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promotion end. please delete it!

Jul 18, 2009

    1. promotion is ended. please delete it!
    2. :aheartbea<Event Period>:aheartbea
      July 18 ~ Aug. 18/2009

      During this period, you will get free shipping(US/CANADA)
      and a cute little event gift!

      Please visit the web for more pics~!!!​
    3. Just reminder! Only one week left for event!!
      Please visit the web for more pics and info.!!!

      Thank you!
    4. New dress Update~
    5. New dress update~
    6. Hello,
      I visited your site, but I was unable to find the price on certain items in the "Shop" section. Should we PM you or email you to find out pricing information? Or does that mean that that item is sold out? Thank you for your help. ^_^
    7. NabeeRain Hi!
      I just fixed the page, so hope you can see the price now. And sorry about that.
      So, once you go "Shop" section and click the image, it will open the description pages.
      And on the description page, there is price as well.
      Once the outfit is sold, I move to "sold out" section or mention it on the title.

      If you still see the problem, please let me know!
      Thank you^^
    8. Sample Sale Updated~