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Price of Unoa Freak?

Mar 16, 2008

    1. I noticed that copies of Unoa Freak are going for like, $100 on ebay. is that for real? is it really worth that much?
    2. hm I've seen them for around that, though I think one recently sold here for a lot less...needless to say it was snapped up instantly. on Y!J and eBay I think they average around that...maybe a little less or a little more depending on the current demand.
    3. O man. I did not know i had something that i was willing to part with that's worth that much. I'm totally going to photocopy the patterns (which i would have to do anyway to enlarge them to the correct size) and sell the book so someone else can enjoy it and i can pay my gas bill.
    4. yeah i paid 100 for mine awhile ago!
    5. Ebay usually $100 or more but I have seen them start on Yahoo Japan for maybe $25-35 - not sure what you would pay in fees, commissions, and reshipping though.

      It is all in Japanese.
      List of patterns (click ++ for pictures):

      It also shows Unoa 1.5 close-up and shows what is probably Araki doing a faceup. Plus cute photoshoots.

    6. I bought mine for that much. I've definately seen them cheaper on Yahoo Japan and Amazon through private seller.

      Thank you Carolyn S. for the link.
    7. There are also a couple of Unoa Freak scans at the Unoa FAQ (mostly showing bodies I think):


      And you can also find Unoa patterns in some other publications.

      Doll Coordinate Recipe 6

      Doll Coordinate Recipe 4 and other publications

      Note - Doll coordinate 4 has only 2 complete outfits for Unoa but they include (I think) two styles of jeans, a pretty top, and a cute crop jacket.

      And a Mio jeans miniskirt pattern in BJD Orbyrarium

    8. I hate to have to point this out, but this would be illegal in violation of copyright law.
    9. I bought mine for like $30 here on DoA. I think $100 is a little overboard. Yeah, it's a nice book and all, but geez.
    10. I paid about that much for mine. It is totally outrageous, but I desperately wanted the airline hostess pattern in it, so along with the other goodies, it was worth it.

      On a related topic, I really hope Haute Doll publishes a second Orbyrarium.
    11. I think eptrauma is printing out the patterns to use to make clothes, then will sell the book. How else could you use the patterns without cutting up the book?
    12. yes, but the patterns to print out for use only by the owner of the book. It is allowed to do that, but when you sell the book you are supposed to either include all copies made or desrtoy them so that they are notin simultaneous use. (same as you/re not supposed to make a copy of a cd then sell the cd)
    13. MHDolls, I don't think anyone actually cares if someone who purchases the book makes a copy and uses the patterns. It's not like the owner of the book would cut it up for the patterns anyway -- this is pretty standard practice.

      (Whether or not it's a technical copyright violation isn't a subject for debate on here.)

      What wouldn't be allowed would be if they copied the pattern and then tried to sell the *copies* . . . selling the book after copying/scanning it is fine.

      -- A <3
    14. the last time, i have seen this book on YJ at 6500 Yens ! more with Crescent and fees !
    15. wait, is this book even in english?
    16. Nope, but people have made traslations.
    17. Thanks for the info^^
    18. I paid over $100 for mine. They are getting harder and harder to buy as they are out of print. The higher the demand for the book the higher the price...

      and on the patterns side they are impossible to photocopy... they have to be colour scanned and then reversed (like a photo-negative) because most of them are white print on a colour back-ground... not the best fore-site for a pattern section but they are very cute and worth the effort.
    19. Same question, have you seen any book 1 lately ? How much does it cost ?