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Problems with Unoa Option Cat Ears / Horns

Aug 3, 2007

    1. I'm having major issues with the option-part kitty ears that I bought for my Unoas in the recent pre-order. They have some sprues on them, which I've removed, but the tab that inserts into the head-slot is actually too big to fit.

      On one set, I sanded it down slightly, but that means that the ears slip in and out of the head and won't stay on. On the other set, I left it alone, but I can't get the faceplate to stay on -- the ears don't fit properly in the slots, and the faceplate has skittered off more times than I can count. :...(

      Have any of you had success with the kitty-ears (especially the recent batch?) I'm thinking that I will have to do some type of modification to the tab to get the one set of ears to stay in, and as for the others -- I'm afraid to sand them, but . . . ARGH!!

      *head explodes*

      Any help would be appreciated!

      -- Andi (annoyed that the 43cm Unoas don't have the more secure style of kitty-ear attachment like the Unoa Lights!)

      Mod Note: Edited Title to add Option Horns
    2. i have some 1.0 and some of these new 1.5 black cat ears - and no matter what - they don't stay in :(

      i usually stuff some of the wig into the slot as well to keep the ears in there - it works mostly... but one gentle nudge and out they go.

      if any one comes up with a nice method, i'd love to hear it too! (especially since 3 of my current unoas wear these kitty ears....)
    3. I got black kitty ears during the last unoa parts order and they are too large for the slot as well. I hadn't tried figuring out why... I third the request for someone to come up with something that will work...
    4. I got the white ones or the unpainted ones or whatever they might be called in the last preorder. I had to do some creative sanding to get them to fit. One of them still wants to fall out though :(If they are too lose try pushing them through the wig(if you use a fur wig that is, any other wig might be destroyed)that worked on one of the ears for me :)
    5. Would it work to glue something to the bottom of the ear, like a lip to keep it in the head once you closed the faceplate?

      Or if you have sanded it down too much, try painting layers of matte acrylic varnish until it is snug again?
    6. I've tried the putty, no dice.

      It seems that you have to sand them down in order for the faceplate to stay on, but the sanded ears won't stay in place, since there's nothing to hold them in.

      I think I'm going to have to modify the bottoms of the ear pegs to have some kind of a lip/bump . . . I tried using moleskin, but it didn't work. Grrr!!

      Thanks for the tips, if I find something that works, I'll post it here!

      -- A <3
    7. Maybe using a cut piece of doublesided tape wrapped around the peg to add a little thickness and stickiness? It's what I do for pesky model and figure parts that like to slip out of slots and holes.
    8. I'd say (although I haven't tried this yet; I understand the issue, though, because I got the horns) make a "lip" using hot glue?
    9. My Yuna is a kitty-eared girl, and this is my report!

      On a 1.5 Sist:
      • 1.0 white kitty ears,
      • 1.0 pink kitty ears,
      • 1.5 black kitty ears,

      all work fine!

      One of the white ears is a bit loose, but that's it.
    10. Well I would really like to know if there is a solution. I have three pairs of kitty ears and would like them to fit. I have the pink, beige and black. I don't have a body yet, so I haven't fiddled with mine.

      Ashbet ouch on the faceplate falling off, hope its ok!
    11. I might add that I have not done a single thing to make all my ears to work without a problem.

      What sort of a wig are you trying to wear your ears with, Ashbet? Might the problem be located there? The wigs made for ear use have holes in them, to go over the slots in the unoa's head...
      Trying to fit ears with a wig without holes for them would be iffy is my guess.
    12. The batches all seem to be cast slightly differently. I never sanded my Unoa 1.0 ears, and one pair stays in just fine- with or without a wig I cut holes in. The other pair (a white one) just will not stay in, wig or not. Eye putty doesn't really work because it gets into the wighair as you put them in, or when they fall out. Once I get the faceup redone I'm going to just tacky-glue them in place, then if any escapes onto the wig in the process it will wipe right off with water.
    13. I got a pair of Beige ones in this last preorder, I tried them on, and they didn't fit, even the faceplate popped off once, I gradually worked by shaving the tabs with an exacto knife, trying them on the doll, shaving, trying it on, until they fit without the plate popping out a bit and the ears are not loose.
    14. BTW the Pink ears are they painted pink or solid pink?
    15. I have the same problem of some the parts not fitting in and some of them falling out. What I did with the falling-out ear, I drilled a 1mm hole in the bottom going from face to back of the head - direction, and inserted a small copperbar in it. It works like a tab.
    16. I can't be sure since I haven't delved beneath the surface, but they sure look like pink tinted resin. A very solid colour.
    17. Unoa FAQ says:


      The Unoa at the temple, just above the eye mechanism area, where the faceplate and the dollhouse meet, there are openings for optional cat ears or devil horns. These are available through Alchemiclabo and can be found through the same means you would buy the dolls (see above). They usually just slide or snap into the holes. Sometimes, as with any resin pieces, they need to be sanded off to fit in tightly, or on occasion, they are too loose, so you would need to put silly putty or a little bit of fimo around the base on the inside where it isn&#8217;t noticeable, in order for it to hold. I&#8217;ve seen the cat ears in different colors, but the horns I&#8217;ve only seen in flesh and white flesh."


    18. I had problems with the horns I used to have too

      I also have problems with my Unoa 1 faceplate ...its always ...ALWAYS dropping off ...it drives me NUTS
      If I use the eye mechanism ...Im asking for trouble ...so I dont

      but I have found a little Aileens tacky glue (a white pva craft glue)
      ...its great ...and just peels off or washes off with water

      also works with holding in those troublesome ears
    19. I've got a white 1.0 cat set for my 1.5 unoa and yes they don't really fit her well...>.<;
      I came here for any advice and I see people really haven't come up with something either,lol... but as long as I don't move her too much they stay in place I just gotta be careful when she has them on I guess...^ ^
      BTW anyone thinking of selling their cat ear sets please give me a PM>!
      I'd love o get the whole batch of them,I'm a unoa kitty fan!
    20. I thought it was just me! My girl's cat ears won't stay in - I though maybe the faceup person who trimmed, sanded, and painted them the first time trimmed some resin that shouldn't have been trimmed.