Problems with Making Stories and Names

Apr 13, 2020

    1. I feel like I'm the only one who can't make stories for my dolls, I've tried but it doesn't come naturally to me I guess, I can't even come up with names. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem or if anyone has any solutions? I've have two dolls (soon to be three) and have had them for two years but even though I want to name them and make stories I can't for some reason.
    2. Dolls don't *have* to have stories though. None of mine do, and I take names from books or just normal people names. I also change their names anytime I feel like. Making characters and backstories just isn't the way I do it, I just collect them. Maybe it's like that for you too?
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    3. That's kinda what it feels like, maybe that's it with me.
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    4. I agree with, your collection, your rules! I like to come up with stories and names, but nothing that I've come up with has "stuck" to any of my dolls. It frustrated me for a while, but the whole point of hobbies is to enjoy them - so don't put too much pressure on yourself. If you just enjoy the collecting aspect, go for it! If stories come to you later, neat! :)
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    5. I usually choose a name randomly or one that I think it's cute and I don't create stories. Only one of my dolls has one and when I created it I only give it like a one to three lines back-story, really simple one!
      Like the others have said, you just need to enjoy your dollies and have fun with them! n_n
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    6. I'm not sure how to help with this one as my dolls are all bought after their character already exists, however here is one of the ways I come up with names for characters. Answer the following questions to help yourself pretty much name any character you want.

      a) what is their nationality/ where do they come from? (this will help you narrow down the name pool significantly)
      b) male, female, or neutral name? (this doesn't have to necessarily do with your character's actual sex/gender identity)
      c) are names significant to your character's culture? Sometimes parents name their children after what they wish for them to grow into, think did your character grow up to fit that role or not?
      d) your mileage may vary on this one, and I personally dislike the trope, but a lot of people name their character after a particular trait of their personality or physical appearance so that's also something you can consider.
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    7. I never set out to make stories for my dolls. Sometimes an extremely loose character falls in place but it's never intended.
      There's nothing wrong with having dolls just because they're pretty. I haven't named a doll past shortening or creating a nickname out of their sculpt name in years, either.
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    8. As you can see, not everyone creates characters for their dolls, some just like having beautiful things to keep them company or display, and that's perfectly fine! There is no "right way" to enjoy the hobby.

      If you want to make characters, I would suggest starting out by thinking of what type of stories interest you. Do you prefer fantasy? True stories? Romance? Think about what types of things you like to read/watch/play, and create your own. Think about the types of characters you enjoy the most (bad boy, sweet heart, hero, cutie next door, evil villain, leading lady, etc) and base your character around them. Choose names from one of the many naming pages out there. My characters are modern day humans, so I like to choose from baby name websites. I really like because it allows you to type in a name you like and suggests others that are similar and even lists them by boy names, girl names and unisex. There are also name generators out there for different types. Or you could leave it all up to fate and draw some letters out of a Scrabble bag and see what happens!
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    9. I feel exactly the same way!
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    10. Like others have said, it's not required. I find it a lot of fun, but if it's causing you frustration, you don't have to participate. For what it's worth? Half my dolls have elaborate backstories and complicated histories, but the other half I'm just like... "lol this one is blue."
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    11. I echo what the others have said. Some dolls are characters and others are just dolls.

      All of my dolls are little girls. I do put them into stories, for example we have tea parties, but they are not characters in the stories; they are just themselves.

      As for names, my dolls "tell" me their names. I have a friend who has several baby name books and she uses those to find names for her dolls. Dolls can be named after people you admire, after great people in history/mythology, even after old friends.
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    12. Your doll don't need to have a story. First I want my boy to be a character doll. I just change my mind and now he hasn't got a proper name. Just enjoy them the way you want. My doll have some personality treats, but not have a back story.
    13. If it doesn’t come naturally, don’t force it. Forcing it will only frustrate you and make you resent the doll because it will feel like a chore and that’s never fun. Everyone else already said it - dolls don’t have to have stories or names. It’s ok!
    14. Agreeing with everyone above, having a story is not a requirement but something that many people enjoy doing in this hobby. If it doesn't come to you then there's no need to worry about it or force it. If it's meant to be then it will come to you someday and if not then you have your own way to enjoy your dolls and that's totally fine too! Same goes with names.
      Don't think to deeply or frustrate yourself over it, especially if it's just not coming, just do you:)

      My dolls have to have names, I like to name things, but sometimes it takes a long time to come up with a name that suits them and sticks and that is what it is. As for a story, my dolls don't really have an underlying back story other than the most basic personality traits and an explanation of how they relate to each other. Sometimes I feel like they should have a story or that it would be fun to make one for them but nothing has really come to me so it stays as it is and maybe someday in the future that'll change but if it doesn't that's ok too.
    15. I usually write the stories first, then decide which characters I want as dolls.

      But, as many have said already, a story is not essential. Neither is a full character. For names, you could search baby-name websites or random name generators until something sticks. After you've got the name, little bits of their story might materialise as well. It might not. It could just be a doll with a name. If you do doll meets, you could make a fun game of having others make up stories based on the doll's name and appearance.
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    16. Don't feel bad! I can't come up with characters either, so I don't even try anymore. I also have a hard time coming up with names, but I just try different ones out while looking at the doll until I find one I feel works. I also use the baby name genie sometimes, which helps.
      I would love to be able to have a fully fleshed out character for all of my dolls, and think maybe it would have helped some stick around longer, but I can't force something that isn't there. I would just enjoy the dolls as they are, and do your own thing :)
    17. As others have said do what feels right for yourself.
      I like to decide on a name and write a story first before buying a doll but I do use photos of the doll to help. I think I do so since I have been a writer for as long as I can remember and that's what I am comfortable with. But then again I don't 'play' with them as such.
      Some collectors just collect to display and I think that is also great.
      There is such a wide variety of collectors in this hobby who like to do things differently but we all juat love BJDs.

      This is very helpful if you do decide to name them. I do the same using numbers A and B. I like to also use baby name websites.
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    18. My dolls all have names, though a few have spent a while as "the new girl/guy". I use the site, and it lets you search by name, meaning, or orgin. A few of my dolls have had thier name changed when the first one didn't seem to suit them. Some of mine have full backstories, and some have pretty basic characters. You can go as minimal or as in-depth as you want.
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    19. Like others said, don’t feel pressured to give your dolls a name or a fleshed out backstory. My doll Jewel has no story and a pretty random name.

      However, if making characters is something that would help you enjoy your dolls more, here are some things I think might be useful.
      I recommend choosing names that already exist. People change. You may initially think that a name you made up is super cool but later feel that its really cringey. You can also pick a name with a cool meaning :) Baby name sites are very helpful for finding random names xD
      Choose names you like the sound of. The name Kasumi was taken from my favourite Dead or Alive character.
      Its fine to change a characters name if you don't like it. Temporary names are fine too. My doll Asher originally had the temporary name Minoru (never really liked it).
      For character building, starting with a concept works best for me. Thoughts like “I want to create a tough girl” created Hazuki. Other characters I have were based on “goofy playboy jock”, “pretty and vain”, “OP small girl”, “etc. You can always flesh out details as you go or choose to leave them as simple ideas. Most of original concepts were based on stereotypical characters in video game, anime, and manga, and the names were often picked off characters that I liked. Some of us just aren’t that original ahahaha.

      I’m honestly horrible at character development but I have a lot of fun creating a character’s look xD
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    20. I relate to this :)Although it makes me feel weird, because I know when I was younger I had a lot of "characters" I made up - so maybe it's a "muscle" I need to retrain.

      You can find character creation resources online, for like writers and people who play roleplaying games - lists of questions to give you ideas; and there's also character prompt generators online - some for appearances, some for personalities and stories.

      Or I guess, decide it doesn't matter & it's fine not to do it.

      But for me, I definitely want to get some ideas because then it'll help guide my choices about visual style etc.

      ALSO oh my goodness, Seventh Sanctum is still up. I remember using this website literally 15 yrs ago when I was a teen.
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