getting another MSD boy for a while yet. Still need to adopt my first one XD
    15. Sooooo does anyone know how to order him from the site? When I click on the order button it says to select the product, but I do and it keeps saying to select the product over and over again......... :|
    16. he does come with opened hands look at what they wrote:
      Praying Hands, Outspread Hands included Great, isn't it?!!
      I love him too!!
    17. I ordered mine. :)

      The only problem that myself and several other people had was that when they checked out to order their Present Ren, the total they give you doesn't apply the shipping and handling fees. Looking at the Q&A, you simply just tell them about it and your order number and they will send you the added shipping price in an email.

      Hopefully he'll come soon!! He's very very yummy!
    18. Went and got myself one as well. But I'm opting to pay a bit later, since I'm a tad short atm.

      I'm considering it an early B-day gift for me. And retribution for missing out on Kai and Ren. I owe me. :oops:
    19. :| Do you have to be a member to order this doll? Or do you just email them and tell them you want to purchase the doll?