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Feb 8, 2009

    1. Hello!

      I'm very tempted by some of the tiny dolls out there - I'd love to bring another little one home, but I prefer the more childish sculpts. And since I already have a beautiful MSD-size girl, and I can't find the 'right' headsculpt in SD-size (though those Volks bodies are simply stunning)... I thought to look to tinies. The portability and ease of finding clothes also appeals.

      But so far I've been quite put off by the proportion; many sculpts seem to have rather large heads and either generally small, or chunky, yet quite shapeless bodies. Stylised, I suppose. Do any of you know of dolls which, while smaller than MSDs, have more natural child proportions?

      Much appreciated!
    2. Volks yo Sd's are like 3 year olds bodies, still a little chunky, but growing into a child. They still have the chubby hands and feet. There is also Petite Ai, and while they have a single torso, they are very cute! They have the child like tummy that sticks out a bit! If you want to go a bit smaller, there are the Lati Yellow Sp, which are 8 inches tall, remind me of a 5 or 6 year old, and are quite detailed. And the new Little Fees look awesome! Their posing is amazing. But they range from the Narsha size down to puki's, so if you have a size range in mind, it can be narrowed down. Good luck!
    3. I know that Dollmore's Banji dolls have a slender childlike body, more proportional to their heads.
    4. I was just about to say that Jenny. ;)
    5. You can always cruise through the comparison picture thread that is pinned to see nude comparisons of different types of tinies to see what doll appeals to you too. :)
    6. Ohhh, I love the littlefee bodies. Love, love, love.

      Which sculpt is this girl? Suddenly, without makeup, I see much potential...
    7. I have an Angel Fantasy Sheya and he is proportioned almost exactly like my 3yr old. My dz tiny's legs are a bit short and thick I think but she is still really cute. I also loved the Classie AI, from Custom house, they are larger and harder to shop for though. She is also shaped very much like my 3yr old.
    8. That is Littlefee Pipi, I think...
    9. I was thinking it looked more like littlefee Ante to me >_O
    10. That is Ante--I've got mine right here, with no face-up like the model.

      Tremendously cute. :D

      Ann in CT
      and Amy-Ante
    11. Fantastic - thankyou! She's just... such a darling - though I really don't think Feeple's faceup does her justice.
    12. I chose Custom House Ange Ai for my first (and a second is on his way) I think they have very real child like proportions (like a five or six year old). I also have a little fee on order. I think the Little Fees also have great child proportions, but as their heads are just a little bigger in relation to their bodies, they look a little younger than the CH dolls. Have you looked at the "comparison photo" thread? It was extremely helpful in selecting my first tiny!
      Best wishes on finding your doll!
    13. Bambicrony also have a skinnier body (there are two types but even the chubbier of the two is slimmer than Yo-SDs), though they don't have the amazing jointing system of the Little Fees... and if you want to go up a bit in size they have a slightly larger doll too, the Bella Bambi size, which is again not so chubby. : )