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"PRETTY please?": the art of obtaining.

Apr 28, 2005

    1. Something has been brough to my attention. That SOMETHING is the struggle each person goes through to get their doll.


      Scenerio time, kiddies.


      "Look mommy! Such a pretty dollkun! ; ; YOU MUST LET ME BUY HIM."
      "But I've been SO GOOD LATELY ; ; I DID ALL MY CHORES. And...and I made you FLAN."
      "...We'll see."

      [out of sight]
      "BWAHAHAHAHA. She said, 'we'll see'! THAT'S AS GOOD AS A YES. Victory is MINE."


      *ahem* Well. It hasn't QUITE gotten that bad, yet. But, I'm a terribly curious person and I absolutely adore reading everything about you guys' Doll Experiences. Both the dramatic AND shoujo-sparkly.

      How did you go about finding/choosing/buying/recieving your kid?

      My experience goes something like this:

      - Accidentally click the 'wallpapers' section on sheezyart.
      - See Uno.
      - Mistake Uno and Mistula for an online 3-D animated show.
      - Smack self for being retarded.
      - Visit Volks.
      - Visit DoA.
      - Visit Luts.
      - Tell mother.
      - Beg mother.
      - Repeat last step twelve hundred times.
      - No finished product. ...Yet.

      ...= =;; I'm sure everyone's had just as much trouble as me convincing their parents/signifigant other that this doll really IS worth the money and that you would be OH SO VERY happy. Or, if it's not that, it's struggles with Customs. Or recieving a DAMAGED DOLL (oh my GOD. I would die.) and having to send them back after weeks of waiting already. Or...A SNOOTY, mean company (Doogi's evil other half).

      Ah. How about a perfect execution? ;D How many of those are around? (And how did selling your soul to the Devil work out?)

      Sorry if this is too...OT. ^ ^;; Or worse, sorry if it has been discussed before. Lock and delete and we'll pretend I never asked.
    2. XD You rock. That made my night! *glomp*

      mine was something like that, only I didn't ask a ton of times, I only asked a few times directly and then hinted at it CONSTANTLY. At first my parents said no(of course) and my dad forbade it but my mommy ownz him(I guess) and when she warmed up to the idea, so did he. :lol: AND NOW I HAVE MY PERFECT LITTLE BABY PRINCESS DARLING DEAR IN MY ARMS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!! *SQUEEZES TO DEATH!!* Cecilia: *pokes my eye out*
    3. Wow, your Paperchiwoo is beautiful. I am in awe!

      I have had some adventures, man. XD Quick rundowns...

      My first BJD, an SD13 Megu. I fell in love with Zafkiel (Cassiel's decidedly famous F-29) at first sight and swore that I would make a Super Dollfie mine. After having decided that, I was faced with the immediate dilemma of how to get one, as at the time, the only way to get one firsthand was through a shopping service. Discouraged, I wandered around for a while, until the news came out that Volks was opening IMOS to allow international buyers to order dolls. I rushed to the Volks site... and found that SD13 Megu, my dolly of choice, was not available there. I e-mailed Volks to ask when she'd be available, and they put in a special order just for me. (<3) Thus, Kaya was the first dolly ever ordered through IMOS. They put her on reserve for me, and after a long ordeal with money orders and EMS (no credit cards or PayPal), the money was sent. My parents covered the majority of the cost (she was my Christmas present), while I supplied a couple hundred to defray the big big cost. Two weeks later, Kaya landed on my doorstep.

      Aaaaaagh. This one was bad. Severine's a U-Noa Sist. When the word came out that Gentaro Araki was making a mini U-Noss, there was a minor frenzy, and everyone was in something of a panic to get one. I fell hard for Sist at first sight, and I scraped together my pennies, bound and determined to get one. When I finally got the last of my funds together, I e-mailed Crescent Shop to put a Sist kit on reserve... and I was told that I'd missed the preorder by a day. (NOOOOOO.) I could only look on as the preorder ended without me. Months passed. People got their U-Noas, and I watched and waited and agonized. Dolls appeared on Yahoo Japan, but their prices were well out of my range, so I continued to pull together funds in preparation for the next preorder... the preorder that... never... ever... came. Finally, The Doll & Hobby Shoppe managed to secure four painted U-Noas from a toy show in Japan. I had the AMAZING good fortune of checking my e-mail four minutes after the e-mail was sent to their mailing list, and I replied JUST in time to get a Sist. She cost me a pretty penny, but damn, was she worth it. She arrived in an astounding two days (sure beats half a year or more), and after gluing back the hip joint that had broken in transit, everything was peachy.

      Okay, never mind, this is getting really long. I'll spare you all the remaining three. XD;;; (My Chiwoo story is next, and it's the longest and most painful.) As for your quest for a Chiwoo... I don't suppose you have a birthday coming up? ^_~ Good luck in getting him! He's worth it. :D :D :D

    4. ::snort:: XD! ::falls over laughing:: That's great.

      Erm, anyway.... For me, it was actually rather simple. The few I like sort of clicked with me at first glance, even after doing more research, looking at other dolls, and the like. So after that came the saving, which was slow... but entirely worth it. The only stressful thing for me was when my first doll was held up in customs. :barf I didn't want him to get broken while being inspected or something, so I was a bit uneasy. But other than that, nothing from the process of finding a doll/buying it/ect. has caused me to go insane.

      Yet. :daisy
    5. Well for my Dana it was kind of like...

      Me: Mom how about this one?
      Mom: No >:[
      Me: Okay... what do you think of this one?
      Mom: NO >:[
      Me: *ready to give up* *sigh* This one?
      Mom: *pause* She's cute... alright

      And with my clara it was something like...

      Me: *writes dad a LONG e-mail explaining the doll, company info, etc then asks for doll*
      Dad: "HI lauryn, OK I'll get it for you. Love dad. PS I really appreciated the way you wrote the email."

      Now I am saving for my own dolls which is hard when I constantly spend money on doll clothes, wigs, etc... :oops:
    6. Meh....I didnt' have to beg my parents for my first.
      I just waited until A Shiro-head came up for sell. (And then missing that one)
      The lady was nice enough to direct him to another lady who was thinking about selling her Shiro-head...thenI used my credit card to get him,

      ...I am now in the process of paying my visa off and begging my mother for some money to buy Volk's new boy:Heath.
    7. that's grand

      -read lots of schism
      -hollycrap, schims dolls O_O
      -read lots of FAQ, vist lots of people/store sites
      -hollycrap expensive dolls O_o
      -see Paris= LOVE
      -have- tramatic-life-changing-event-involving-someone-pointing-a-22-at-my-head
      -decidning head not splattered angaist wall=need to buy soemthing hellishly espensive
      -see Present Ren= LOVE
      -see deadline on Present Ren
      -drag out art contest money and buy

      and here I am..still waiting....
    8. Jemis' Doll Experience

      Jemi gets shown random photos of strange creepy dolls. Thinks poeple are crazy and forgets about it.

      Jemi meets One Grey Elephant. One grey Elephant introduces Jemi to Oska. Jemi thinks he's the sweetest little thing she's seen. Forgets about it.

      Jemi is shown DOD by Chibi Nezu. Recognises the same "doll thing like Oska". Browses absently because Nu loves them.

      Sees Wi.

      Announces that Taishou wants the Wi set and will be bought now. Cries and can't jsutify the money on him.

      Mother says "Oh, he's lovely... honey, do you want me to pay half as a graduation present? I mean, four years of uni is pretty impressive. So if you want him... he's beuatiful, isn't he?"

      Jemi runs out excuses and cools off before finally getting him.

      My father wouldn't have been half as lenient, but my mother is nearly as in love with this doll as I am. She grins everytime I load up any Wi pictures.
    9. My "struggle" included working fifty hours a week in a filter factory my first summer out of high school while also saving for college and paying my phone bill and car costs. I'd never ask my parents for something that extravagant and completely useless, so I scraped together the money myself. I get very little out of expensive things just handed to me, and I'd rather earn it myself. It's much more precious to me that way.
    10. Mine was basically - Sell half my anime "stuff" collection (which was pretty huge), most of my old-school My Little Ponies, and some various Star Wars stuff on ebay - IMMEDIATELY spend all the funds on 2 Elf Els, Dark Elf Soo and Too & Bee-A (I had a LOT of stuff that I sold)

      Now it's become "Make doll clothes. Sell doll clothes. Buy New Doll" ^_^
    11. One of my livejournal friends got into BJD and so I followed suit. It was right around when SD13 Shirou came out and I wanted him. But after some research I realized how big he was and was kind of turned off. Then I found out that there were smaller models and took a liking to MSD Ken

      I just announced to my parents I was getting a BJD. I didn't let them argue about it because I was going to spend my own money on it. They were skeptical I would be able to save up the money for one. About 4 months later and a lot of money making schemes, I scraped up the money for an MSD. At the time, Volks didn't take international orders so I contacted a shopping service asking about the MSD Ken Kit. I was super lucky because he had one so I didn't have to wait for him to order one for me. So I sent the money and Tatsuya arrived 3 days later.

      Mostly painless except for the money making part. That was hard, but I was determined so it worked out.

      Me second doll, Lavenza, is an entirely different story. Getting her head was easy enough after saving up for it. But right before my birthday when I was going to ask for some money for her body, Blue Fairy closed their US store. So Lavie is still bodiless and will remain so for quite awhile I'm sure. But I'm determined to finish her one day.

      :daisy Wonton
    12. *****n/a*****
    13. Ooh I love telling this story!

      I was going through my DeviantArt things a while back, and a certain piece had a link to our own gothiclibrarian's site. Following that link I saw Roselynde, eventually I found the Volks mainpage and discovered the term 'super dollfie'. Then I stumbled upon the forum and boy did I learn a lot. lol Eventually I found DoD, wasn't really wowed at first, liked a few of the dolls, but nothing really 'spoke' to me. Then Cacau posted those first pictures of the four new boys...and I picked U out of the group, stuck with that decision...and now he's home.

      Took some serious money saving to get him though. I work at a Meijer's (Wal-Mart with the union really). And I only make $6 an hour. I had school things to pay for, my parents got tuition and I had to pay for supplies. And they...er...don't really KNOW about my boy. lol He sort of stays hidden for the time being. Even though it would seem that they'd understand (mom collects Fenton glassware, and dad fixes old muscle cars as a hobby), I get lectured for buying video games.

      Well since I'm going to school for video game design...it would make sense for me to keep up with the times yes?

      In the end my boy was the result of working at a job I hate, with a small boost of money from my last birthday as well as christmas (meaning really...all those relatives that missed my open house sent me money later. lol). Speaking of hating my job...I still do. But everytime it gets bad, I just have to keep telling myself, "If I quit this job I'll have no income...which means no more going to movies, no more buying books, no more video games, and CERTAINLY no more dolls."

      ...though I am perpetually searching for a better paying job...XD!!
    14. -talky talky to online friend
      -see online friend's happydoll boy
      -sort of forget about it
      -talky talky to nother friend online
      -see online friend's CH Bin
      -online friend goes "www.superdollfie.com"
      -fallen from briar omg zafkiel spam guestbook
      -random email from cassiel going 'aussie! come join us'
      -surf more, drool more - ooh, El.
      -meet BJDS in REAL LIFE
      -waiting for Domuya to load new FCS
      -ELF EL! order one day later pay by bank transfer and don't say anything to parents
      -OMG DP11. ISAO. Watch Y!J
      -get elf el. LOVE! Parents => "our daughter is a weirdoooooooo."
      -OMG DP11 Afterparty. *use credit card* @_@ *transfer money to mother's bank account because Credit Card=mothers*
      -have to tell mum how much he is because it'll come on the statement, and I need to rescue him from customs
      - nuuuuuu... yukky customs fees! Yay, ISAO!

      - fall headlong into obsession :oops:

      lol. My BJD funds come from using all the savings I've come up with from working part time for two years and not spending it on anything. So I was able to buy immediatly without saving. Not really a good thing, I think, in the long run! lol. After I got my first two boys, I also got a 2nd job, so as to try and keep my savings pot stable. ;D It's been worth it though!

      I've only had one experience with customs, which I count as a pretty good run on four dolls. If I spread the extra customs fees I have to pay, it goes just above $60 per doll (about, $50US-ish?). :x I was sooo scared though, cuz I've heard some horror stories about Australian customs!
    15. The Discovery: Randomly searching Google Images one day, I type in the word "ringlets". Around about the third page, this doll image pops up. I am... struck dumb. Spent the ENTIRE DAY looking at pictures from various websites.

      First Forays Into Madness: A few months later at Anime Expo finally got to see them in person at the wonderful Celga booth. Oooo and ahhh, and buy a Dollfie Plus. Inexpensive, right? Pocket change. Riiiiiight...

      Falling Fast: Several months (and a few more dollfies) later, discover Liria's site just as preorder for Elf Shiwoo is going on. Am stunned and fall in love. Wibble and waffle and angst, but don't actually do it. Afterwards, AMAZING REGRET (not to worry, story has a happy ending -- ended up getting my dream boy secondhand just a little while ago :daisy ).

      Ker-Splat: Luts Kid Delf Option Head 1003 (Elf Ttory) released. MUST HAVE. Through the fabulous Sienna (e-luts not around yet), get bank transfers sorted out and all. Get the elf Ttory head and a complete Nara. Fall in love with Nara immediately and decide that will just have to get another body so they can be playmates.

      Saving for dolls not much of an issue, as I don't have tuition and car payments anymore, which ate a huge chunk of my paycheck. Also, I worked a Horrible (But Well-Paying) Job of DOOM for awhile, so had money in the Savings Account. Also, don't tend to spend money on anything else but rent and food (not even clothes and stuff -- wow, I really really need a new pair of shoes, as the pair I have right now have huge holes in them... I should also get a new pair of pants so I don't have to do laundry so much...)

      No regrets. <3<3<3 my dolls. ^__^

    16. Here's mine:

      - Do badge on Dolls in Girl Scouts three (four?) years ago
      - See a GORGEOUS bisque doll of a Japanese rebellion leader in a doll museum while on a
      Girls Scouts trip
      - Go online and try to find more pictures of the doll, because my camera ate mine
      **kisses camera**
      - In frustration, search for "Bishounen Dolls" on Yahoo
      - Find a 1/6 Dollfie pretty boys site that no longer exists
      - **lust**
      - Buy $100's worth of 1/6 Dollfie from D&H - some for me, some as bodies for Darryl and
      the others, some for friends....customize
      - Find Volks website
      - Translate Volks website ( XD )
      - See SD on Volks Website
      - OMFG!!!! **lusts**
      - See price in yen....a couple seconds for mental conversion estimate... **die**
      - Finally get around to joining Lunar Ark
      - Resist 1/3 BJD for almost two years
      - Wren: But...don't you love us enough to buy us nicer bodies? (after her 1/6 leg fell
      off...again) **puppy eyes @ Kiya**
      - **melts...dies....gives in....joins DoA**
      - Buys BW SD13 boy body off YJ
      - Buys SD13 Kira head off eBay
      - Buys DD off YJ
      - (last three all in one month.... 0.0 $$$$$$$ )
      - Buys Angel Region Dana girl from DoA member
      - Dana arrives **cuddles Aiko**
      - Kira13 head and DD body arrive ---> Wren **dresses up** ... **loves**
      - Parents: ....WTF? What are these things? Why are they showing up like this?
      Me: **shifty eyes**
      - Spend 6 months trying to get a BW F-29 head for Darryl
      - See pre-release pictures of Kohya
      - OMFGMUSTHAVEOHMFG!!!!!!!**dies of nosebleed**
      - Darryl: ....I like that one better than the F-29....
      - Sells BW SD13 boy body
      - Saves $$ like mad
      - Actually wins a Kohya in After Party Lottery
      - **panics**
      - **Raises $500 in three days**
      - Buys Kohya
      - Waits...................
      - Buys AR Ren UFK
      - Waits...................
      - Kohya shows up....on Valentines day **melts**
      - LOVES =====> Parents: ...so......How much did it cost again? Me: ...$400 :oops:
      - Ren shows up **carries Luke Alan around at school obsessively**
      --> Professors: WTF? Is that thing alive? Me: Yes! Profs: 0.o
      - Sells Wren's DD body to trade up for a CP girl body
      - Buys F-16 head off YJ
      - Buys new SoulDoll Boy body from zoi_no_miko
      - Hides F-16/SoulDoll hybrid from parents for several days **molests F-16 Talon...who
      purrs...which freaks me out a bit**
      - Sees Hound/Haund.... **lust** .... **adds to 'buying' list**
      - Sister: Hey, can you get me one of those dolls for my birthday...? Me:
      **evil grin** Sure....why don't we go online and you can pick one out.....
      - **dies because sister picked an F-17...but wants a mature CP female body**
      - **talks sister into smaller doll**
      - **relief**

      And it goes on from there. At the moment, I have the following dolls still on the "WILL be BUYING no Matter WHAT" list.

      CP 'Girl' body for Wren
      Dollshe Hound/Haund
      BF Blossom body w/ DoD "U" head (for sister)
      BF Jerome (Edward Elric version)
      CP El OR Seimei by Aeon (Qian still can't make up his damned mind...I'm gonna KILL him)

      (The above are not really in the order I plan on buying them...)

      And I already own:
      Talon (F-16/SoulDoll hybrid boy)
      Darryl (Kohya)
      Luke Alan (AR Ren Boy)
      Aiko (AR Dana Girl)
      Wren's head (Kira13)

      .....I don't like to think about the money I've put into this. **shifty eyes** Now..... I'm off to play Full Metal Alchemist on PS2 for a while, then to sleep.
    17. Y'know, Emera and I had a similar disucssion last night.

      -Oktaon 2004. There was (apparently) a doll meet-up there, and I like dolls, so I got up the courage to go ask someone about their boy. She was lunarwhirlwind here (not that I knew this at the time) and she told me about her boy, and about VOLKS, and stuff.
      -Get home, post at another forum to ask about what this "dollfie" thing is.
      -Find Den of Angels.
      -Find official VOLKS website. Tell mother these dolls cost $1,000ish.
      -Reading Valentine's blog, there was a link to Dream of Doll.
      -See Zen. reaction: OMFG! If that's a boy, I want it!
      -Tell mother I found one that was the same type of doll for $300.
      -Agree to go halfsies.
      -Whine more.
      -Order Ichii. (Without having to go halfsies.)
      -His box arrives.
      -Wait more, 'cause I can't open him 'till Christmas.
      -.... did I mention I did a lot of waiting?
      -Christmas day came, and I opened his box, and he was perfect. :daisy
    18. I feel extremely anxious for the same reason every time I wait for a new doll to arrive.
      I can't even sleep at night, so I felt awful when the head of my SD13 boy was held in Customs for 20 days!! :o *_*
    19. Behold Osaka--the 1/6 scale diva! Browsing the fashion doll magazines...ah yay! Volks is finally doing international orders!

      Goes to Volks site, barely skims SD stuff, goes and makes nice sized 1/6 order.

      "Ooh, Volks is nice and prompt. Oh, look, a cute little catalogue. Sweetheart, next paycheck, I'm going to make another Volks order."

      Sweetheart says okay, Osaka makes another order of 1/6 goodies. Volks sends order promptly. The box is opened, and catalogue is seen.

      "Oh my lord! Who is he? He's beautiful! Look at that outfit, and those dreamy eyes?? Ah, his name is Tohya...okay, I'm going to go and look at the SD stuff a little more closely."

      A savings fund is founded. Osaka continues to order 1/6 goodies, sees Isao and dies a little more.

      "I will get a SD13 boy if it kills me."

      December of 2004...Isao is on the cover of Haute Doll. Osaka looks at her savings and cries. Mother and brother comfort her, but remind her that the money must be saved up by Osaka herself.

      January 2005--doll savings completely wiped out by car.

      Buys SD Bible, Perfect Catalogue, wigs and eyes to console herself over the course of the long, cold winter.

      April 2005--still bravely saving, and having slowly fallen in love with SD13 Link, Osaka finds her way finally to Den of Angels. Still a newbie, she finds an Isao head for sale in marketplace. Asks about price.

      "If it's not above $400, maybe I can convince Mom to go in for half, and call it my birthday present."

      It is not above $400--successfully convinces Mom, husband thrilled for her. Osaka has (in part) one of her dream dolls. She is still bravely saving for Link and now a body for Isao.

      My husband is more than okay with me getting dolls--he plays Warhammer, collects electric trains, and is an all-around hobbyist. He also likes getting me gifts that make me happy, and dolls are my life. So BJDs= BIG HAPPY!
    20. Mine goes something like this...

      get into Blythe dolls. Saw the Sony ads in the UK, can't remember when they were about. Anyways, from there I saw some Blythe doll t-shirts in Afflecks Palace in Manchester. Brother buys a Blythe t-shirt for me (as I asked for it) for my birthday. Do a search on internet and find Blythe dolls are being reproduced. MUST GET! MUST GET!
      While searching various doll sites to look for Blythe I find these things called Super Dollfies. I am curious but am more interested in buying a Blythe.
      Get a Blythe (Rouge Noir) and from there buy more and more and more. All via working and credit card. 17 Blythes later and a couple of years. Just out of curiousity decide to look at Volks site and search on google for the term 'dollfie'. Find Dollfie Dream Rei on Volks, fall in love. Must have. Save and buy her and also order a base model DD to paint and keep her company. Lots of horrid problems with Parcelforce and customs and I get them home eventually. Own for a while and start looking at other BJD's find Liria's site start looking at Luts/CP dolls. Decide I need a Lishe. Save and bank transfer. She arrived VERY quickly and there were no probs with customs. In love, take her everywhere I go (within reason).
      Want to get another dolly. Which one! Which one! El appears on Luts. Hmmm like him a lot but he appears to be a male version of my Lishe, lovely none the less but I wanted to get a dolly which had no resemblance to her. Sell Rei and base model DD and lots of Blythes and get the money togther for a Delf Shiwoo, fell in love with the pic Liria now has on her site. Bankwire again to pay. Problems getting him as the post office and parcelforce decide to keep passing him to and fro instead of delivering him. Heated and angry phone discussions ensue and the people in the post office recognise me, as I have been in repeatedly to pick up a *BIG* parcel, which for some reason is never there when it should be. Nearly two weeks later and many more angry phone sessions and I call into the post office and I am greeted by a member of staff obviously familiar with my plight with a big smile on her face. 'We have your parcel, and it is *BIG*! Delighted I am, I get a taxi back to my house and squee as I discover that Shiwoo has the exact if not better than the face-up I requested and also the pale blue eyes I asked for.

      *phew* next time I order I hope it will be a lot easier.