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Problem with my Doll In Mind mini head cap

Jun 12, 2011

    1. I have a big problem with my Mini doll. Her head cap won't stay on unless I use a rubberband to hold it on. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can keep it on?

      ...mod edit...
      mini is Doll in Mind
    2. How would her head normally go on? I mean is it magnetic or has something broken on the inside?
    3. Sometimes on my looser headcaps I put a little bit of putty to keep it secure~
      Alternatively you could glue some small magnets in.
    4. It has magnets but they don't stay put. Her head cap keeps falling off and just this morning one of her magnets fell out.
    5. Hmm not great magnitism there, on my looser caps I have strips of velcro that help the head stay put and the wig's also. Cheap and quick resolution.
    6. You can also buy little round magnets (or strips) at Walmart or any craft store for a buck or two. They can be cut down and the backs have a sticky adhesive side, so there is no glue involved!

      Using that technique, you can replace the magnet for a stronger one. Hope this helps! :)
    7. What company makes the doll?
    8. I don't really know what company makes her. She doesn't have a metel plate on the back of her head like my volks YOSD. Also does anyone have any ideas for how I can reattach her eyelashes and are they suposed to come loose easily?
    9. I've had this problem with a couple of dolls. If you have the magnets (and they haven't rolled away somewhere out of reach), try a tiny drop of superglue to put them back in.

      Alternatively, you could put a silicone wig cap on her head. Choose one size smaller than your doll's wig size. That should hold everything together and also keep her wigs from slipping.

      Loose eyelashes are a nuisance. I usually glue them back in with tacky glue (not superglue, because you might want to change them sometime and superglue is forever). The assembly instructions that come with Unoa Chibis show a double-sided tape being used to attach the eyelashes. I haven't tried that myself, but it seems a clean, quick, easy way to solve the problem.

      Good luck, Christine! Let us know how you make out.
    10. You might be able to use a silicone wig cap to hold it on if it sits over the join, or, simply replace the magnets for stronger ones [you can find them in all sizes all over eBay and things], OR, for the cheaper among us [myself included xD] use some double-sided wig/dress tape. Its designed for skin, so its gentle on resin, and it is easily removed, but works to hold the cap on as well as keep the wig in place. I use it to keep the wigs on my dolls, it also prevents the staining that can come from wigs. So dual purpose xD It can be used to hold the cap on as well as keep the wig still :)
    11. I have been looking at silicone wig caps for both of my dolls but I don't know what size to get. What size should I get for a yosd and a msd?
    12. Well, It'd be helpful to see a picture of your MSD - maybe we can help you identify the sculpt (In fact I'm certain someone onhere can tell you which company the doll is). I have a JID and she has a relatively small head compared other MSDs. However, she can a Size_M wig cap from Luts without any problems - I suppose it's the same for most other 1/4 dolls (unless it's a Leeke Florence lol). What wig size does your doll have?

      here's the link:


      And a Size_S wig cap should fit your Volks Yo ;)

      hope that helps! xx
    13. Maybe this is awful but I actually hot glue mine on... It's easy to get off and easy to put back and easy to get the glue off if I need to, too.
    14. I just figured out that her head is a Doll In Mind modle. I don't know if the body is also dim.
    15. One of my big boys drops his head cap all the time. I finally stuck a bit of poster tac on the rim
      (this is what I use to keep his eyes in) it holds it on pretty well.
    16. If anyone is in need of replacement magnets, I was meandering around The Container Store and found these tiny Mighty Magnets (Package of 12 3/16" cubes or package of 16 1/4" diam. dots ). Perfect for so many things bjd!
    17. C:\Users\Blair\Pictures\stuff\DSC_10631.jpg

      this is her