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Prize Update: Triskel Fantasy Shop: Pink Ribbon Lottery in October - The Netherlands

Aug 15, 2010

    1. UPDATE in last post! ​


      The Pink Ribbon Lottery
      International Dolls and Bears Fair in Ahoy Rotterdam
      (The Netherlands)
      29th and 30th of October

      Triskel Fantasy Shop and the Fairy Fantasy Street go for PINK!

      This year Niesje Wolters organizes the 20th version of the International Dolls and Bears Fair at Ahoy Rotterdam (the Netherlands).
      Enough reason to make it something special this year.
      The Fair will take place in October, and as some people know, October is also known as
      the month of Pink Ribbon.

      For years the Pink ribbon symbolizes the fight against breats cancer all over the world.
      In 1990 the “Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation” started using the pink ribbon as a symbol for their cause.
      In 2003 the ribbon was introduced in the Netherlands by the “Borstkanker Vereniging Nederland” together with Estee Lauder and
      “The American Women’s Club” in The Hague.
      Since this time the Netherlands ‘goes pink’ each year in October to make people aware of breast cancer.

      Prizes for the lottery:
      Specially for this lottery, different Asian ball jointed doll companies were extremely kind to donate some of their dolls for this good cause.

      • Angell-Studio donates a tiny fullset ball jointed doll.
        The doll will still be a bit of a surprise for now,but it will be special without a doubt!
      • Peak's Woods donated two times a lovely 'Fairy of Fairytales' basic Hucky
        (without make-up, clothes and wig).
      • Doll in Mind donates their Minimee head service. The winner will be able to commission
        Doll in Mind for a special bjd head which will be based on a photo or drawing of their likings.
        Doll in Mind will create this unique head and the winner receives two pieces of the same sculpt.

        [*]Cherishdoll donates a Limited Sleeping Alley Fulset and a Limited Sleeping Lani Fulset.
        Both dolls are officially sold out, so they are really special items.

        [*]Island doll donates their beautiful MSD Amy in tan skintone.
        (includes a face-up, but without wig or clothes)

      Next to the doll companies, we shouldn't forget the Dutch Fairy Fantasy Street.
      The talented artists of this forum will donate an unique handmade
      fantasy sculpture for this event.

      For more information about these sculptures,
      please visit our website
      (you can set the website to English on top of the page) :)

      The lottery will take place on Friday and Saturday. The prizes will be divided over the days.
      We will release a schedule for the prizes later on.

      If there are any questions about this event, please contact us via email or this forum.
      We are happy to see you at the international dolls and bears Fair at Ahoy Rotterdam!

      Kind Regards,
      Team Triskel Fantasy

      UPDATE in last post! ​
    2. Do you know how many BJD (stuff) there will be? (or will it mainly be teddies and new borns?)
    3. I think that there will be at least 3 stands for BJD, but I should check about that because I am not sure.

      We will of course be there and sell BJD's, BJD clothes, wigs, shoes, accessories and more (like tools as MSC).
      And I think that ThinkPink will be there as well, because they are attending this event every year. And they always have lots of stuff.
      Perhaps Chantal's Dolls Alley will be there as well, but I am not sure about it.

      We should ask her. She is dealer for Asleep Eidolon and also sells some accessories.

      The event also has a lot of doll house booths. So for people looking for tiny props for their smaller dolls it is fun to look around. There are also booths with doll furniture and that kind of thing :)

      I hope this information helped.
    4. Hello everyone.

      We would like to release this bit of news about the Pink Ribbon Lottery (For more information about the event, read the first post).

      One of the prizes that will be in the raffle is a limited doll by Angell-Studio. At first we wanted it to be a surprise, but we decided that it was time to reveal this bit of information now :)

      Angell-Studio donates their new doll Miss Anne for the Pink Ribbon lottery.
      Miss Anne is a limited tiny doll of 15cm. She will only be sold until January 25th 2011. This doll comes from Angell-Studio's new 'Angel' series. She will be given away as a fullset including clothes, wig, eyes and outfit.

      October is drawing near and we are very busy with organizing all the necessities for the event. It's all very exciting at the same time and we are looking forward to seeing you there ;)
      Let's all thank the companies and artists who have been so generous to donate for this good cause!

      Kind Regards,

      Team Triskel Fantasy