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Problem with neck size

Jan 8, 2011

    1. I d like to buy 1/4 boy body. And I want for it different head. But that body has 6 cm circumsize neck. And other companies have 7 cm necks. So I was wondering,if I can use head from 7 cm neck for that body with 6 cm circ.neck I want to buy. Thank you all for your ideas.
    2. Hi, I love making hybrid too!
      Infact I'm starting to collect a lot of hybrid (sometimes I don't like the default body.. sometime the bodies are realy too much expensive , and so on.. so hurra for hybrids XD ! )
      But the neck sice is important for a correct movement of the head.. the maximun difference you can considerate in 0,5 cm, both in excess and in defect..
      When I'll get my first body for hybridating it with my PD girl, I'll send you a picture to show you an hybrid of a 7,5 cm head on a 7 cm body..
      hope this is helpful a bit for you!
    3. thank u. So I guess, I shouldnt buy that body,because all heads r for bodies with 1 cm bigger neck and more. :-( That is pity,because I really love that body.
    4. wait a minute, I've seen yesterday a hybrid of a Zaoll Luv (which has 9,5 cm neck) on a Notdoll body (which is 8, 5 cm..) and I asked the girl, I do not know if she's on DOA too..
      however , she told me her Zaoll has only a little gasp but it's not so noticeable.. so I think maybe you could try..
      but try to consider if the head still looks good on the body you choised (for example, yes Zaoll has a large neck size, but the head is not so big, I personally woulc choise a 9 cm body instead than 9,5 cause I don't like also their defaul body , whose neck is too big and large for my tastes..)
    5. well,i was looking at 16" doll from dollmore. That head could fit on that body I want. It has simular measurements as that dollmore body,but head is much smaller,than normal msd head. So I dont know. Well, I ll try to think of someting. Maybe as u say little bit bigger head hole but small head. :-) Thank u. U r really big help.
    6. You're welcome ^_^
      Hope to see your hybrid soon..