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Problem with Soom

Jul 28, 2010

    1. I know Soom is a popular company, and I have had wonderful experiences with them in the past, but I really don't know what to do in this situation.

      I ordered a Soom MD Ai at the beginning of the year, on layaway. I made the payments and paid her off several months ago, but after a few weeks noticed that I never got a shipping notice. I emailed Soom with the order number and the Paypal transaction numbers of the payments I made and asked when I could expect to get a shipping notice. Soom replied very politely and said that they had no record of one of the payments, I believe it was March 31st. I sent them the transaction number and and all of the information from the Paypal screen detailing that payment. I received no reply, so after a couple weeks I emailed again, asking what else I can do to show proof of payment. Several weeks went by with no reply, so I emailed again, with no reply. Now it is July and I have no doll and no communication.
    2. Maybe try posting on the Q&A?
      Sometimes companies take longer to respond to/don't even receive the e-mails, and if you post on the Q&A you can check how many times your post has been 'hit' to see if they read it.