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Professional family photos with your dolls?...

Aug 3, 2011

    1. I understand that for some of us, our dolls may as well be considered a part of our family. But after seeing these:

      (which seem to have been taken during the Cabbage Patch craze, i.e. the deep 20th century), it really wouldn't surprise me if someone walked into the studio and wanted their ball-jointed doll(s) featured in the picture. ;)

      I'm not talking normal, general photography, even that on a sophisticated level (i.e., anything enough to be considered "art"); I'm talking about classic family portraits that will hang on the walls in the hallway for generations to come. All in case your resin kids weren't spoiled enough. :)

      So, would you consider setting up a professional portrait to be taken with your BJD(s)? Or, better yet, one with you, your resin crew, and your "real" family? :D

      (The reason this is not in Picture Requests is because the main objective is the question to if someone would do this or not. However, in the event someone already /has/ or finds one online or something, posting evidential pictures here are widely encouraged. :D)
    2. Uhhhhmmm....no. Not unless I was doing something specific that the dolls were a big part of. Like, if I was to write a novel and my dolls were all based on my characters I could see taking a nice pic with them to be the Author photo on the jacket blurb. But just to have, no. I'll stick to random shots, lol. :)
    3. My casual senior portrait from high school included my dolls since they were my hobby. Most of the kids in my class took pictures with painting supplies, instruments, cars, or other hobby related items, so I figured "What the hell" and included my dolls in my portrait. :lol:

      Now, as for a family portrait, I would find that a bit odd unless it was extremely casual and just meant to show off a hobby. Taking a professional family portrait with dolls becase they ARE your family is a little much for me, personally.
    4. Personally...I probably would with specific dolls if it weren't for the simple fact that my hubby would object to it...and that my mother-in-law pays for our family portraits right now, and HATES my dolls. I know better than to push somethings so...trivial...into something so important when those involved would be upset with me for it. Though I may, someday, have a professional set of portraits done in 'family picture' style with my different groupings of dolls. I'd have to find someone to do it, and have the money to pay for it myself, though. Then I'd do all the prints in the smaller sizes, like wallet sizes, so the dolls could have their own 'family' and group portraits in their own scale. Because I'm odd like that.
    5. Ditto what sadistic_x_blood said--I had my senior portrait taken with my telescope, so I don't think dolls would be too far off. As for formal family portraits . . . it would depend on how it was done. I can see it adding interest to the photo if it were very well-coordinated, but it could also come off as strange and out-of-place if it were done carelessly. I wouldn't attempt it, personally--it doesn't seem right for any of my dolls, anyway. Interesting question!
    6. That idea could make for a gloriously awkward portrait... Now I kind of want to have it done...

      But on a serious note, no. I could see it being in hobby type photos, sure, but the kind of glossy, well lit, extremely posed pictures you want to frame in the living room and send out as Christmas cards? Probably not a good idea.
    7. I'd do it!! :D My son is always running off with my LTF and he'd prolly be all MIKEYTOOWEE!! I'd have to leave my husband out of it though 'cause he's a grinch when it comes to him being in a photo. You've inspired me. :P
    8. ...that sounds so fun; I'd definitely do it. I mean, everyone knows how much I love my boy, and my family already considers him to be part of the family so.....*laughs*

      I'd definitely go for it 100% :)
    9. I can't even really imagine doing it. We don't do family photos often, just the kids. I have far too many dolls, the idea of dragging them all in would make me come off as insane. I can picture my oldest son requesting it though, and if he really wanted to I would let him. Last year I had to convince him that he couldn't do his yearly photos in cos-play. We do those photos for family and I didn't want to explain for the grandparents what in the world he was wearing, but just holding a doll wouldn't be a big deal. All of us holding dolls would be a bit odder.
    10. Jennspeaks: My oldest boy's love of my dolls is a big part of why I'd do it if I felt my husband at the least would go for it! Sadly, I know he wouldn't, so it's not worth the fight it would possibly cause to try it. I MIGHT in the future get a portrait done of my boys with my dolls, though...if the oldest still likes them, and the youngest makes up his mind to like them (he's interested in them now, but in an unsure kind of way) when I could afford to have it done. Again, it would be select, specific dolls, but it would still be fun. And even if no one else liked the portraits...well, I would. And I would proudly hang them in my home, too, and tell those who asked that my boys happen to share my love of dolls, and are interested in my hobby. So I combined my love of my boys, with my love of my dolls, to do a portrait for ME to have. At the least, it would hang in my 'me' room, if I ever get one, or else in the living/reading room, right above the display of my dolls, and my grandmother's doll collection that seems to be slowly making it's way to me, a few dolls at a time.
    11. I would do this in a canned heartbeat because it would be so tacky. Does Sears still have a photo studio?
    12. Nope; I'm already considered weird by people because I collect dolls. I don't want to exacerbate it anymore by going to have a professional photo taken with them.

      Don't get me wrong, if my entire family was one of doll collectors, or BJD collectors, it would be kind of fun to have every member bring one of their dolls. But I am the only collector in my family, and I would be concerned that people would keep wondering "Why does she have that doll with her?"

      That being said, I'm not opposed to having a doll-only family portrait. I've tried to do a portrait like that, but I have yellow-ish lighting, and I don't have a proper place to set everything up. I wouldn't go out and have it professionally done, but I'd try to do it myself.
    13. Absolutely not. My family still laughs because I wore gloves two Christmases ago when we did our winter photos outside in the frigid temperature and I couldn't feel my fingers (in my defense they were slim, black, gloves, not puffy snow gloves with no fingers). I would not do something as absurd as drag one of my dolls, drawing attention to me and it, in a photo that is meant to display my entire family. I would be much more inclined to include our pets in the photo as they are actually alive and really ARE a part of the family before I would include such a personal item that's only important to me.
    14. Yeaaaaa.... no. :sweat I don't blame others for doing it though. Some of us consider our dolls to be a part of our family. I would love a family portrait with the hubs and our dogs/pets. Some people would consider that really weird too but my furbabies are my family in my eyes. Some people have nude pics of themselves up in their living room... I mean, it is all in a person's taste and likes. Do as you please with your family portrait, you know?
    15. PenguinCheese: Christmas cards. xD Now I know what my life's mission is. My mom once--and only once--mentioned my dolls briefly to my aunt and grandma without thinking much about it. I've
      never been into dolls up until this point, (Barbies and baby dolls were/are just downright off-putting to me) so it just made even less sense to them and they gave her the strangest look without any commentary. XD Imagine if they got a picture of me and Sebastian at Christmas...
      Jennspeaks, iris0110, and Ayas-Shadow: I suppose maybe some of us would be able to get away with having our doll(s) in the picture if one of the kids was holding it, like a prop. ^_^ I've seen those little studio pictures where people dress their kids up like fairies and whatnot in a fantasy setting, so having a doll be a practical, bystanding little forest creature wouldn't be -so- strange, would it? :lol: (And that cosplay comment is all kinds of awesome. Muggles just wouldn't understand it...)
      Inkybear and Tessalina: A few years back, we actually did have a portrait taken with our dog. :) It was pretty sweet...though the only thing about it was that, unlike many BJD's, you could very well tell that he was a boy dog. :o They could have at least blurred it out or had him sit in a different position...but there it was...and that's all I remember, which is kinda sad, but we never really /displayed/ the portrait in our home given the unorthodoxy of the situation. *shrugs*
    16. I've been wanting a portrait of the hubby and myself for years and now I think I have to be holding a dollie with him holding one of his masterpiece transformers! It shall be epic! XD

      We've got to get the dog in there too, though I don't know what he'll hold.
    17. As weird and funny as it would be, no thanks. I mean we don't even have an actual professionally done family photo, so to have my doll in the picture if we did ever do one would seem weird.

      Having one done of just my dolls though would be cool, but I'd do it myself in which case it wouldn't be that professional.

      And I love how all the woman have on the same glasses in that last pic. They're exactly like the kind an old family friend wears.
    18. I'm going to have to say no. I like to take photos of my dolls but I'd rather not be in any of them haha.
    19. This. As a prop in a picture where that was the idea, sure. As if the doll is a family member, frick no. My dolls are my possessions, not my family. Family is living people and beloved pets.
    20. I think to do it with a bjd would have the same effect as the ones pictured with the cabbage patch dolls, creepy and out of place. Toys in a family portrait like that should probably be left to children ages 6 and younger.