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Problems with Angel Of Dream

Jul 10, 2007

    1. I ask to AOD that when they will send it, the package must be marked like "gift", to avoid troubles with customs. The package was market like “free sample” and this caused the price of the taxes increased considerably (351%). The package arrived to custom in June 27th and AOD send me the tracking number in July 7.

      In Mexico the customs have free storage limited, and after that it generates extra taxes: 50 dollars. They ordered sent it it for UPS, where 99 % of the imported packages is retained. The total taxes ascend to 140 dollars. It is not my fault, honestly, my payment was punctual and my patience more that ENORMOUS, but this was AOD's irresponsibility.

      . In some days, I will move to house, I do not have money to pay these highest taxes. I want that AOD returns my money to me, or that pays ALL the taxes that, obviously, they themselves caused.

      AOD don't sendme the tracking number when i ask for it, they sendme the tracking number 3 weeks later, and they don't know for wich shipping service the parcel was send it :roll:

      Note: The price doll is: $145USD
      Taxes: 351% of the declarated value ($20 USD) + 15% of I.V.A plus the $50USD of customs storage (and increased T_T) = $145 USD T_T

      If i will paid all taxes... the only way to get the doll is make unless the doll broken it, and with a big letters in her face and body with permanent marker the text: FREE SAMPLE (with a cost of $20USD extra)

      Yeah, that's stupid, but, is true.

      Anyone with the same problem? ._.

    2. For these things I distrust the new houses. Communicate with the shop, they have to be played the role responsible for his mistakes. A lot of luck.
    3. You will already see that it will be solved !! You must talk whit AoD. !!! I will be whit you ! Dont worry !! U_U
    4. My goodness, ecchi ;_;

      Have you contacted AoD again?
    5. I'm sorry this has happened to you, but it is not the company's job to handle your custom's taxes. They do not have to pay them for you, and honestly, it is illegal for them to mark down the value of packages or mark them as gifts.

      They take a huge risk when they do that for a customer. Companies can get in serious legal trouble for that, to the tune of being blacklisted by a government or postal system. It happened to Luts in Canada. When a company is blacklisted, not only do you still have to pay the customs fees, the company has to pay outrageous fees, as well.

      Also, a lot of times when dolls go through customs, the package is opened, and customs contacts the buyer and asks for a reciept to prove how much you payed for it. If it is more than it was declared, guess what? Customs fees.

      I understand that you are upset, but you cannot blame the company for their misunderstanding, and you are really asking something rediculous by wanting them to refund the customs fees.
    6. Unfortunately, because they sent it through UPS, even if they marked it down as a "gift", you still would've been charged outrageously with customs fees. Because UPS isn't federally regulated, but instead is a corporate business, they have to hire "brokers", who work on International packages and inspect them through customs. Basically, what you had to pay, is a "brokerage fee" -- a fee that the brokers charge UPS, and in turn, UPS charges you.

      I only know this because I work for UPS and work closely with our International ODC clerks. Even if you raised a big stink about how much you had to pay for customs, they really are within their legal right to ship it however they want, and to not mark down the package. It's possible the Angel of Dream has noticed that other larger ABJD distributors have been getting charged exhorborent amounts of money for illegally marking down their products.

      While it would've been nice if they had shipped it through a non-courier and marked the package down, we can't expect a company to pull illegal strings just to appease certain customers.

      Don't be hard on Angel of Dream -- they did everything right in this situation. It's just unfortunate that you were stuck with the brokerage fees.
    7. Yes, I agree with this. The custom fees someone gets it's not the sender's responsibility.

      But maybe she can negotiate to get the money she paid for the doll back (maybe she will lose the cost of shipping, but at least the doll cost) if it's sent back or something. If that's what you want of course, ecchi!

      If you really want to get your doll, I hope there's something that can be done with customs so they don't charge you that insane amount!!
    8. As already said...AoD have'nt done anything wrong and they are not liable for your customs fees.
      Having said that why did'nt they use a different delivery service? They sent my doll by a different service (can't remember off the top of my head which one it was) and i had no hassle with customs charges.
      I know that AoD did ask here whether customers would be willing to use a different service rather than EMS as it would be cheaper, maybe that is what they have done? It has'nt worked out cheaper for you has it?
      You poor thing - i can understand why you feel angry even though technically it is'nt AoD's fault.
      I would probably want to shoot them if it was me.:ablah:
    9. I'm not really understanding the calculations. What's 351% tax? What kind of tax is it? Did you check laws in your country? Because I never heard of such ridiculous numbers.

      Was there your phone number on the parcel? Your customs or UPS should have contacted you either way to let you know that they have your package if they need fees covered before delivering it. It's also ridiculous asking you to cover storage fees, if you didn't even know they had your package (and you're not obligated to have tracking numbers and check it every day).

      And what's the problem with "free sample"? How is that all of a sudden a subject of sky-high taxes?

      I suggest you check your local customs policies and try to work it out with them. Normally, if you bring original payment invoice, they would have to calculate taxes out of the numbers there, instead of whatever is written in declaration. So call them, or go visit them (if the office is close to you), bring along payment papers and explain that you have no idea how and why the company marked it, but this is what it is, a purchase, and they should calculate the right tax for you. And since they didn't contact you, they have no right to charge you $50 of storage fees as well.

      And if nothing else works, if you simply refuse to pay the fees, they should ship the package back. It would however take a while for it to arrive back, as it's sent surface.
    10. Bunny Boo, the customs laws in Mexico are... weird to say the least. Of course that could be said for all the other laws too...

      But the thing is that an item coming from China WILL be charged an insane amount of percentage in fees here. And yes, they DO charge for storage after a week.

      Don't ask why, it is ridiculous, but that's the way it is.

      They charge for everything and anything and even if you complain, little can be solved *sighs*
    11. Ugh.. from what I understand that any sort of packages or letters are open or retained in mexico because their postal system is so corrupt.

      Cutom duties are the buyers responsbilty though . I know it can be a nasty suprise when you get there but maybe you can ask fo a loan from someone before the storage fee goes up anymore?
    12. Exactly :(
    13. In most countries customs inspectors are legally allowed to open any package to look for invoice or to verify if there's no prohibited items, without presence of addressee. And if they suspect that the information on declaration is not right, they're again allowed to retain it.

      And just to clarify, because it seems many people are confused about this: customs and postal system are completely different organizations. Post is responsible to deliver the packages to customs, pick them up after inspection and collect fees if there are any. Post is not responsible for anything that's going on within customs.
    14. Well, customs here act ridiculously too, but at least everything is justified by law. Yes, they hold everything coming from Asia. Yes, they put packages in "Temporary storage" for weeks. But they don't charge some unknown taxes. That's why I wonder what kind of tax is that 351%.

      Here we pay 21% VAT, 5% importing tax and a few various fixed fees from 0.50€ to 7€ to cover printed form and handling.

      I'm just wondering what kind of tax could possibly be 351%...
    15. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue, but I don't believe any company is obligated to misrepresent the contents of a package it is sending you.
    16. I can totally understand the frustration with having to pay high custom costs--that really sucks. However, there is risk involved trying to get out of paying. I've seen several posts where things have gone wrong trying to sneak past customs, and I don't think this is AODs fault. They obviously tried to get it past as a free product, and it just didn't work.
    17. If I pay all the taxes... ($145 USD) the only way of that the doll comes to me is marked with permanent marker in big letters: Free sample, and broken.

      The customs in México make this with all the "Free samples" (T_T!!! i ask to AOD that marked the parcel how "gift")

      I want return the doll and AOD tellme that they give a refound. It's the best option. I don't want pay the shipping to China and only want the refound for the doll and the wig. It's fair.
    18. You asked them to lie on the customs forms, and they didn't lie in the precise way you wanted, so you feel you deserve a refund?

      That sounds a little, well, unrealistic.
    19. Hmmm... In the situation where the company misrepresents the customs declaration info on regular basis to please customers and fails to do (wouldn't know if they confirmed they would do it to the customer, that would make it even worse), and without warning the customer ships the item by different method (UPS instead of EMS) which in the particular country is subject to high broker fees AND doesn't give the customer tracking number in time, which results in $50 of storage fees - yes, indeed, refund is very much deserved in my opinion.

      It's a series of unfortunate events. Surely, the company is not supposed to know all the details of sending goods to every country in the world. But would they inform the customer about how they're going to declare the package, which shipping method they're gonna use and what's the tracking number, much of this could have been avoided.
    20. Broken? Did they take the doll apart, or what happened?

      Since they didn't ship by EMS, and they didn't give you the tracking information in time, then you should really take it up with the company.