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Jul 22, 2008


      The jointing on this doll is really cool, but I can't figure out much more about her- not even the name of the brand or anything.

      Anyway, I'm bidding to win her. :sweat Hopefully I'll succeed. Though by linking to her here I'm just asking for failure.

      Edit: So the maker is called "Production Ariadne", from what I can see. Very interesting.
    2. I have never seen a doll like this she looks a bugger to stand and sit!

      I would love to know what she is too!
    3. I've been calling them 'Production Ariadne' - I own a pair of their jointed feet. They're a Japanese artist-BJD maker that is pretty new to the market and still rather obscure. I don't think they even have a website of their own or anything yet. I've gotten the impression that the bodies are still a work in progress. They're hand-cast, so you can probably expect for the bodies to have small flaws, pinholes, etc.

      Not sure there's anything else to tell about them really! It's just someone's very interesting pet project. I know I've read that they recommend this body for wearing kimono, since the kimono will obscure the joints, but at the same time the joints will allow for a wide range of bodily expression and elegant posing associated with kimono.
    4. woah..i have no idea but they look freaky :)
    5. Yeah, I think a kimono would probably work well with this body- if I win her that's what I intend to keep her dressed in. It's very cool- I've always loved dolls with interesting jointing like this. Hopefully I'll be able to bring her home.

      Thank you for the information, Kurosakura.
    6. I believe Dezarii has a head by this maker... cool head with eyes that open and close.

    7. wow, I would love to see that! reminds me of those baby dolls with eyes that close if you tip them!
    8. That's really interesting if that's true Armeleia - I guess it would mean they're not so new to BJDs or anything, simply new to selling their creations on Y!J, or certainly using a new ID to do so.
    9. As far as I know, Production Ariadne has been around for a while making 1/6 resin BJD unfinished kits and seems to specialize in sculps sporting innovative/numerous joints, but the 1/3 model is fairly new, I think. I have one of the latter, albeit in work-in-progress condition, so if anyone has specific questions or picture requests, I'd be glad to help!
    10. I have acquired a doll which people tell me is a 1/3 'Production Ariadne'. If anyone knows anything more about this company or these dolls, or has more pictures of them, I would appreciate hearing it. Thanks!
    11. Some pics on my flickr:

      Production Ariadne (whose real name I did know but have since forgotten) is a dollmaker in Japan. He's male, but sometimes crossdresses in fabulous yukata. Tends to run a bit late and arrive at doll shows ten minutes before the doors open, but attends so many that he has the set-up down to a science by now. Has been making BJDs for many years, but not always produced for sale. His first doll was closer to MSD size; not resin, more in the tradition of other Japanese artist dolls. He also likes Takara dolls (Jenny/Licca) and seems to have sort of a garage kit approach to doll-making. Not overly respectful of the Volks-only Dolpa policies. ^^; (He's never struck me as much of a conformist!)

      He's made a 27cm doll with an optional jointed mermaid body, the 1/3 body, various heads, etc. His specialty is jointing. If you buy from him in person, he explains in detail how the dolls work and how to put them together. The dolls are self-cast and have imperfections. However, they are very charming and quite lovely nonetheless. It is obviously a labour of love, because given the time it takes and cost of supplies and transportation to all the doll shows, the profit margin must be very narrow. He doesn't keep a large stock at all.

      The 1/3 body is not a standing body, the way the legs are jointed was influenced by Koitsukihime's dolls, and they don't stand either. (Having said that, I'm sure someone will wire one up and prove me wrong!) Ariadne has suggested they wear yukata or kimono, as they have very non-standard proportions. I've found kimono meant for sd10 girls fit well with a bit of padding underneath at the waist.

      I think that's about all I know of Ariadne. I don't think he is very internet-savvy and since he doesn't speak a word of English, is unlikely ever to turn up on DoA.
    12. I've never seen the 1/3 body. Does anybody have pictures of it?
    13. Dezarii, thank you SO MUCH for the information. We will post pictures of the 1/3 body. It is quite charming and unusual in its quirkiness. I am in New York. The body is currently being worked on on the west coast. We plan to turn her into a fairy and have her marry a frog prince. The marriage will be on the west coast on exhibition, before they continue as a pair to New York.

      It will take some time to get this done and will not happen over night. There are pictures of the body, I shall have to find them.
    14. These are some pictures I have taken of her body (I have more, just need to sort through them...) From having played around with her a bit, she is super fun! Dezarii is right, in that it seems like she is really not engineered to stand. But even in a floppy, badly strung state, she can do some crazy sitting poses...


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    15. oh my goooodness, it's just so nice to see these dolls on DoA, I found them on another forum, and was wondering where they came form and couldn't find anything about them! Now that I know they're here, I can't wait to see more of these lovely little things! :)
    16. Ah! :o FEEEEEEET!!! I have been trying FOREVER to remember who makes those jointed feet! I think they are just the coolest thing ever! :D

      What an interesting body! :D
    17. I'd been wondering about those bodies since I kept seeing them popping up on Y!J. Glad to see some owner pics and hear more about them!
    18. Candygears, thank you so much for posting the pics. That is our little fairy. Conceptual drawings and ideas have been worked up for her body and her little self. However, we are still deciding on a name for her.

      If anyone does find out the name of the artist, I would still be interested in knowing it :).
    19. These dolls are beautiful! I'd really like to have one.

      But seeing as how I can't read Japanese and I don't know how much they cost (besides that link; $60 apparently) I think that if I really did get a hold of one I couldn't put her together. But they are so wonderfully odd!